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  1. The TV Decision Making thread

    Best to buy from Mi Home offline stores in cities to atleast try the TV before buying it...
  2. The TV Decision Making thread

    That's the reason, to make you wanna yearn more for the product..It's a really tricky concept which gets in the head and for some even plays with their ego a bit...
  3. The Cricket Thread

    Forgot Raina IMO... Yeah gripping was hard but why not go for arm ball seam up.. Could have done better..But when it's not your day it's not your day...Worst day for him..
  4. The Cricket Thread

    Lol the outburst from Dhoni to Pandey in the last over..He was really angry at Pandey for not looking at Dhoni for calls I think.. In a way that helped with the Dhoni finish at the end...Great innings..
  5. Bought CS:GO from lunar new year sales on steam...Its fun game..
  6. Grand Theft Auto V

    Yeah if true would be a poor thing from them...And why now after all those months or years... Next update is also expected around that time if not before...Still 1 more car remaining in dripfeed after tomorrow's release...
  7. The Cricket Thread

    One shot too many by Raina..Aargh...
  8. The Cricket Thread

    Nice to see Raina back in Indian jersey...Hope this is start of his Second innings in his cricketing career...
  9. AO Tennis

    Nope..PC gamer and the game is out in Aus and NZ only as of now..Worldwide release mid 2018...
  10. Steam deals

    Lunar sales live now..
  11. Full Ace Tennis

    Welcome to Full Ace, tennis game on PC Full Ace lands on Steam ! Exciting Full Ace news - the new enhanced version will launch Feb 28th on Steam! Finally! Yay!! The game will release on Wednesday, Feb 28th at 10am PST / 7pm CET and it could use all the support it can get right around launch. Steam is a very crowded marketplace these days - we expect around 15 to 25 other games to be released just on the 28th - and having players play at launch will help others discover Full Ace on the Steam marketplace. You can check out the new launch trailer and game details on Full Ace's Steam page. For those who have already purchased Full Ace (thank you!), we are happy to grant you early access so you can play the new Full Ace today! You'll only need to convert your game to Steam as all future feature additions and updates will from now on occur through Steam. Simply go to https://www.galactic-gaming-shop.com/ and click the STEAM button. Also, if you're up for it, we have this short questionnaire about Full Ace https://goo.gl/forms/cpFZtrMdA73LBCVC3 that we may use for marketing purposes. We are thrilled to be so close to launch and to get the new enhanced version in your hands. If you have any, we welcome your questions and feedback. Thank you and see you on the court! Steam Page : http://store.steampowered.com/app/779430/Full_Ace_Tennis_Simulator/
  12. The TV Decision Making thread

    I would give the TV say 3-4 months for a proper review...Now its all forced up stuff...
  13. The TV Decision Making thread

    Damn that TV is tempting...What a step from MI...As good as Jio when they came in with their awesome stuff...
  14. The Cricket Thread

    Yeah, that was expected to happen..
  15. The Cricket Thread

    Wohoo!! 2 quick wickets for Pandya..Big wicket of ABD too...