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  1. Na na. I am not CA. But i will give cfa level 1 exam this december. New iims are not that bad,especially considering how i am going to Kozhikode after spending 10 days in a new iim. They are rapidly growing both in terms of quality and placements. But yeah, older iims are in a separate league. With 99 plus percentile, you should be able to get into a old iim, as long as your interview goes well.
  2. With 55 in grad, getting in IIM Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Indore is not possible. You can get into Calcutta with 99 plus percentile. Same goes for Lucknow and Kozhikode. You should also aim for FMS with is at par or better than all iims,except ABC. Then there are new iims where you can get into easily with 97 plus percentile. Interviews play a huge role. Advantage that you have is that you are from commerce background (like me). We get some diversity marks.
  3. Thanks bhai.
  4. Thanks
  5. Converted IIM Kozhikode
  6. Word
  7. Sachin has a fantastic record in finals. Anyone saying otherwise is an idiot. Sachin averages more than 90 in finals India has won.
  8. I am talking about overall console sales,not just comparing highest sales of respective generations. Also, no chance of PS4 even getting close to 150 million.
  9. Overall console sales will be lower this gen than they were for the past two generations.
  10. I know,was just replying. I never made the comparison.
  11. Nope. Metroid should easily sell 4-5 million copies when it will release. No chance of cod selling 40 million.
  12. Followed by Anthen and Spiderman se pehle metriod bhi hai.
  13. Only available on switch is not a surprise. They are not going to let a mario game release on anther console or pc.
  14. Ni no kuni 2 is releasing this year
  15. Funny thing is, i had more positive things to say about MS and their conference and the games that they showed than pretty much everyone that posted during that time. Only thing i laughed about was the use of 'Console launch exclusive'. I am really glad to see that you still shitpost pretty much all the time and have absolutely no clue what you are talking about most of the times