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  1. This is actually a lot more interesting that I thought it would be! Let's win this now!
  2. Damn... Kohli gone
  3. Right... here we go then...
  4. Update: Players have started warming up. That's a positive sign for this match. Ravi Shastri, Bharat Arun and a few New Zealand players are near the pitch, inspecting, he adds. I am also told there might be another inspection at 9 PM. Yes, the inspection has been confirmed by BCCI on their official twitter handle.
  5. Yup, the rain is pretty much assuring that there won't be a game today. Looks like match will be abandoned soon although the cut-time for a 5 over match is 10:15pm.
  6. Rain threatens to spoil series decider and Thiruvananthapuram's debut
  7. @Ph3N0M: Are you following Impact these days mate? Bound for Glory is tomorrow! Lashley Vs Moose should be good. Grado is going to get his butt kicked in the Monster's Ball match vs Abyss.
  8. I say download it mate. Skip the side ops (except for the one's that are needed for the story missions to unlock) and do the main story missions. That should prevent your interest level from dwindling. P.S. If you need to earn more GMP for unlocking weapons/ upgrades, then do some side ops as needed.
  9. Just completed a bunch of side missions this afternoon. One of the missions involved taking out mines spread across a certain section of the desert, a very remote section in all honesty. I didn't even understand what the point was of making a mission centered around spotting mines in an otherwise not to be traversed area and then disarming/ shooting them. It's not like I had to cross that section of the map to get somewhere across and thus the mines needed to be taken care of. This is where the game suffers terribly, making side the side stuff unimaginatively dull at times. Anyhow, trusty DD made the mission a lot easier to spot those pesky mines so that was a good thing. Strangely enough this game makes me remember an old game I played decades ago, the original Delta Force title. Sure it has catastrophically dated graphics when talked about in today's standards but the huge, otherwise empty desert terrain from that game comes to mind when I play this.
  10. The game has extremely large maps but most of the areas outside of the enemy encampments and guard posts are plain barren with the exception of green spots where you can pluck those plants from. Traversing through the maps in every mission in Afghanistan now feels the same. Also, the fact that some of the side operations appear in the same mission outposts makes it a tad hackneyed at times.
  11. Dhobi is like "Let me calmly stroll towards my fifty"... but alas no dice
  12. Just not our day today. Tuesday's game we are winning!
  13. Damn... 2 quick wickets.
  14. Beautiful six from Kohli!
  15. Great century for Colin Munro. Siraj having a bad, bad debut.