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  1. affordable

    why did they not call this saints row 5?
  2. DX12 drops performance instead of increasing it in most cases
  3. >implying a Japanese publisher will give a rats arse about regional pricing in a country where >barely 10 people buy games TLDR crying "hurr durr expensive game" won't change squat.
  4. Aaj ka Gaan I am the Program - Mega Drive
  5. you can play as Samuel L Jackson in TF2? brb gotta download TF2
  6. 1 port will do,you should instead look for something with headphone out,so that normal pc speakers can play the audio from the hdmi and get an hdmi splitter,those are cheap and come with like 3 to 1 hdmi ports
  7. 11k on BF4,17K on BF1 doesn't seem that dead to me
  8. pls give headsup if you find any LD's on SSD ty
  9. Toonami was a programming block on cartoon network (before it became 'CN' )
  10. i hope the dlc gets cheaper season pass still costs my kidney
  11. "boycott" karo kya ukhad loge that's the sad part for every one "vote with your wallet types" there are 10 dudebros who will buy this at launch.
  12. it is a trend.
  13. >big nosed Orc >rubs hands sometimes i wonder if these thinks are intentional
  14. try another PCIe slot? maybe the one which had your GPU got damaged ?
  15. on youtube? or YARR HARR FIDDLE LEE DEE