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  1. Yes, excellent writing and atmosphere. A very good game.
  2. Two really good and fun boss fights, living weapon is op.
  3. Silent hill 2 is godlike 10/10. I would rate alien isolation, Silent hill 3, dead space and The evil within 1 in my fav. survival horror category too Edit: add Remake too
  4. Oniksiya Sofinkum shadee cosplay Walk Video hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggg
  5. Stefania Ferrario as zarya wearning soldier's jacket.
  6. One of my fav. shooters of all time. The game was spectacular and the gameplay was very much fun to play. The tank stage when the mountain breaks down and alien ship is exposed......ohh lord. I used to envy my friend who had a 8800gt and used to play it with high graphics, i on the other hand to struggle with fps even at lower quality. Had a folder of 500+ screenshots of crysis 1 alone.
  7. Game is badass, buy it souls fanboys. Recorded some boss gameplay for the first time using shadowplay, Will be recording more in the future.
  8. The combat is sick and i am f**ckin loving it.
  9. Finished the game, good shooter but TNO was better. Wont suggest at full 3k, wait for some discount. Glad that i paid much less.
  10. So i cant even remap keyboard controls. Atleast in DS1 port i was able to do that and play it aside from resolution issue. I'll wait for some patch to enable keyboard mapping, not sure about that script thing available right now.
  11. Naice, will buy tonight.
  12. That court fight was nuts. Badass music and whole army of enemies. That fight was long and tense with every enemy thrown into the fight. You have guitar in the background, fools attacking from left,right,top and getting wrecked into pieces with that shotty, glorious. Incredible game so far.