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    14th Platinum : Nioh Prepare to Die ? Yes, but more importantly Prepare to kill and kill the Ninja Way ! I don't go for such long platinums but got this one. Longest and the most difficult platinum for me for its base game and end game side missions. Most Time spent in a single player game : 102 hours - Check ! (70 for a blind main playthrough plus 30 hours clean up) Most times ever Died in a single video game : 772 - Check ! Most times died to a single boss and also ended up being my favourite : Nue - 63 - Check ! Most Satisfying and slick combat in any recent game for its depth, complexity and variety : Nioh - Check ! Sent from my Redmi 3S using Tapatalk
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    Finished. I know a story isn't selling point for such games but my god...BioWare can't write jack. Even a high school student would come up with a better story. Literally 0 build up or any proper background/motive behind antagonist. Nothing. An absolutely awful character who has like 5 minutes of a role in the entire game... The story itself is very short (expected) but damn, 0 effort went into making it. Apart from that, the characters/world is very much Inquisition alike. Man, what a disappointing story. The best part of the entire campaign was listening to non-main characters. However, the game does set up for future stories. A lot of unanswered questions and characters. Hopefully, they can get some writers or put more effort. ____ Now, that the garbage campaign is out, let's see what's GOOD about Anthem Combat - very much Inquisition type/lite MMO-ish. Good variety and finally some proper team-play. The guns are pretty much secondary. It's fun to mix and match combos and try. However, I doubt many Youtubers/critics/users are even going to bother with combat and just run with guns and complain. Flying - never gets boring. Strongholds - pretty damn good & fun on a higher difficulty. Team play is must and rewarded. World - despite just one open world, it is quite big and has some stuff to keep you busy for a while. Characters - not the worst but nice to listen to them from time to time. Network - surprisingly very good launch. Not perfect but more than good for online-game. Hardly disconnected. Now onto the BAD stuff: Campaign - no words to explain how bad it was. Content - kind of, yeah...it is very little. Will update after grinding contracts and see how it goes. Crafting - pointless so far. Unless you get the blueprint, they are pretty much useless. The common/uncommon/rare components are just filler. Not much thought went into this. UI - overly and poorly designed. Not to forget the response time with marking items / dismantling. Multi-player - a game that has the tagline "strong alone; stronger together" doesn't fit when there is no interaction, no friend requests, no grouping. It's just an empty space where you just...stand around and look cool. Freeplay - another poorly thought. No markers (can't even place waypoint). The events aren't scaled to a single person and since everyone is spread out you're almost always alone. If you die, good luck...as no one will revive you from another end of the map. You are always alone. Can't even tag an enemy or event or anything to notify other players... Lack of basic stuff - how can one make such game and don't include some of the basic stuff. Lack of stats sucks very much while making your build. What HP/armour/damage, nothing. Just plain number on it. Bigger = better till you get some good rolls on it. The game has massive potential and I want to see a lot of changes. I'll give them a month and see if they actually care and provide updates. Otherwise, I don't see many playing it beyond 4-6 weeks. So yeah...a game with fun combat and javelins are the selling point at the moment. Everything else just half-baked. A loot game without stats is an absolute joke. 6/10. Will play and see how it goes for a few more weeks. Can't recommend at this moment.
