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  1. Eye for an eye! Or locally said, tension dene ka hai, lene ka nahin.
  3. Congrats 👍
  4. Must be one of those one in a million defective part. If they ask do produce it. Usually they don't.
  5. If it is an Indian purchase then you can approach any authorized apple service centre and opt for a replacement of the defective iPhone accessory within 6 months of purchase date.
  6. They do not cover iOS handsets!!!
  7. Oh ur supposed to purchase it when ur buying the phone itself! No worries, you just contact any apple store and they will sell you apple care. Just make sure they update it online. NB God forbid if anything were to happen accidentally to the phone, the warranty is useless "Duh" so if ur planning on taking really good care. It's worth it. The main issue with the plus is the display is very sensitive. One drop face down and it cracks. Happened to a friend. Btw Congrats on getting one the best phone currently in the world. 👍
  8. Go for the 64gb option and do extend the warranty as in case you go for the iphone 6s, you can always get a good rate for a extended warranty phone. the 6 plus is awesome but imo its kinda big........
  9. Add me and we could do heist together easily Psn id: deathproofninjax
  10. Not working for me 😔 I clicked the link and the website opens, no form
  11. Count me in! Happy winning, Happy gaming and say 'NO' to piracy Stan "IVG_Santa"