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  1. The first Mafia game has landed on, after disappearing from Steam just over five years ago. 2002's City of Lost Heaven was one of the first great open world games, arriving about a year after GTA III, and using its detailed period setting as more of an evocative movie set than a playground. Right now, it's a GOG exclusive. Mafia was a favourite of mine at release, right when I was properly getting into PC gaming. Its sincere attempt to tell a cinematic story was very convincing at the time, and its shocking ending—which would cleverly tie into Mafia 2, eight years later—was among the best in gaming's history. It holds up reasonably well, too, although the driving is tough as hell. I last wrote about Mafia a couple of years ago. The smoke ring effects, which are basically in every cutscene, still look decent for a 15 year-old game. PC Gamer UK awarded it 91% back in the day—I remember reading that review in the magazine and being instantly sold on it. If you're curious about the notoriously hard racing section from the original release, that was patched to be much easier back in the day, so that shouldn't be an issue now. The GOG version doesn't feature any of the game's licensed music, which I assume is the reason Mafia got pulled from Steam almost exactly ten years after release—although I don't recall licensed music being as important to The City of Lost Heaven's atmosphere as it was in Mafia 2. As a GOG representative points out to me, this is another of the games from our list of notable titles that are not available on digital platforms. Indeed, with SWAT 4, Full Throttle and now Mafia ticked off, we're getting closer to having them all available again. How about Westwood's Blade Runner next, eh? Source: PC Gamer Buy: Mafia - 249 RUB (₹281)
  2. 2L p.a too low for a company that don't give regional pricing in India. If they charge US prices on Indians then they need to give salary according to US wage law
  3. First Bundle after IGN acquire, coming today wait and see ಠ⌣ಠ
  4. Now physical discs are a joke fallout 4 has a download size of 24 GB but physical contains only one disc 7 GB data and metal gear PP physical contain only the installer
  5. You can preload from origin all u need to copy and activate the uplay key provided by the origin then preload from uplay
  6. Got the uplay key from origin?
  7. Dota 2 Dawn of War 1 DOS 2
  8. Pakistan got regional pricing cheaper than India
  9. This is Advance-fee scam don't fall for it
  10. Publishers need to follow cd projekt(based on poland) model move to low cost countries like Poland,India,china and start producing games at lower cost
  11. I like Dota 2 type microtranscations pay ₹640 for tournaments and get ₹1500-₹3000 back(by playing and wining games) as inventory items you can either sell for steam wallet or use it
  12. Price Error Gold Edition for ₹2099
  13. pc exclusive

    Now available to Pre-order on GOG for 899 Rubles($15.20)
  14. rpg

    I completed the first game within 32 hrs
  15. rpg

    Restarted the game from scratch I can't get my right character and unable to do all missions badly need a guide I need to complete the game 100% within 50 hrs