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  1. The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    My numbers are pretty less at 330 hours as i have been pretty much away from PS4 for the past 2 years due to college. Top 2 games are Persona 5 and FF7.
  2. The TV Decision Making thread

    Bade log
  3. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The black order

    Being sad or displeased about a game being exclusive and saying that it makes no sense for it to be exclusive are two different things.
  4. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The black order

    Again, when did i say people can't complain or that they are wrong to complain? I replied to your post which said it makes no sense to have this and Bayonetta as switch exclusives. I am not defending anyone, merely stating the reasons for said games to be exclusives and why it makes total sense. Never said that people are wrong to complain or they shouldn't complain.
  5. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The black order

    Your argument holds no water and reeks of nothing but entitlement. If people didn't buy GTA5 because of which Take Two decided to shelve GTA 6 and then if Apple steps in to fund GTA 6 so that they can make it exclusive to their system, then yes, that would make total business sense. When did i say people can't complain? People complain about every single thing in the internet. Nobody is going to stop them. It is just that the same people complaining about Bayonetta's exclusivity should have actually bought the first game in the first place instead of the usual whining. I would rather have the game exclusive to the Switch instead of it not being made at all (which would have been the case had Nintendo not funded it).
  6. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The black order

    By that logic every console exclusive should be on PC. Simple fact is that Nintendo funded the games. They have every right to release it exclusively on their systems to make their system more desirable. It as as simple as that. They make not be system sellers on their own but when u have 5 such games on your system, you do attract customers. These games add up and make for an overall attractive proposition. Not too difficult to understand. Makes no sense for Nintendo to fund them and then let them release on other platforms even if it is just PC. Nintendo is not MS. Whether previous games were exclusive to Nintendo platforms is immaterial.
  7. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The black order

    What doesn't make sense in a game being switch exclusive? Nintendo funded both the games. Those games wouldn't be made if it wasn't for Nintendo. If people had actually bought Bayonetta when it released on both PS3 and 360, they wouldn't be exclusive in the first place.
  8. Just Cause 4

    What can you do in JC4 that cannot be done in JC3? JC3 is 90rs during sale ($1.30) and JC4 is 3499($50). What is it about JC4 that makes it 38 times better than JC3 Excellent way to judge games
  9. Red Dead Redemption 2 [READ OP BEFORE POSTING]

    Considering how much money gta online makes, obviously number of people complaining are way less than people actually spending.
  10. Steam deals

    Nobody is getting TR
  11. Steam deals

    Will try
  12. Steam deals

    What to do now
  13. Steam deals

    Can anyone buy it for me and gift?
  14. Steam deals

    Yes, when i select others, it says your current location is Argentina but when i select Argentina, it says those lines that i posted.