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  1. FIFA 19

    OL tweeted Ndombele
  2. FIFA 19

    Disappointed. Reus was okay last month. Timo and others were way better. A shame fan vote will ruin it. At least the upgrade isn't too big. Going to skip and wait for winter upgrade.
  3. FIFA 19

  4. The Division 2

    I think it's going to be very average (like CREW 2) despite the first game getting massively improved over time (just like CREW). Don't know how this game is gonna work without it being in the Winter as 90% of the theme of the first game revolves around it. The environment was the biggest ambient factors that really lent to the first game in enjoyment. It was very unique and we hardly get any winter dedicated environment. The game modes in the first game that directly thrived on the winter setting. Survival. I don't know they will replicate it with summer setting. It looks very rough already and I could barely finish watching all the gameplay videos without getting bored. The first game was quite enjoyable and had a wintery feel to it and they nailed the ambience. Empty, ghost town-like streets in one of the busiest cities in the US. The red and green Christmas lights juxtaposed with the orange and yellow hazard lights lighting up the streets at night. The snowfall creating a clean white cover on top of trash-ridden streets. Soft Christmas music echoing down alleys and plazas alongside distant gunshots and yelling. It was a perfect setting for once despite okay spongy gameplay it ended up being fun. Now it's generic US summer and lot less aesthetic. Going to try the beta and see if it's worth it.
  5. The Division 2

    BETA from Feb 7 to 11.
  6. FIFA 19

    Alisson is very good. As for De Gea not being good, the GKs need more than just automatic control. You need to make use of the R3 button to get their full potential. De Gea has high reaction compared to others and it helps against powered shots and more in general. Courtois is fine too but De Gea / Neuer is the first choice. Tibo's kicking is awful and makes so many silly mistakes. But if he is working fine, then don't change. Vertonghen isn't good. Poor pace with bad agility-balance. Not enough strength either. Try to get Ramos or VVD if you like to use PL side. Can't rely on him for that. He's a walking tree. Wins you headers but also costs you games. Good for end game strategy when nothing works. Radja is very good. As for his stamina, it's quite high but if you use constant pressure or press often, you will lose more stamina. As for ST, I said it for full chemistry. You don't play him there but just set it so that you can change tactics/instructions to the different formation and automatically change in-game with D-pad. Radja goes to CM/CDM as per setup. He's a good sub. His replacement in PL is Mahrez SIF. Not really a bad buy. He's good but you can also sell and upgrade the rest of the squad. The choice is yours. You can also do one of the icons SBCs (the cheaper ones). Constant pressure is an effective tactic. You need to be careful against those and constantly cross-field pass to break the pressure. Have your fullbacks at back all the time against these and keep possession. Fake shots / drag back / La Croqueta skills are effective to get clear shot at the goal. Always. Have 3 different formations set. Your squad 2 looks good and quite invested. You should drop Mertens-Radja and stick with PL. Those are some great players you got there. Son is still very-very effective. Replace the LB/CBs and use Valencia alone. Lerma is good 2nd CDM. Mkhi works as CAM nicely. Why did you make 1st squad instead of improving? It's always good to have 1 great squad and 1 fitness squad than 2 average-good squads with coins not well distributed. Hazard as LAM. Son works anywhere forward, thanks to his 5 WF. LM/RM has no business as usual unless you run 442 or extremely good with other wide formations. My suggestion is to mix both squads and have 1 solid squad. That will help you more. Clean out the deadweight as well.
  7. FIFA 19

