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  1. funnyadit

    Cricket 19

    Sundar Pichai mentions that he enjoys playing Ashes Cricket in the GDC presentation...
  2. funnyadit

    APEX Legends

    https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-03-18-apex-legends-battle-pass-season-1-roadmap-6014 Apex Legends Battle Pass Season 1 - Wild Frontier If you're familiar with the Fortnite Battle Pass, you'll probably find the Apex Legends one nice and easy to understand - because it's structured pretty similarly. Apex Legends Battle Pass and Season 1 explained The Battle Pass lasts the length of Season 1, which is titled Wild Frontier. Technically the Battle Pass is a part of Season 1, because Wild Frontier features two things: this Battle Pass, and the new Legend, Octane. The Battle Pass indroduces a handful of free rewards, which can be earned by anyone, and then for those who buy the Battle Pass there are 100 other, premium rewards. You'll earn one reward for each level of the Battle Pass - up to level 100. To progress through the levels, you need to gain Battle Pass XP and in doing so increase your Battle Pass Level. It's not totally clear, at the time of announcement, whether your Battle Pass Level is different to your account level in Apex Legends - it seems as though they are different, as there's a different visual design to your Apex Legends level and the level symbols in the Battle Pass, although we'll confirm that once it goes live shortly! Similarly, it's not clear yet how you increase your Battle Pass level, although it well certainly be tied to playing the game itself, of course. Wild Frontier season details Wild Frontier is the name of Season 1, and the big addition seems to be the incoming new character, Octane. There's no official date for their arrival, although we'd expect them to come with the start of Season 1! Other than Octane's impending arrival, there are some themed skins - although that theme doesn't seem to be much more than the ususal Apex Legends junkyard aesthetic, with some matching orangey-yellow colours. Lovely. Apex Legends Season 1 Battle Pass start date, price, and rewards Apex Legends's Battle Pass for Season 1 will go live on Tuesday, 19th March 2019 - so not long at all! There three ways you can get involved with the Battle Pass: playing for free, buying the standard Battle Pass, or buying the Battle Pass Bundle. Apex Legends Battle Pass Bundle, price and rewards explained Here's a quick breakdown of those three different types of pass: Free Battle Pass rewards - You can level up your Battle Pass Levels like usual, but only access the free Rewards, and only when you reach their Level in the Battle Pass. So you'll get the Wild Frontier Legend Skin at Battle Pass Level 48, for instance, even if you don't buy the pass. The other free rewards are 5 Apex Packs and 18 Wild Frontier Stat Trackers, handed out along the way. Battle Pass rewards - 950 Apex Coins (around £8). The standard Battle Pass grants access to all 100 rewards. One reward per level, instantly awarded as soon as you unlock them. You also get the free rewards when you reach their respective level in the Battle Pass too, of course. Battle Pass Bundle - 2,800 Apex Coins (around . Unlocks 25 more Levels of the Battle Pass, whatever level you're currently at. You could reach level 75 and then buy this bundle to skip you to 100, for instance, or you could buy it at the start and jump straight up to 25, the choice is yours. The passes - the Battle Pass itself and the more expensive Battle Pass Bundle - can only be purchased in-game, so don't trust any third-parties offering to sell it online. The Battle Pass itself also features Apex Coins as rewards for several of its tiers - similarly to Fortnite's Battle Pass, which offers enough in-game currency as reward for you to buy the next Battle Pass from your in-game earnings alone. The cheapest way to get the two types of Battle Pass at the moment are by buying 1,000 Coins for £7.99, or 2,150 coins plus another 1,000 for a total of 3,150 coins at £23.98. The suggestion before launch is that it is indeed possible to earn enough Apex Coins from the Battle Pass to purchase the next 950 Apex Coin Battle Pass for Season 2 without having to pay any more. So essentially if you play enough and earn enough rewards, you'll only ever need to buy the first Battle Pass to keep on unlocking new passes as they come. Note, too, that you will earn XP towards your Battle Pass Level even if you don't buy the pass. So you could reach, say, Level 30 without spending a penny on the game, then buy the Battle Pass, and you'll unlock all of the rewards for up to Level 30 so far. There's no risk of missing any rewards as long as you buy a Pass at some point! The rewards earned from the Battle Pass are exclusive, and can't be found in-game by any other means, which is another incentive to dive in. Expect a big list of those rewards here soon! Season 1 is planned to last for three months, with Season 2 coming hot on its heels in June! More on that in the section below, detailing the long-term Apex Legends roadmap.
  3. funnyadit

    Random stuff from the internet.