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    There are some movies that stay with you, that linger on. Gully Boy is one of those. Thoroughly enjoyable, engrossing, with amazing performances all around. The movie has heart, and shows, as an an example, of how cinema has its strengths amongst other art forms. I loved it, and I've been thinking about it. It is in my head. If there was any doubt about Ranveer and Alia are the best out there today, this should truly quash those doubts. This is Zoya's best work too, and the rest of the cast has done exceedingly well. Sher was sher, Sky was Sky, gully boys were gully boys, and Mumbai was Mumbai. She's shown the city in an incredible way. The music makes you want to go out and just do sh*t. The entire album works. There are a few skip-worthy songs, out of 18(!), but even they're not bad. I've been listening to the album too. I had high hopes after watching the trailer, and the movie exceeded all of my expectations. It is to say when the interval pops out of nowhere. Just a lovely, lovely piece of work. 5/5
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    Full list of winners at the Third Annual Crunchyroll Anime Awards: Anime of the Year - Devilman Crybaby (Science SARU) Best Film - My Hero Academia: Two Heroes (Bones) Best Continuing Series - Dragon Ball Super (Toei Animation) Best Director - Masaaki Yuasa for Devilman Crybaby Best Animation - Violet Evergarden (Kyoto Animation) Best Character Design - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind (character designer: Takahiro Kishida, original designs: Hirohiko Araki) Best Fight Scene - All for One vs All Might from My Hero Academia Season 3 Best Opening Sequence - "Kiss of Death" from Darling in the Franxx (singer: Mika Nakashima, producer: Hyde, sequence director: Toshifumi Akai, storyboards: Atsushi Nishigori) Best Ending Sequence - "Akatsuki no Requiem" from Attack on Titan Season 3 (singer: Linked Horizon, sequence director: Satoshi Kadowaki) Best Protagonist - Rimuru Tempest from That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Best Antagonist - All for One from My Hero Academia Season 3 Best Boy - Izuku 'Deku' Midoriya from My Hero Academia Season 3 Best Girl - Mai Sakurajima from Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai Best Voice Actor: Japanese - Mamoru Miyano as Kotaro Tatsumi in Zombie Land Saga Best Voice Actor: English - Christopher R. Sabat as All Might in My Hero Academia Season 3
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    ^ we were talking about DLSS/Ray tracing, no amount of XXX gonna give it to ya.. If we're talking about consoles which only focuses on res. X1X target 4K on low settings, rocky performance throughout. pro 1440p same as X ps4 1080p, rocky performance Xbox one 900p great performance Choose!
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    On the surface: Feels bad man.
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    And here I am playing it on my GTX 860m 4GB maxwell...[emoji51]. Forget about raytracing, it is running the game and am getting approx 30 FPS- makes me happy.. don’t have the moolah now to get new hardware, probably next year when prices are hopefully a little low for 2 series cards and hardware
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    @Joe Cool Petr Cech card has been amazing for me so far bro.. The kind of gk I wanted. Thanks for for suggesting him to me. Best GK for me so far 😁
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    I don't mind GOW winning goty, its worthy contender .My problem RDR2 not even getting best graphics nd voice acting award. RDR2 hands down best looking game on consoles plus it's open world. Linear games can look good as they have more headroom to work with but non linear open world game with dynamic weather n day night cycle to look this amazing is crazy. Arthur Morgan character really is something. What a performance wow just wow
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    So many salty cause GoW won. Keep holding them L's.
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    No love for Sunless Skies? I didn't find a thread so decided to post here. The game came out of early access a couple of weeks ago and as expected it's fantastic! It's a sequel/spiritual successor to the equally excellent Sunless Sea, also from Failbetter Games. I've been playing Skies for a couple of weeks now and I actually prefer it over Sea (even though Sea has a cooler and more mysterious setting). For starters it is a lot more accessible as difficulty can be adjusted and permadeath can be turned off if you don't feel like starting over after every death. Honestly it's the better way to play as the game is already quite challenging. So what do you do in this game? Well it's a story-driven exploration game with some combat and management/RPG elements set in a very cool steampunk universe. You're the captain of a steam engine that you'll pilot through space (yes you read that right). You visit various ports/points of interest, pick up missions, trade and progress the story in whatever direction you feel is best (make money, explore, take part in an ongoing war etc). Just making it from port to port is a thrill as you'll have to balance supplies, fuel, crew members (and their sanity as you'll come across problems and cosmic horrors along the way). Eventually you'll upgrade to better engines and gear and each one of these feels meaningful and earned. Be warned through - this is a text-heavy game. You'll do a lot of reading and make decisions in a "choose your adventure" style. Some of these will have major repercussions as well. The writing itself is quite entertaining and text is short enough so you won't feel like you're going through a chapter's worth of text every time. It does an excellent job of building the world and it's weird and sometimes crazy characters. The written text, along with the gorgeous art and music conveys so much even with a fixed top-down view. So yeah, do check it out if you're looking for something different and slower paced. The setting alone makes it different compared to most indie titles.
