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  1. Now available to play on steam
  2. People give negative reviews to protest especially the chinese and Russians. They are not like indians who don't do nothing about the ubisoft price increase
  3. Stargate series is back
  4. Also ubisoft games like watch dogs 2,wildlands are also on sale with their old price tag. Maybe this is the last time to buy the game before ubisoft realise the mistake and update the prices
  5. Planning to buy a PS4 pro for my friend will it run 24/7 in a room temperature of 44-48°c atleast for 10 years
  6. No sale for the DLC
  7. Hello people, Here’s the latest on the price roll-back. Sorry for the wait, as you might imagine this is a somewhat complicated process so thank you for your patience whilst we sorted this out: Prices on all Paradox products, in all currencies except USD (since USD prices were not changed), have reverted back to their pre-increase levels as of today. Additionally, now the price rollback has been completed prices will be frozen for a period of three months. After exploring options with our sales partners, we’ve come to the conclusion that partial refunds (as in, refunding the price difference) aren’t practically possible. Instead, we will gift everyone who purchased any Paradox product between May 17 and today (including pre-orders of Steel Division: Normandy 44 made before May 17), in any currency except USD (where prices were not changed), a free copy of a full PC game or two DLC, as a gesture of goodwill. The games on offer will be: Stellaris Hearts of Iron IV Crusader Kings 2 Europa Universalis IV Magicka 2 Tyranny OR, if you prefer, TWO from the list of the following DLC: HoI IV: Death or Dishonor EU IV: Third Rome CK II: Monks and Mystics Stellaris: Utopia Tyranny: Tales from the Tiers Should you happen to already own all of the above then the system will credit you equivalent giftable keys. In order to claim your game/DLC’s you need to fill in the form at the following location: IMPORTANT: We are accepting requests up to 23:59 CEST on the 9th August. You must submit your completed form by this date. Additionally, please note that you will not receive the content immediately, it will take some time for us to process all of the requests. The current deadline we are working towards is the 30th September 2017, check your email for further updates/next steps leading up to that date. To be considered a “complete form” you need to include: Your order ID The currency used for the purchase Details of the platform you redeemed your product on A copy of your receipt Your email The requested product/s you’d like to receive Finally, we’d like to take the opportunity to once again say we’re sorry about our handling of this issue. We value our community and the passion you have for our products, and we know we’re lucky to have you. Of course, it should go without saying that as a result of this experience we will be looking at our internal processes to ensure that we can improve for the future. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Additional FAQ FAQ GoG Q: I bought my product from GoG, which products will I be able to claim? A: You will be able to claim a free game or DLC from our catalog on GoG. If you already own everything or do not wish to have any of our products on GoG, you can choose a Steam key from the selected titles. FAQ App Store Q: I bought my product in the Apple store on my Mac, which products will I be able to claim? A: You will be able to claim a free game from our Catalog on the app store. If you already own everything or do not wish to have any of our products from the app store, you can choose a Steam key from the selected titles. FAQ Steam Key Re-seller and Steam Q: I bought a Steam key through one of your approved re-sellers or the Steam store. Which products will I be able to claim? A: You will be able to choose from the selected titles as mentioned in our main Pricing Discussion forum post. FAQ Origin Q: I bought a product on Origin, which products will I be able to claim? A: The pricing update never went live on Origin, therefore you are NOT eligible. FAQ Twitch Q: I bought a product on Twitch, which products will I be able to claim? A: Twitch only sells our products in USD, therefore you are NOT eligible. FAQ General Q: Who’s eligible for this? A: Any customer who purchased one of our games from our approved re-sellers and didn’t pay in USD is eligible. The reason for this is that the USD price was never changed, hence you never paid the new, higher price point. Q: How do I go about getting my requested games/DLC? A: Please follow the instructions at the top of this post. Q: I already own everything, what will I get? A: You will receive Steam key/s for the product/s you choose from the selected titles. Q: I made several orders during the price change, do I get one key per order? A: No, each customer is eligible for one key, regardless of the number of orders or the size of the order/orders Source: Paradox Interactive
  8. Yes they tied up with Novaplay (shell Indian company like cloudtail for Amazon) to sell games so they are required to pay taxes to Indian Govt
  9. Will not work via browser region changing only works via steam client. Also regions like china needs paid vpn since I can't free ones and unionpay card
  10. Total cost for shipping to India is $136.49 ~₹8827. Also not that massdrop doesn't include customs charge . Better wait for Amazon or Ebay sale
  11. This is not PS plus or Xbox gold you'll not lose games when you unsubscribe all purchases are permanent
  12. Paradox Rolling Back Price Increases after Steam Sale Their CEO Fredrik Wester made an announcement: The relevant part quoted (emphasis mine): In regards to the price changes you are absolutely right. You deserve more transparency and better communication from Paradox when it comes to changing of our prices and pricing policy. Therefore I have decided to roll back all price changes made; any price changes will have to be for future products well communicated in advance. I just came off the phone with Steam and they say we can't do the roll-back before the Summer Sale is over (otherwise it would mean we have to take all Paradox products off the summer sale) but it will be done right after. For anyone who bought any of the games during this time (including during the summer sale) we will try to refund (if possible in the Steam platform) or reimburse with games of a value exceeding the difference. If none of this is possible (I do not in detail know the limits to the Steam platform) we will internally calculate the difference in revenue before and after the price change, double the value, and donate the money to the UNHCR. Not sure if their proposal of reimbursement is even possible, and it's slightly unfortunate that the rollback can only be done after the sale. But wow, didn't expect them to revert the prices back. Buy Paradox games only in next sale
  13. I don't recommend dishonored 2 to buy directly from steam you'll get at a cheaper price if you wait for a sale in gamersgate(uk),games planet(uk) since uk region is cheaper than Indian region or buy a Russian key activate and play with a VPN for mega discount
  14. Deus ex mankind divided 75 % off
  15. Too expensive for me,