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  1. The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    Calculating The Cost: Budgeting For Holiday 2018's Game Releases All Remakes/Remasters – $320 All Fighting Games – $330 All RPGs – $1,130 All Shooters – $270 All Sports Games – $420 All Microsoft Exclusives – $60 All Sony Exclusives – $290 All Nintendo Exclusives – $420 The Murderers' Row of Holiday 2018 – $625 (upcoming games)
  2. Wrestling fans

    I bet Lesnar won't even show up tonight on RAW. Heyman, maybe, will come and call it quits like last time. It sucks WWE ruined Reigns character and then used Lesnar to make up for it. Lesnar can legit fight if he wants to. There is simply no one around to give him a proper challenge. ____ At least overrated overhyped rookie Bliss era will be over.
  3. Wrestling fans

    Here we go. 3 Superman punches 3 Spear
  4. Wrestling fans

  5. Wrestling fans

    OMG! Bye, bye Bliss, you overhyped rookie.
  6. Wrestling fans

    Bliss getting squashed.
  7. Wrestling fans

    Randy going to turn face and go against Shinsuke (for Jeff).
  8. Wrestling fans

    Now he comes... what's the point/
  9. Wrestling fans

    Shame nothing happened.
  10. Wrestling fans

    HAHAHA! Jeff mimicking Sinsuke was hilarious.
  11. Wrestling fans

    The demon cometh! The crowd went crazy. Easy win.
  12. Wrestling fans

    Miz never fails to put up a good show & fight.
  13. Wrestling fans

    People really wanted build-up for this match? These two don't need it. Don't even mind the DQ as the feud just hit the roof.
  14. Wrestling fans

    I love how this match's pace as steadily picked up throughout. Fantastic match. Joe has been ruthless and AJ isn't giving up either.
  15. Wrestling fans

    Joe is amazing but after that starting segment, I'd be surprised if he wins.