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  1. Wrestling fans

    I don’t think any substantial money is left in Cena Vs Taker anymore specially if they want to make Taker “end the streak” for the third time it’ll just leave a really bad taste in mouth & making Cena job to Taker at this age instead of someone like Strowman doesn’t make sense either i think Taker got a perfect send off & they should let it be & start planning things without him they will never be able to if they don’t now
  2. Wrestling fans

    undertaker wrestling again at WM will make all that emotional crap at the end of 33 look like stupid the whole world was talking about The Undertaker that day & I mean whole world.... Roman Reigns got a huge push to be THE GUY to send Taker back to his grave after all those years now all that will look stupid
  3. PS4 scam

    Unless it’s Cocain
  4. omfg why doesn’t M$ just outright buy the Entire f’in gaming industry with some of those 700 billion of theirs & once for all satisfy the dumb a*s egos of their fan base then again the guys running the show at corporate offices aren’t as dumb as the ones daydreaming about orgasmic take overs i mean c’mon man just do it please,coz this is getting hilarious now never made a single ounce of profits since the inception of the Xbox brand & the Redmond head office will green lit acquisitions of EA & Valve for more money to go down the drains & behemoth amounts this time why not just acquire Sony itself while we are at it & all of those 700 billions are at the disposal for orgasmic proportions
  5. Yakuza 0

    How is that a Criteria MGS & Souls game have won numerous awards in the past
  6. Injustice 2

    Problem with a full fedged Avengers,Justice League or Xmen game is that it will have too many mechanics & scenarios involved to turn up anything remotely stable or good the design will have to be so carefully crafted that it’ll be borderline press x to see action kinda game
  7. Destiny 2

    There is no new raid in this dlc?!?
  8. Death Stranding

    Genre still not released i hope it’s not a cutscenes driven game & there is meaty gameplay as well to back all that crazy anime
  9. The Last of Us 2

    Obviously the someone who’s pregnant is Ellie its her genes that are immune & the unborn child would be the key to the vaccine also I think the Middle aged women as the playable character is none other than Ellie
  10. Fascinated by my looks?? are you gay?!? i don’t swing that way braw
  11. No xbot has ever failed to disappoint Trust me when I say this
  12. It had bloodborn vibes to it
  13. Movie Discussion Thread

    Yeah Run time of around 5+ hours in both movies & only then they can do "justice" (no pun intended) to the last decade of buildup
  14. Movie Discussion Thread

    Hoping that Avengers is not a cluster f**k & Is as meaningful as phase 1 & 2
  15. Movie Discussion Thread

    Original plan was for a Infinity Wars Part 1 & then Part 2 But they dropped the name for the second part & it will be named something else It will be the fifth & final movie featuring Thanos infinity Arc