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  1. Sach4life

    The Football Thread

    United :rofl:
  2. Sach4life

    ~The TV Shows Thread~

    Peaky Blinders is so much fun.
  3. Sach4life

    Days Gone

    I have to agree
  4. Sach4life

    Metro Exodus

  5. Sach4life

    Metro Exodus

  6. Sach4life

    Movie Discussion Thread

    Affleck out as Batman confirmed 😫😫
  7. Sach4life

    Metro Exodus

    First time seeing someone defend not having extra competition. As i have said, criticizing a client not having features is good, someone simply saying that one shouldn't exist is next level fanboyism.
  8. Sach4life

    Metro Exodus

    So when MS or Sony buy exclusivity, they are not competitors anymore? I mean, since when did launching a new platform with exclusives considered anti consumer? You don't even have to buy a new machine for this. You are right, competition shouldn't exist because somehow it is bad for people. Kind of arguments and points people are coming up with to support their fav company is downright hillarious. Embarrassing.
  9. Sach4life

    Metro Exodus

    Wonderful arguments
  10. Sach4life

    Metro Exodus

    They are operating systems with no other alternative on the respective hardware. Totally different things.
  11. Sach4life

    Metro Exodus

    As i said, i can understand people criticizing it for lack of features. Totally valid. But to say that the mere existence of it is cancer and anti consumer is hillarious. I can understand hardware manufacturers charging the amount they do for selling games on their store. Steam charging same/more than them is pathetic.
  12. Sach4life

    Metro Exodus

    Not really. When PS1 was released, sony bought when exclusives. Makes sense since it was the new entrant in the console space. Same thing happened with og Xbox. Since when did launching a new platform with exclusives considered evil? You don't even have to buy anything. Just install a new software.
  13. Sach4life

    Metro Exodus

    It has taken time for it to come at where at it is today. It is hillarious the kind of arguments that are being put up here. Decade old platform, which is basically a monopoly, has population so no one should even try. Decade old platform works much better as compared to a month old one so no one should try.
  14. Sach4life

    Metro Exodus

    Then criticize the features of the launcher or lack of them, not the existence of the launcher itself. Steam isn't what it was when it launcher eithet. It takes time. Buying exclusivity is not at all anti consumer in this case. It doesn't require you to buy another platform like in console space. Just install another software. This is nothing but a smart way to try to cut into steam's monopoly.
  15. Sach4life

    ~The TV Shows Thread~