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  1. SpearHea:D

    Metro Exodus

    How much left after caspian level? I too am eager for the end.
  2. SpearHea:D

    Metro Exodus

    If it werent for the story( want to know what happens) and few cramped levels, i would have stopped playing it. The underground map finding mission was nice and traditional intense metro experience. I think i'll stop going for every question mark and go straight for the main missions. Not my type.
  3. SpearHea:D

    Metro Exodus

    Many, running his hands through her hair, massaging her shoulder, holding hands for moments, the talk between him and her after dinner mission was awesome, i sat there and listened to everything she had to say.
  4. SpearHea:D

    Devil May Cry 5

    That deluxe edition steelbook is gorgeous but the price
  5. SpearHea:D

    The Order - 1886

    The game was flawed with shitiest lycan fights but it was a one time enjoyable sp game. I hope they get another chance and improve it. A good sequel can come out of it
  6. SpearHea:D


  7. SpearHea:D

    Movie Discussion Thread

    Highwaymen, interesting.
  8. SpearHea:D

    Devil May Cry 5

    Tbh not a fan of the new tracks, i simply prefer the dmc3 tracks. Heavier demonic voice, melodic and lyrics about crushing your opponents and taunting them. That was legit sh*t, this at times feel like pop
  9. SpearHea:D

    Metro Exodus

    Yeah, he never spoke before too. But his actions convey the message. Especially with amazing fps movement animations it feels great to see the interaction from his perspective.
  10. SpearHea:D

    Devil May Cry 5

  11. SpearHea:D

    Metro Exodus

    Anna is a nice companion, she keeps on praising artyom and flirts with him. Her face brightens up whenever she sees artyom and treats her man like a king. Both complete each other.
  12. SpearHea:D


    Lmaoo that bad? Didnt expect that.
  13. SpearHea:D

    Metro Exodus

    The spoiled dinner level was awesome, badass music combined with badass situation, loved it.
  14. SpearHea:D

    Yakuza Kiwami

    Yakuza 0 is godlike.
  15. SpearHea:D

    Devil May Cry 5