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  1. Police story is the best action movie ever made.
  2. Game looks good. Would definitely get it, most probably on steam. My kind of game...
  3. That steelbook looks sweet.
  4. DQ 11 is going to be epic.
  5. Narcos got boring? FU 😒
  6. I was thinking the same. Even those who prefer xbox controllers, prefer the d pad of ps controllers.
  7. He has said console exclusives.
  8. Nice
  9. I don't think i am talking to you or for that matter asking anyone to do anything about it. I was merely telling him how i missed Ambar's comment considering i don't visit all the threads as before. But then, considering how moronic your behaviour and comments are pretty much all the time and how devoid of sense they are most of tue timrs,one can expect a comment like this from you
  10. I don't have to call him out,because if you will ask him, he will admit that he is basically trolling. It is the opposite for you. Moreover, i don't really have any time now. There are only 3/4 threads i visit now occasionally. Agents of Meh... thread is not one of those.This is going to be the case for the next few months.
  11. Ned Stark will come back at the end of the season.
  12. Why can't he like something without putting something down? Why does every single thing has to be a comparison for him? Witcher 3's c9mbat is sh*t because BB's is superior. Horizon's after launch suppoet is sh*t because Witcher devs gave out stuff for free. How old is he?
  13. UC4 was fantastic. Hoping the same for this game. Though, i won't be able to play this till december.
  14. Booooo...