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  1. You are not understanding. How to put it. Um, it's like playing the lottery. It's a vicious cycle. You drop in $100. You get nothing but the game tempts you and you drop your last $10 hoping you will get something nice. And boom, you get it. You are happy and then you come back and drop $100 more. At least as a trade-off, you are getting free content. I'd take it as I don't drop money for in-game items nor want to pay for extra content.
  2. Yes. I was shocked too when I saw that I can pay and get all the TITANS right away. Believe it was added last year itself when they dropped first content pack.
  3. Too late. EA has mastered this kind of system with their sports games. Like it or not, this pay for getting the upper hand is old now. They have been doing it for years and it's not going to change as it seems to be very profitable for them. The casuals end up dumping the CC for short burst of fun. It's bad but it's not new. People are seeing it now because sports communities didn't bring out the issue years back and now it's too late. With that success, they are going for the same route for STAR WARS. Yes, you can pay to get better but you are just dumping your money for the RANDOM item. EA doesn't have any sort of pity timers. No one is guaranteed for anyone or anything. Dump all your $$$ and you might still not get anything. The reason I'm okay with FREE DLCs because the regulars who will play the game won't be dropping money and the casuals who dropped their money won't bother after few weeks. It's a win-win for everyone. I get my game + all free content because someone dropped money. Can't say the same for other games where you have to pay $100 and still sit and grind.
  4. Right from the start. Anthem is an online game; not SP story title.
  5. So? Still, doesn't make it P2W. Well, you are forced to grind out. Time is money. I could sit all day and grind or work and skip the grind. It's added just for MTs. And of course, you can get upper hand on Shadow of War too if you drop in $$$. STAR WARS - you are NOT locked out of anything. Sure you can get the upper hand but you will be playing against other users. I could drop $$$ and get all the cards and still suck at shooting. The rewards are also random. The person who shells out $100 has a chance of not getting anything while a pleb without spending $ could get the best card right at the start. But OKAY! Have it your way. P2W.
  6. It does. You are forced to grind if you don't pay. Yes, and I assume all these games are P2W as well Hearthstone and other CCG games - $$$ -> buy packs -> WIN FIFA and other sport -> $$$ -> buy packs -> WIN Battlefield -> $$$$ -> buy bundle -> WIN TITANFALL II -> $$$ -> unlock Titans instantly -> WIN MMO GAMES (GW2 for example) -> $$$ -> GOLD -> WIN The list goes on and none of them is GREEDY as Shadow of War who put grind just to force out players to grind or pay up. All these are online games. All these are not P2W but STAR WARS having loot boxes with a RANDOM chance at loot is PAY TO WIN. Doesn't matter if he or you or other people finished it. The grind is there to support the MTs at the end of the day. On top of that, you paid $$$ for Shadow of War just to limit yourself from online so you are not affected by any online or MTs. So? That doesn't change the fact that grind is added in the first place to support MTs. Hey, I got my entire Hearthstone or massive FIFA collection without paying. It's not P2W at all. RIGHT! If you don't understand how MTs/businesses work, don't bother defending/posting nonsense just because it's EA.
  7. MTs in online are nothing new and they have already changed. I don't understand how people blatantly bash EA without even knowing how business work. Just because they shut down the studio doesn't make them bad. If that was the case, pretty much every studio is evil. People can ignore MTs in Shadow of War but you have to go through the GRIND which was not even the plan of the game. It is just added to support MTs. How is that suddenly fine or better than an online game with MTs? So if I want to play the last act or see the ending, I have to spend more hours just to get there or $$$ and skip. Free DLC go a long way. You are not locked behind an additional layer or cut out with the game content. Everything is available for $60. That's it. Full game + all additional content. Shadow of Mordor isn't. $60+40+ MTs. Yeah, totally better than $60 game with optional MTs with all free content.
  8. Don't bother. _ Han Solo standalone is called "SOLO - A Star Wars Story"
  9. EA's response: Don't care. Made billions. The change is never going to happen. There will always be a new younger generation for all these stuff. Casuals keep everything alive. So that's that.
  10. Nothing changed then. Good. And you should be the last person to even talk about MT when spent $$$ on SP game that forced MTs into it. I guess business schools are called something else in your place. You are not their target audience. Like it or not, MTs in online games go a long way and they all sell well. It's nothing new to pay to look fancy. MTs in SP games though. That's another thing.
  11. No one is forcing you to buy it. Don't like it; don't buy it. It's keeping their board happy and numbers up regardless.
  12. Go back to school and learn a few things about how billion dollar businesses work.
  13. What are you even talking? Visceral was part of the EA studio right from the start. They won't even exist without them. After mediocre games year after year, no one will even put their money and faith in a studio, let alone keep it alive for 2 decades. Did you Magic Ball reveal that? If so, let me know how is the future. Many people desire to see Half-Life 3. Just because people desire doesn't mean it's good for business. EA took the hit to keep Visceral alive and marketed the game.
  14. Hard worked single player game which no one has seen? Yeah. You guys are reacting as if they didn't get paid for their work. They are still in contact with Amy and the new game will be using the asset made. If anything it's the EA that took the loss. Visceral went to shite years ago. In fact, it was never good in first place to be running for 2 decades. But okay, let's all shite on EA. The game isn't cancelled. It's just the studio is no longer working and they have shifted to better ones.