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  1. The Mobile Phone Thread

    Redmi Note 5 Pro..
  2. Gran Turismo Sport

    Enjoy hope..Yeah with wheel you don't accelerate as you would in controller..It's just getting used to it takes a bit of time.. You got the shifter too? Or fine with the wheel shift?
  3. Gran Turismo Sport

    I had a DFGT and it used to have similar loose shaky ones as well.. Would suggest to set it up and see how shaky it is ..If it's firm it's good if still slightly shaky return it as that would get stuck in your mind if you are like me as well.. But I don't know about G29 though..
  4. The Cricket Thread

    Lol series is slowly owned.. Started with T20 win, then 2-1 win for them, now owning us so far.. Didnt expect such a drain in confidence for the team and we are on top in all formats.. Hard times for India.. So much to answer for VK.. Management will also be questioned.. I feel Shastri should see him out and some one else should come in who would stable their mindset..Too much of jumping already done with continuous wins.. Losing isnt an issue but this bad is not acceptable for a team which is supposed to be the best.. Can we declare second innings now? Would be a statement to the team within..
  5. The Cricket Thread

    Our luck has been brilliant so far with toss..
  6. The Cricket Thread

    The intent is making all the difference..Yes, yesterday's pitch was impossible one but looking to score runs should be there in batting effort which I see in England players like Bairstow , Buttler even the debutant Pope did well.. We are just stuck in one end and rotation of strike is just absent.. I really hope we come back with a bang in 2nd innings maybe scoring 350+, we just need a good mindset in the batting..
  7. The Cricket Thread

    Everyone goes for a legit edge, why not a slog innings just try your luck..Pandya could have done that, but he is always stuck between two worlds..He is like the Hannah Montana of the team...
  8. The Cricket Thread

    Good innings from Ashwin, sad no one stuck with him..
  9. The Cricket Thread

    Man they are giving the feel of test matches Vs Australia where even damn guy would stand in slips.. Nothing to say about batting..
  10. The Cricket Thread

    He clearly started to run so Pujara kept head down and ran.. Stupidity at its best.. Match too is like playing for fun, 5mins sessions..
  11. Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    Wow!! That is one heck of an offer..Was it legit? Maybe someone left the job in a grand way in FK.. Also where did you come across that?
  12. The Cricket Thread

    Vijay is said to be a proper test batsman and that shot was the worst one could play when ball is moving, playing across.. Ganguly said a really good point as to play in front of the batsman body than away from it which Rahul did..I am people will get out but such little things can change the situation in your favour too.. VK and Pujara do that.. If the ball is moving away and you keep your bat in line with the body , the edge is beaten and thats the best one can do when its banana swing..
  13. The Cricket Thread

    And even then we blame Dhawan, when everyone sucks..
  14. The Cricket Thread

    England won toss chose to bowl 2 changes for India Pujara in for Dhawan and Kuldeep in for Umesh Yadav..
  15. The Mobile Phone Thread

    Is Tenor E any good? Currently selling for 5499INR in Amazon along with SBI 10% discount the price would be real good... Though reviews in Amazon dont seem to reflect well on it.. Father needs a mobile have suggested Realme 1, is it worth it? Also saw this Tenor as well, not sure how to go about it..