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  1. Brock lesnar will obviously win He is the hottest commodity going into Wrestlemania Apart from that I see SD going over Raw in most of the matches Triple H & Kurt Angle will have a team kill setting up a feud for WM KO & Sammy will try the same & jump to Raw Kane might attack Stroman mid match Shield will obviously win As they need Reigns to be the second hottest commodity until WM Plus he's f**ckin finally a face hero of Raw
  2. It would be only awkward if Xbox One X magically starts to sell more than PS4pro With the Line up Sony has up it's sleeve I don't see that happening anytime soon Sony is literally killing it with exclusives for the past two years
  3. It's quite funny how xbots are comparing Xbox one X & PS4 pro & equalizing it to the comparisons that was done during the launch of PS4 & Xbox One back in 2013 Totally ignoring the fact that PS4 & Xbone were released day & date with the same price tag (for a moment I'll ignore the f**k up M$ did with kinnect & the pricing out of sheer generosity) But PS4Pro was a machine which released a full one year early with $400 tag(which will be $300-350 this holiday discount) & Xbox One X with a full one year later with a $500 price tag If you launch something more beefy a year late with a more expensive range You are ought to get more Is this rocket science or an ignorantly blissful opportune moment?!?
  4. Who all are sure shot buying an xbox one X on Indian Launch?!? Or importing early before that?!?
  5. Zodak Are you buying XboxoneX on launch?!?
  6. I was just wondering How would you fix a broken arm like that in a world like this.....
  7. Tlou always had this type of violent theme What were you guys expecting Dead Rising or Sunset Overdrive?!? It's Survival at it's best Can't wait for gameplay & MP reveal
  8. Order is not even worth as free It's a total time waste They should actually pay ppl for wasting their time on stuff like that
  9. Infamous 1 & 2 were quite great Second Son was the first lot of PS4 games So it's ok....nothing is great in those stages Now sucker punch need to recreat Infamous 1 magic
  10. It's subjective Zodak used to call gears ue a remake It made him feel better Some ppl did the same for Halo Anniversaries Remake is something that is 'Remade' from scratch If you play the game & can't tell any difference in base mechanism & character movement then obviously the underlying coding is same just running on new engine Anyway it's good to have it That's what matters
  11. Naa it's not a remake Remake is something that's done with changing the entire game in modern imagination Like R&C,Doom or FFVII ps4 This is more like Gears 1 ultimate edition Or Halo Anniversaries Same base game running on new engine
  12. It's a different game Not GoW 4-5 You can't expect it to be anything like previous games Though don't discard blades of chaos/athena/exile just yet They might be there in some form or another
  13. Omg guys Please please,no point wasting your time and energy There is no point for this debate or even sarcasm now's not even worth the sarcasm Source?!?!
  14. All the (remaining) xbots all over the world on XoneX release
  15. All digital codes come with an expiry date...... usually 3 years or something like that