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  1. Anyone here using the Vu 55K160GAU? If yes, how is it?
  2. Bad News... Toys ‘R’ Us Inc, the largest U.S. toy store chain has filed for Bankruptcy.
  3. Enzo... poor guy got railroaded by Strowman! If Enzo's neck was a few inches north to where it landed after that vicious clothesline from the back from Strowman he would have perhaps been severely injured. So, Jason Jordan to win against The Miz at No Mercy? Also, did anyone read about Bobby Heenan's health struggles before his passing away? The man literally fought a war with throat Cancer and other catastrophic health injuries with multiple reconstruction surgeries over more than a decade. A Brave Heart. RIP.
  4. 7-way... whoa! Clusterf**k of epic proportions!
  5. Yes... a fantastic win after that horror story in the beginning of the game! So wish we could have knocked them all out and we almost did. Next game on Thursday at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata!
  6. C'mon now get them all out...
  7. How could Rahane drop that... WTF!!!
  8. With Maxwell gone... order restored! And another one falls
  9. First blood... Oh Yeah! Anyone else watching?
  10. Yeah... that was a great goal indeed!
  11. Update: Australia will have to chase 164 in 21 overs. Powerplay 1: 1-4, P2: 5-17, P3: 18-21. One bowler can bowl a maximum of 5 overs while four others can make a maximum of 4.
  12. Update: 20:00 IST: Covers off again and they've put it by the side, square of the pitch.
  13. Revised target is 238 in 37 overs. But the covers are still on and it's still raining...
  14. Dafuq! What utter lunacy
  15. Good win for West Indies... Psyched about today's match!