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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
cass cass 09/26/08 Good Buyer. Paid up immediatey. Pleasure dealing with him. nameless nameless
reaper reaper 09/25/08 Prompt transfer, No hassles. Cool guy to deal with. amul_capri amul_capri
shockwave shockwave 09/25/08 Great Buyer, No Fuss next day payment. Will trade anytime Highly Recommended AtheK AtheK
AtheK AtheK 09/25/08 Very good seller. Good communication and prompt shipping. Highly recommended shockwave shockwave
sandy160687 sandy160687 09/25/08 gr8 deal + gr8 packing + gr8 speed + veryvery trust worthy kunallkw kunallkw
amul_capri amul_capri 09/25/08 gr8 trader .. my first trade with him .. very smooth. reaper reaper
nameless nameless 09/25/08 gr8 seller;one of the best communications i had till date cass cass
Psywarrior Psywarrior 09/25/08 Was very patient even after issues I had with DTDC delivery cass cass
dabba dabba 09/24/08 Prompt money transfer. Please to deal with didnt mind slight delay is delivery. Hot-Drake-Pixel Hot-Drake-Pixel
cass cass 09/24/08 great deal, game in perfect condition wahi wahi
cass cass 09/23/08 awesome seller ,friendly communication,game was in good condition,highly recommended ΨΨ babloos ΨΨ ΨΨ babloos ΨΨ
kunallkw kunallkw 09/23/08 Excellent buyer. Someone who knows exactly what he wants to buy... Akshay Akshay
cass cass 09/23/08 Gr8 condition the Disc was in. Shrek360 Shrek360
Akshay Akshay 09/23/08 awesome condition+negotiator+excellent seller kunallkw kunallkw
DarthVader DarthVader 09/23/08 disc scratchless, excellent packing. highly recommended zoony zoony
ΨΨ babloos ΨΨ ΨΨ babloos ΨΨ 09/23/08 Quick payment...fast deal...cool guy cass cass
wahi wahi 09/23/08 Very co-operative+patient...met personally and picked up the game cass cass
Shrek360 Shrek360 09/23/08 10 Fast Payment ...smooth deal cass cass
shockwave shockwave 09/23/08 Paid on time just as he said. Happy to deal with you again. Akshay Akshay
Akshay Akshay 09/23/08 Great seller. Will definately deal again. Totally recommended. shockwave shockwave
Hot-Drake-Pixel Hot-Drake-Pixel 09/22/08 gud deal, disc, box scratchless, gr8 packing. recommended :D dabba dabba
zoony zoony 09/22/08 recommended , 10/10..great deal DarthVader DarthVader
akashkhannabond007 akashkhannabond007 09/22/08 Paid cash got Game (Recommended seller) The Heretic The Heretic
killzone123 killzone123 09/22/08 gr8 buyer, prompt payment. pleasure to deal with. reaper reaper
reaper reaper 09/22/08 disc scratchless...shipping super fast...excellent communication... a pleasure to deal with ...thanks bro killzone123 killzone123