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    Cute But Deadly Winston and the super rare Blue Mei from Series 5
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    Annapurna interactive is killing it, first with journey pc announcement and now flower is available on steam! https://store.steampowered.com/app/966330/Flower/
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    Same, I guess. Will play till next game comes out. Personally very disappointed. Really wanted this to be good but didn't work out at all. Maybe after a few months or so but why can't they put everything if they worked for 6 years. It doesn't look anything like a 6-year game. Plenty of basic stuff is missing. It's baffling. At first, I thought loading screen won't be a huge problem (got used to those in MMOs) but my god, they have a loading screen just to check your inventory...This gets even worse when there is some cut-scene. Talk Forge -> loading screen Leave forge -> loading screen Javelin -> escape button to skip the animation Select mission Matchmaking Loading screen Mission begins If one of the players goes ahead for you -> you are put on a timer before thrown to his position -> loading screen Any small dungeon/room -> loading screen Exit the place -> loading screen Mission complete -> loading screen Select (bay/forge/Tarsis) -> another loading screen If you chose Forge to upgrade your gear -> loading screen and one more loading screen when you go to Tarsis The loading screens are not even interactive. You just stare at it. I can't imagine playing this on HDD. Destroys the flow of the game. There were a few times where I didn't even bother to upgrade my gear by going to forge just to avoid 2 more loading screens... The campaign is like 5-7 hours max but there is one mission that takes so much time because they forced it into free-play and no, you cannot solo free-play. For what it's worth, customization/combat/flying is fun. Could have been a lot better if they actually played themselves or tested with people who played online games before... Expecting a lot of 6-7. Gamespot and PCGamer review in progress scream 5/10. Users are so disappointed as well. sub and discord are imploding.
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    I am aware. But these releases give hope that it might show up at a later date.
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    DAI is top tier yes. Andromeda is made by different people so I'd give them benefit of the doubt. Plus every top tier studio gets to make at least one potato πŸ˜›
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    14th Platinum : Nioh Prepare to Die ? Yes, but more importantly Prepare to kill and kill the Ninja Way ! I don't go for such long platinums but got this one. Longest and the most difficult platinum for me for its base game and end game side missions. Most Time spent in a single player game : 102 hours - Check (75 for a blind main playthrough plus 25 hours clean up) Most times ever Died in a single video game : 772 - Check Most times died to a single boss and also ended up being my favourite : Nue - 63 - Check Most Satisfying combat of any PS4 game : Nioh - Check ! Sent from my Redmi 3S using Tapatalk
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    Edit : wtf my re-edit didn't go through I actually loved rdr 2 right from the starting cutscene till the end ....maybe it got a bit dull in between but overall it was a really good game but for me though gow was the goty over rdr 2
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    I think GOW deserves all those awards, but RDR2 was pretty much the best gaming experience of the last few years for me. It's a tough game to review and score I guess. There are things that are objectively bad about the game, but there are other things it does that no game comes close to matching. GOW is the more polished game overall and does almost everything quite well. But it doesn't come close to matching the highs of RDR2 for me. Also, don't be that guy who shits on other people's opinions because they don't match yours. Nobody likes that guy.
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    I've got a legit version of Link's Awakening on my Switch already. Proof: https://i.imgur.com/SpE41Zx.jpg
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    My ownership thread of the KIA Stinger is live on Team-BHP. Please do have a read! KIA Stinger Review Aaaand also on the home page
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    Water Testing the DW5600 - Tough Little Guy!