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  1. The Cricket Thread

    No slipped disc injury but Virat Kohli's County stint to be curtailed: BCCI official
  2. The Cricket Thread

    RR suffocated in the last 5 overs. They looked so comfortable till that point, almost seemed like they were cruising to a win. Tough match ahead for us on Friday vs SRH. Good to see "Dada" at the presentation ceremony.
  3. The Cricket Thread

    Held our nerves... damn this victory is sweet.
  4. The Cricket Thread

    Weather has significantly cleared up and the sun was out earlier in the day here in Kolkata. We should get a full game of Cricket this evening at the Eden Gardens although thunderstorms are expected later at night, post 10pm.
  5. The Cricket Thread

    ABD Retirement... that was sudden!! But respect his decision nonetheless. What a legend he has been to the game, total and utter respect for the man.
  6. The Cricket Thread

    There was significant rain yesterday in Kolkata. What happens if we get showers in the evening and the match is abandoned? Is tomorrow a reserve day or do the team with the better NRR goes through to face SRH?
  7. The Cricket Thread

    Faf... unbelievable hitting! Tomorrow KKR vs RR.
  8. The Cricket Thread

    Decent finish in the end actually... some solid hitting from Brathwaite. Lets see if CSK can get this or not.
  9. The Cricket Thread

    Pitch looks green no? What will be a good score then?
  10. The Cricket Thread

    Yes, at 7pm. And this first one seems like it'll be a quick affair.
  11. The Cricket Thread

    RCB's 2018 IPL In a Nutshell
  12. Wrestling fans

    Next week it should be amazing... Lars Sullivan vs Ricochet & Velveteen in a Handicap match. Only a matter of time before Velveteen and Ricochet turn on each other
  13. The Cricket Thread

    KKR are through!
  14. The Cricket Thread

    Fantastic match. Full credit to SRH for the chase attempt. Two of the best catches as well... RCB are alive