IVG GOTY 2008: Best New IP

While most would agree that 2008 was largely dominated by big-ticket sequels, there were the fair share of new IPs as well that caught our attention, some of which, we hope to see grow into long-running franchises. The nominees for IndianVideoGamer’ Best New IP of 2008: Braid [singlepic=503] Published by: Microsoft Game Studios Genre: Platforming […]

IVG GOTY 2008: Best Platformer

Usually, we wouldn’t create a separate category for platformers, but rather include them within the action genre. But there were so many quality platformers in 2008, that it demanded a separate category. Here are the nominees for IndianVideoGamer’ Best Platformer of 2008: Braid [singlepic=503] Published by: Microsoft Game Studios Genre: Platforming Platform(s): Xbox 360 (XBLA) […]

IVG GOTY 2008: Best Racing Game

2008 has, without a doubt, been the best year for racing games in this console generation; maybe ever. So much so, that some truly great racing games unfortunately went by unnoticed. Here’s your chance to set it right and pick the best of the best. The nominees for IndianVideoGamer’ Best Racing Game of 2008: Burnout […]

IVG GOTY 2008: Best Multi-platform Game

The Best Multi-platform Game category isn’t simply about good games that are on more than one platform, but rather good games that are on more than one platform and perform equally well across platforms. With sloppy ports more in evidence now than ever before, here’s your chance to recognise those games that the devs got […]

IVG GOTY 2008: Best Handheld Game

The Nintedno DS dominated the handheld space for most part, but there were a few quality games on offer from Sony’s PSP as well. With a good spread of games across genres, there was something for all handheld gamers. Here are the nominees for IndianVideoGamer’ Best Handheld Game of 2008: Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia [singlepic=506] […]

IVG GOTY 2008: Best PC Game

Being a predominantly console community, we thought we’d show PC gaming some love with a Best PC Game category. This list of nominees is probably the most diverse of all, with everything from shooters and MMOs to puzzles and simulation. The nominees for IndianVideoGamer’ Best PC Game of 2008: Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures [singlepic=500] […]

IndianVideoGamer Fanboy of the Year

Our last category is a IVG member category – the IVG Fanboy of the Year. You have the opportunity to pick the IVG member, whose dedication to his one chosen gaming platform (or hi-def video format) and his utter disdain for the alternative, deserves to be recognised with a custom forum title of Fanboy of […]

IVG GOTY 2008: Gaming News of the Year

As the console war intensified, each side sought newer ways to one-up the opposition. These came in the form of new features, products, and announcements in 2008. Here are the nominees for IndianVideoGamer’ Gaming News of the Year 2008: EA and the DRM fiasco Fallout 3’s last-minute cancellation in India Final Fantasy XIII and Tekken […]

IndianVideoGamer Year in Review: Shooters

Coming on the back of 2007, which saw the release of two of the biggest hits ever in the shooter genre – Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, 2008 had a tough act to follow. While gamers were spoiled for choice with a slew of top notch shooters this year, the quality […]

IVG Offer: Excel PC Game Bundles

We’re almost at the end of 2008, but there’s just enough left for us to squeeze in another IVG Offer. Being Christmas time and the end of the year and all that, Excel Interactive, distributors for PC games from EA and Disney in India, have come up with a bundle offer just for IndianVideoGamer members. […]

IVG GOTY 2008: Best Downloadable Game

With Xbox LIVE, PSN, and Steam becoming more and more popular with gamers, both independent developers and big publishers have embraced digital distribution of their games. As a result, we have been treated to a long list of enjoyable downloadable titles, which include both rehashed classics as well as innovative new IPs. Here are the […]

IndianVideoGamer Year in Review: Role-playing Games

Templates are boring. Even more so when a certain bossman puts a gun to your head threatening you with bodily harm for even thinking of deviating from it. Having said that, I think I’ve filled up enough lines that could constitute to an intro for one of the most underappreciated and overtly criticised genres, RPGs. […]

IVG Preview: Killzone 2 (single player and multiplayer)

Single-player Preview By Kailash Karkera Killzone is one of those unlucky franchises that has always made gaming headlines for all the wrong reasons. The original title was billed as Sony’s answer to HALO and rode on tremendous pre-release hype before it fell flat on in its face on release. The sequel, Killzone 2 also made […]

Gears 2, COD lead IVG Game of the Year 2008 nominees

After hectic back and forth discussions over the past few weeks, the IndianVideoGamer staff has finally arrived at the final list of nominees for the 20 categories in the IndianVideoGamer Game of the Year 2008. And heading the list of nominees are Gears of War 2, sequel to the massively successful Xbox 360 breakthrough hit, […]

IndianVideoGamer Year in Review: Handhelds

The handheld/portable video game system has entertained generations of school kids and commuters. From the cheap Tetris knock-offs available at train stations to the expensive PSP – they all offer a great gaming experience on the go. 2008 saw some jewels on both the Nintendo DS and the PlayStation Portable. Continuing our countdown, here’s the […]

IndianVideoGamer Year In Review: Sports

As 2008 draws to a close, we continue with our recap of the most noteworthy games of the year. As we wrote before, 2008 was a great year for racing games, but unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the sports genre. While there were the usual annual iterations from the EA and 2K stables, […]

Dress Up Your Sackboy Challenge

Those of you who are regular on the IndianVideoGamer forums are surely aware of DaN’s amazing 12 Baj Gayaa® deals. While these were usually either cheap or free giveaways, this time, you’re going to have to flex those creative muscles to earn the prize. Head on over to our forums to participate in the Dress […]

IndianVideoGamer Year In Review: Racing

With a great year of gaming coming to an end, its time to take a look back at some of the most noteworthy games of 2008. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be covering all the games that caught our attention this year. We kick things off with the racing games genre. 2008 has undoubtedly been […]