    Black day for New Zealand.. Prayers and thoughts are with the families and people of NZ.. https://edition.cnn.com/asia/live-news/new-zealand-christchurch-shooting-intl/index.html
  4. funnyadit

    The Cricket Thread

    Shankar was looking good, was there a chance for him to show his skills today in getting the team over the line.. He surely has the batting skills to do it , his shots are just amazing to watch.. Clean striking and placement..
  5. funnyadit

    Cricket 19

    Big Ant Studios to deliver 'Cricket 19' – The Official Game of the Ashes Big Ant Studios, in collaboration with the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), is proud to announce Cricket 19 - The Official Game of the Ashes. Building on the fan-favourite Ashes Cricket, Cricket 19 features all formats of the international game, both men’s and women’s teams, and all host venues. This includes the Specsavers Ashes, fully licensed for both England and Australia. But that’s just scratching the surface of this year’s title. Deep enhancements to the AI engine mean that the opposition is more realistic than ever before. When bowling, the AI will suss out your player and team’s weaknesses, and target that with a concentrated bowling strategy. When batting, the AI will rotate the strike to protect weaker players, and actively look for gaps in the field. New features to be added to Cricket 19 include a scenario mode, which allows players to recreate the greatest matches in history, and then share them online to challenge other players to achieve difficult run-chases, or play out a draw from a disastrous situation. Enhancements to the career mode build a story around your player; how you look in the news headlines affects your potential career trajectory. For the first time ever, a deep, rich cricket simulation will also be playable on the go. Cricket 19 will be available on the Nintendo Switch, allowing you to play both single player and multiplayer anywhere, anytime. Big Ant CEO, Ross Symons, said: “We have the most active and passionate community. Many of our players logged thousands of hours with our previous cricket titles, and Cricket 19 is very much built on the experience of those players. “Whether you’re looking to enjoy a 20-year cricket career that takes you from the club level to captaining the national team, re-create an ODI or IT20 series or take part in the Ashes, or just bash some balls around with friends, Cricket 19 has you covered." ECB Commercial Director, Rob Calder said: “We are thrilled to announce Cricket 19 with Big Ant Studios. We have a huge summer of cricket to look forward to in England and Wales this year and this is another great way for fans to enjoy all the action.” More details about the new features and gameplay modes in Cricket 19 will be announced at a later date. The game releases on all consoles – PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch – in May, with an exact release date TBA. A PC (Steam) version will follow shortly after. Source: https://www.ecb.co.uk/news/1087746/big-ant-studios-to-deliver-cricket-19-the-official-game-of-the-ashes?utm_source=TWITTER&utm_medium=englandcricket&utm_content=100000476238230%2B&utm_campaign=Other+Campaigns Screenshots: Source: https://press-start.com.au/news/nintendo/2019/03/07/ashes-cricket-19-is-coming-later-this-year/?fbclid=IwAR3JQOKj7BWjSkjk9XuL4jmG-HptuyqLIg9Y9r-klijkKqW_4K0TWSJt88M
  6. funnyadit


    Looks great..
  7. funnyadit

    APEX Legends

    I hardly get any kills, I sneak, I camp and try to get to last round or last circle.. Just doing this its great fun for me.. I dont play this to win in any manner as I know I am bad in this.. But some things on the spot stuff like had a kill today just with punching, was new match no weapons and a guy came in and had gun but what I did punched the hell out to get a kill.. 🤣 It depends on how you want to approach.. I have seen streams of gamers getting like 10 kills just in one match lol and they are like awesome at shooting and strategies.. For them winning and dominating with team work is fun..
  8. funnyadit

    APEX Legends

    Gamer Pradosh Noob probably lower than that you keep your expectations at rock bottom.. 😀 @Heaven Angel Yeah I know but forgot while typing.. 😂
  9. funnyadit

    APEX Legends

    Depends on the armor they have, best level armor can take good amount of hits... Then they use that cylinder like stuff to refill that armor bar.. Man seeing the guys streaming the game play, I am like is that even the Apex game I am currently playing.. We are now good at hiding and surviving, but if it comes to shooting, next thing I know I have back to party screen... 😂
  10. funnyadit

    Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    So at full price choice between either this game or a GTX 1660ti...😂
  11. funnyadit

    The Indie Games Thread - Out now: ASTRONEER

    Looking forward to Ultra off road Simulator 2019 Alaska game release today https://store.steampowered.com/app/957050/Ultra_OffRoad_Simulator_2019_Alaska/
  12. funnyadit

    Steam deals

    Square Enix Publisher Weekend on Steam Purchased Just Cause 3..😁
  13. funnyadit

    Assassin's Creed: Odyssey

    Would like to try the game out..
  14. funnyadit

    APEX Legends

    You dont know the number of matches where the time to land is higher than the time we survived.. If you land right at enemy face you just call and tell everyone good bye...😁 But the game is really fun.. I am not a guy who gets into these kind of genre but its really fun.. What makes it different , thats a question I am not able to answer myself.. PUBG I downloaded the mobile one on PC and played 1 match and it saw its way out.. But this game I was really hesitant as its first person [nauseous me] which surprisingly it didnt at all.. Next have to use up all my data [mobile data dependant] and then not interested in such genres.. But downloaded as the world felt different to me.. And after few days of using up daily data for the 17GB download I really felt it was totally worth it, especially with friends.. Havent even had a proper kill yet [on level 10 at the moment] but its fun on every match you have... There's something which makes you go back to it and that is the main factor I feel it has seen the amount of players it has now.. Note: Servers seem to be down for almost the whole day, guess EA is stumbling with the response and the amount of player its got now..
  15. funnyadit

    APEX Legends

    No you land look for supplies.. You work fresh everytime you have a match.. There are areas for high tier , mid tier and lower tier drops.. And you get good stuff but also can have other teams roaming around too so its hot zone..