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  1. ~The TV Shows Thread~

    A bit under the weather and at home so decided to watch the final episode of Sopranos which I have been watching now for a few weeks. After watching it I'm completely perplexed! The last few minutes of the episode were perhaps the most nerve wracking and then that abrupt smash cut... WTF!! James Gandolfini's performance was unparalleled... bloody brilliant.
  2. What you bought this week

    Mine has been sitting with India Post here in Kolkata for 10 days now... beyond frustrating.
  3. What you bought this week

    I have 4 shipments from AliExpress currently in-bound through Singapore Post and then subsequently by India Post. A couple of them are lying with Kolkata Customs Department (Tracking Status Reads: Awaiting presentation to Customs Commissioner) since the start of the this week, no updates whatsoever...
  4. Wrestling fans

    Enzo Amore... don't know if the charges against him are true or not but seems his tenure with the WWE is done. Guy wasn't much of a hit backstage as well, a lot of the wrestlers didn't like him/ his behavior much as per reports.
  5. Wrestling fans

    Aleister Black vs Adam Cole on NXT TakeOver Philadelphia... now that was a match!!! And after that brutal encounter the very fact that Adam Cole showed up at the Rumble! What are these guys made of!!
  6. IVG is Back!!!

    Thank the Lord it's back!!
  7. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

    Holy moly... the Panerhunds are beastly to beat! They can soak bullets like a rug to water
  8. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

    I'm actually quite enjoying this game on my new Ryzen build and it's a welcome change from MGS: Phantom Pain which I finally completed a few days ago. Played through the level in the ranch today and the tender reminiscing of Blazkowicz through the level as I progressed was beautifully crafted. Of course soon I was immersed in the absolute bullet rampage again, LoL! I stopped playing for today where there is a huge dog like bot in front of me and shockingly enough I'm low on the robustly powerful Dieselgewehr I found... will pick up tomorrow again! Sheesh... God knows how much damage the bot will take before it goes down!
  9. What you bought this week

    I like that LG 29" UW monitor... congrats on the new rig mate!
  10. The Watch Thread

    Thanks so very much my friend! Hope your doing well. This watch was something I suddenly saw and fell in love with. I was skeptical after placing the order on AliExpress... whether it would be hit by duty but in the end it didn't so it turned out to be a sweet deal. And, yes... it had now become so much more than just being a timepiece... it's a harbinger of recollections.
  11. Wrestling fans

    Strowman making that humongous truss collapse on Lesnar and Kane... Holy sh*t!!
  12. The Watch Thread

    This came in after a 41 day wait from Singapore via AliExpress Standard Shipping... Parnis Big Pilot PA-01172 (Asian Unitas Seagull 6497 Movement) This watch has a small anecdotal story attached to it and this is how it goes... I was browsing through the AliExpress 11-11 Sale and saw this timepiece. Having instantly fallen in love with it's classic, minimalist looks I could hardly restrain myself from ordering one. The heart wants what it wants. But that's only half the story... You see on the 11th of November, in the afternoon I placed the order. That very evening a remarkably poignant event happened and it set in motion certain catastrophic chain of events that would lead to the loss of a very loved one in my life. Now having received the watch it strangely enough makes me remember her. That day, that evening... memories, in time. For any watch collector, for any watch enthusiast every watch almost always has a story attached to it. Some say these stories are lovely little conversation starters over a glass of glistening sherry. Timepieces always tell a tale. For me... this Parnis has it's own little tale, a bittersweet one at that. I shall wear it, thinking of her. Traces of memories in the sands of time.
  13. Wrestling fans

    What a horrible final match for James Storm on his last Impact appearance. Losing to Dan Lambert in an idiotic contest. This show is really running itself to the ground. Sigh! Good thing is... Storm might, might just be back on NXT!
  14. What you bought this week

    Which external fans mate? The cabinet came with intake fans, I bought the 3 upper exhaust fans and rear one. The Antec fans were already there in my previous case, the Lian Li A70F Full Tower so I just chucked them in this Corsair 780T when I changed the case.
  15. Wrestling fans

    Chris Jericho vs Kenny Omega... my God what a match! The punishment both of these men took... un-bloody-believable! Jericho with those vicious chair shots to the head and back of Omega...