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  1. Why havn't you bought it yet didn't like D1?! waiting for GOTY complete edition is foolishness game is designed to be enjoyed from day 1 You'll be just dragging yourself on the first half of the game just like you did there no fun that way
  2. No looking for like minded fire team
  3. Carbon bhai kiske saath khel rahe ho
  4. this was coz i'm back on online gaming after 10+ months that was coz i'm back on PS vs XB after a long aur jab waha ghaas nahi daali toh yaha kyu daal raha hai
  5. I am back baaaiiiibyyyyyyyyyy
  6. Coz it's BC & all you know Since MC has shut me down on it I am a BC lover
  7. Very true
  8. That's not exactly the best way to play this game You need!! to check every corner from the gameplay standpoint It's not coz of some stupid collectible but because you need to well equip yourself with supplies what ever you find now will make things easier for you later very well planed game design
  9. Lol Bots have started showing up again.......since e3 Regarding PS5 I hope for their own personal ego satisfaction they don't hope for a PS5 anytime soon Coz it'll be a proper next gen console with next gen dedicated games Not Crackdown worthy stuff
  10. Yeah it's once in a lifetime sort of game totally unlike anything else
  11. Maa ki ch****t BC I just bought Until dawn few weeks ago in sale & haven't even started playing