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  1. Akkster

    FIFA 19

    I didnt invest in them at all 💆‍♂️ just filled the club with one of each. This TOTW is terrible though. I did a few la Liga premium upgrades but got absolutely nothing. Just need that Ben Yedder 😓
  2. Akkster

    FIFA 19

    Did you get De Bruyne? I'm so tempted to but only got around 3.5M coins totally. Won't be nearly enough come TOTY right?
  3. Akkster

    FIFA 19

    Yeah exactly! Sadly we got coutinho instead. Anyway I just completed the cazorla objective. God I wish I never have to use a silver team again
  4. Akkster

    FIFA 19

    His champions league card is absolutely amazing. One of the best midfielders in the game and the shooting stats are a lie. I've scored so many amazing goals with him
  5. Akkster

    FIFA 19

    Nice! I got him as well. Really hoping there's a futmas Allan or Paulinho coming. I'd get those in a heartbeat For Cazorla, people are subbing on icons when I score which makes the whole challenge pointless
  6. Akkster

    FIFA 19

    I'm struggling so badly for Cazorla. Lost twice on pens as well 🙁 and he's one of my favourite players of all time. Loved him at Arsenal. Are you trying to get him? Futmas has been terrible but i did get Son and Torreira. Should have got Gomez as well. Itani raves about him so much
  7. Akkster

    FIFA 19

    Guys can anyone on ps4 help me get the Martinez weekly objective 😅 Edit: NM. Got it! Luckily the opposing MLS teams were as bad as mine
  8. Akkster

    FIFA 19

    OMG what a team! Also that red Immobile looks amazing! Plan to get inform Lewa next?
  9. Akkster

    FIFA 19

    I'd like Diego Costa with 90 pace. He'll be absolutely unstoppable. Still so curious to find out who the untradable ones are. Hope it's from one of the big leagues. Also did you find out what the mystery daily objective is?
  10. Akkster

    FIFA 19

    Anyone liking the scream promo? I prefer last years boosts over this but they should have atleast picked some better players. Here’s hoping that the 3 untradable ones are ones we can use.
  11. Akkster

    FIFA 19

    I bought a ps4 pro and preordered the ultimate edition 😁 any idea if I will have early access to the web app? Played FIFA 18 on the Xbox one
  12. Akkster

    FIFA 18

    Got Deco in my WC icon pack 🤦🏼‍♂️
  13. Good decision. The game plays amazing on the switch!
  14. Akkster

    FIFA 18

    That kit looks amazing! I tried out Okocha and he’s actually amazing. The only problem is that he tires out by the 70th minute, which was expected anyway. Anyway decided to sell him for now in order to try 88 Pires. Looks like his strength and shooting is a bit better. i actually have a question about the chemistry style. With hunter, okocha’s Penalty is supposed to be 99. I got a penalty in game and it still showed as 80 while selecting the penalty taker. Is this change actually real if it doesn’t reflect in any way during the game?
  15. Akkster

    FIFA 18

    I have a hunter on him so hope that helps with the finishing. This is my first icon so it’s pretty cool that he can fit into any squad without having to worry about chemistry. I didn’t like Ribery at all and by your description they sound quite similar. Anyway I guess I’ll try him out for a couple of games just to be sure. How can RM be good though? His stamina is quite bad.