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  1. Black_Hawk

    The Watch Thread

    Thank-you! The dial is a lovely shade of beige.
  2. Black_Hawk

    The Watch Thread

    WOTD - My Seiko Chronograph SNDC31P1.
  3. Black_Hawk

    The Cricket Thread

    IPL 2019 schedule announced for first 2 weeks
  4. Black_Hawk

    The Watch Thread

    My Seiko SKX007J1 on a MiLTAT Super Oyster Bracelet.
  5. Black_Hawk

    The Watch Thread

    Vintage Sunday...
  6. Black_Hawk

    Wrestling fans

    So this is going to be in held on the 25th of May I read. But will there be any weekly event from AEW? A little more details please...
  7. Black_Hawk

    Wrestling fans

    Yeah, the entire "MAN" thing has been outrageously overdone at this point, can't stand it no more. Charlotte as heel any day, everyday! Kofi was like a Duracell battery in that Gauntlet Match, lasted long... really long!
  8. Black_Hawk

    ~The TV Shows Thread~

    Aaah... so it's not nearly as riveting. Will watch it later then.
  9. Black_Hawk

    ~The TV Shows Thread~

    Is Punisher season 2 a let down?
  10. Black_Hawk

    Wrestling fans

    "Your not the man... I'm the MAN" - Vincent Kennedy McMahon They seriously don't no what to do with Elias suddenly now... that segment with him and the Luchas was horrible.
  11. Black_Hawk

    The Cricket Thread

    Ho giya, 92 all out. Well at least we beat out lowest total vs NZ (82).
  12. Black_Hawk

    The Cricket Thread

    If we can only get to 150 somehow... phir dekh leyenge
  13. Black_Hawk

    The Watch Thread

    Water Testing the DW5600 - Tough Little Guy!
  14. Black_Hawk

    The Cricket Thread

    Super catch this was! Made me remember Jonty Rhodes
  15. Black_Hawk

    The Watch Thread

    Watch of the Day: Casio G-SHOCK DW-5600E-1VQ