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  1. The Cricket Thread

    Wonderful start to the Test series for India. Match was closer than most of us (and Team India) expected.
  2. The Mobile Phone Thread

    So you buying ?
  3. The Mobile Phone Thread

    What were the issues exactly ? I am currently on OP3T and confused as hell whether to upgrade or not. My top priority is Camera.
  4. The Mobile Phone Thread

    What about the display issues, are there any ?
  5. The Cricket Thread

    Day 2 Highlights
  6. The Cricket Thread

    A very good 1st day I'd say after being 4 down for less than 50. Che Pujara FTW ! Also, WTF was that catch from Khwaja. https://streamable.com/sxxcc
  7. The Mobile Phone Thread

    last time it was 5k and they offered 13k for my phone. Now a discount of 1500 rs and only 6k for my phone. Skipping it.
  8. Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    Actually 1900 rs.
  9. The Mobile Phone Thread

    Yes. If it comes for same price again, I think i'll take it. Let me know your decision as well. would make me regret less.
  10. Game rent options

    gamesonrent.in It's not in Mumbai but it's something you might find useful.
  11. Movie Discussion Thread

  12. Detroit: Become Human - READ OP BEFORE POSTING

    Just finished the game. Was slow at the beginning but picked up pace and story after some time. Would highly recommend if someone's confused whether to pick this game or not.
  13. Red Dead Redemption 2 [READ OP BEFORE POSTING]

    are there any risk of getting any spoiler of the main story if I play Online ? I am on Chapter 2 and wanna play online first.
  14. Red Dead Redemption 2 [READ OP BEFORE POSTING]

    One of the best tip regarding hunting is - Lasso an animal first and then slice him with knife. Guaranteed Perfect pelt.