    That's a good squad. Upgrade the LCB to VVD and GK to De Gea. RB is okay-ish but there is better Aurier card now. Although I don't see Spurs winning against Dortmund, so his price might crash. Walker is also another choice to sit back. Lucas is okay but doesn't cut anymore. Fellaini scream is kind of pointless. 90 pace with very poor agility-balance combo doesn't help at all. Might as well sell and get Fabinho for CDM role. Move Radja to RST and Raúl to CAM. As for formations - 4231 is the meta this year. Very effective with 2 CDMs. 41212(2) is great as well. I personally prefer 4312 over it because of CAM-RCM switching. Set at least 3 formations and instructions. One for balanced / attacking and defending the lead. Silver 1 to Gold 3/2 is more of mental and little more consistency with your playstyle. Once you have taken a lead, don't sit back on 1 GD. Instead, try to push for a 2nd goal and after that, you can drop back with your players and contain. In 4231 - CDMs stay back while attacking and cover centre. Fullbacks - stay back while attacking as well. The new D-pad changes allow you to switch on the fly if you need attacking hand with fullbacks. CAMs / ST - stay forward. Width usually 4-5 and depth depends on you. 1 is pretty much parking the bus. Personally play with 6 depth and drop down as you take a lead. My setup is: Ultra defending - 4231(2) Defending - 4231 / 4312 / 41212(2) Attacking - 4231 / your choice of formation Ultra attacking - preferably 3atb with constant pressure and high line. 3421. I like to play high-line as it is more fun but also risky to counters. You can reduce the depth to balanced or even to 1-3 if you are still learning how to defend effectively. Offense - balanced/fast build-up works. Most of my losses are from making stupid mistakes with GK or making a poor pass. So when you have the ball, just look twice before making a move. With GK just shoot to the farthest player than trying to pass nearby and mess up. The pressure can soak you in and you shouldn't let it eat you. Instead press against it. Shooting - finesse timed meta but everyone has learned how to move the GK with R3 button. Still effective somewhat though. I'd still suggest trying to the ball inside the box and finish traditional way than trying to spam finesse from outside the box. Timed finishing helps a lot. After each loss, take a few minutes break. Have a bottle of water and stay hydrated. It really helps.
  8. Movie Discussion Thread

  9. ~The TV Shows Thread~

    Out now. Reviews are okay. Jon Bernthal stands out in disappointing Frank Castle return. If you enjoyed season 1 you'll be perfectly happy with this addition, but it doesn't do anything interesting with a character who should feel more relevant to our current political climate. It's too long and doesn't have enough story to adequately fill 13 hours of television. The many pieces of the puzzle also don't start coming together until far too late in the game as a result, and by that point, it's rather hard to care. The Punisher's second season wouldn't be the worst place for the series to end, as it's a strong outing that'll please fans, and does the Marvel Cinematic Universe's most violent antihero justice. Though the second season attempts to redefine who its title character is and where he fits within this corner of the superhero universe, the end result is both an odd fit and a moot point. Here's the most unforgivable sin of the second season of The Punisher: You have a magnificent performance like this one at your disposal, and this is what you choose to do with it? The Punisher Season 2 is a massive improvement on its predecessor and even stands head-and-shoulders above some of the other shows in the Marvel/Netlix pantheon. Bernthal's gravelly voice and thoughtful delivery continue to help uplift even the most melodramatic Frank lines. It's all better than it needs to be - smarter, sharper, more thoughtful - while also consciously reckoning with the fact that this is a show about a man who's never happier than when he's covered in other people's blood.
  10. Anthem

    Updated chart: Yesterday's livestream:
  11. FIFA 19

  12. Anthem

    I got 3 spare codes. They are for EA access basic which is valid for 7 days / 10 hours on each game. Since the demo is available for all EA access members, you can play it from January 25 through January 27. No limits on the demo as far I know. Just limited content. So you can use it for a demo or hold it for full game launch and try it for 10 hours before deciding if you want to buy or not. There is also a 2nd demo which is OPEN for everyone and runs from February 1 through February 3. Personally, 10 hours of the full game is a better choice as a demo will be available for all after 4 days.
  13. Anthem

    All right. Remind me 2-3 days before the demo since it is valid only for 1 week. Will DM the codes. The first pre-launch demo runs from January 25 (at 17:00 UTC) through January 27, 2019. This is a VIP demo and is only open to players with Origin Access (Basic or Premier) or EA Access, and players who have pre-ordered Anthem.
  14. The Football Thread

    I think he's the one who isn't ready for Modern Football...
  15. Anthem

    I can give PC codes. But either for a demo or for the full game (10 hours / 7 days trial). The choice is yours.