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  1. The Last of Us 2

    Can’t be a remaster just a PS5 upgrade patch like One X & Pro gets for each game now will be native 4K @ 60fps for sure
  2. Cyberpunk 2077

    Which one did you conclude on as being better?!?
  3. It’ll come on other platforms later i guess?!?
  4. Lol top 20 Gears is not even in top 40 & Crackdown has been releasing trailers since 2014 now so obviously it’s good to be in the top 90
  5. No it was quite awesome to be honest All PS4 & PC users were happy to see it same cant be said for Xbox & PC users watching Sony conference any confrence that leaves more happy ppl is awesome
  6. Cyberpunk 2077

    No one will release such an ambitious project exclusively on Launch consoles no matter who is funding it it will be Cross gen for sure
  7. Cyberpunk 2077

    Open world FPS is never a good option coz of the extended gameplay sessions & so much to see or do it gives your brain fatigue
  8. Death Stranding

    I’ve been to Iceland & witnessed such isolation in real life it feels like you are on another planet in reality
  9. Microsoft E3 2018 thread

    Yeah saw looks like open world TLOU mp
  10. Microsoft E3 2018 thread

    Lol wasn’t that CG?!
  11. SONY E3 Experience 2018

    Anger or no getting personal is no solution you’ll realise it soon enough maybe once you cross your 20s & stop fantasying panties where they shouldn’t be
  12. Microsoft E3 2018 thread

    Obviously Gears or Halo aur hadh maar ke Forza H 4
  13. SONY E3 Experience 2018

    ^^No it was a bit too vulgar So went ahead & edited it out Realised I was probably dealing with another teenager who’ll push & get me banned again so backed out
  14. Ghost of Tsushima

    Assasins creed itself doesn’t really have an identity of it’s own its just picking up things from every possible direction & matching up an RPG in new settings No one will be able to create anything if they start avoiding “being like Assassins Creed”
  15. Ghost of Tsushima

    I think everyone is missing a very strong point here this isn’t entirely a Samurai game at some point during the progression it’ll take a drastic turn in Gameplay I believe he will turn into a Ninja as shown in the reveal trailer last year So stealth is a possibility with drastic variation in gameplay