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  1. Xbox and Windows 10 Deals

    'dead space 3' free this month for xbox live gold members
  2. The Laptop/Notebook thread.

    today had a short demo of iball's new mini laptop - the 'compbook'. nice little laptop. comes in 2 sizes - 11.6" & 14". rest specs same - http://www.amazon.in/iBall-Excelance-CompBook-11-6-inch-Integrated/dp/B01FHE9L7Q/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1463253141&sr=8-1&keywords=iball+compbook touchpad seemed good - responsive & not finicky. display also pleasant (screen reso 1366x768). will be buying one (11.6") this Monday for parents for casual use.
  3. Pre-Owned games at Local Stores?

    yes prices not good for new as well as some old titles too. had been there before checking the sales-section of this forum, and prices here are any given day better! for buying as well as selling. their 'we buy' prices are esp. pathetic. but if the OP still insists on an offline local store for pre-owned games, there are probably near to none choices available other than WB i guess.
  4. Pre-Owned games at Local Stores?

    bumping a little old thread. webuy - exactly the store you are looking for, OP! they not only sell pre-owned games, but also other gadgets like phones, tabs, etc. they also buy from you. they have a store in delhi. check their website @ in.webuy.com have bought vita games from them. they have catalogues online with prices.
  5. Pre owned games in mumbai

    webuy. look for its locations on 'cex' website.