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  1. PhantomShade

    The Graphics Card thread

    Gigabyte dual fan GTX 1160s up on PrimeABGB for 25-28k. Is this a good card to upgrade to from a (dead) GTX 970 ? I am a poor peasant who only plays at 1080p so 1080/60 is what i aim at high or ultra preset.
  2. PhantomShade

    Movie Discussion Thread

    Till better than homoerotic Greeks in underwear vs Irani Ninjas wearing Ghostface masks. Also never knew the Sikhs used to come decked in weaponry during times of the Anglo.
  3. PhantomShade


    Looking for sci-fi anime, like space-operas or even cyberpunk/hackerman type animus. I have seen psycho pass, Ghost in the Shell, the new Legend of Galatic heroes anime and a couple of Gundam films.
  4. PhantomShade


    So this is basically Destiny except you are Iron Man? What has BioWare become?
  5. PhantomShade

    Metro Exodus

    This will be like those over land moscow levels in LL, not your normal "Are there Nazis,Commies or martian looking mutants wanting to rape my mind in this dark metro tunnel"
  6. PhantomShade

    What you bought this week

    It *was* on flipkart as he mentioned. and probably these are not exactly "nakli" controllers but the kind that doesn't get past the QC check for xbone controllers at their Chinese OEM's factory because of some trivial defect. OFC these things cost cash to manufacture, so you can be sure either the OEM factory wala directly sells these, or sells it to some middleman.
  7. PhantomShade

    [PC] Ask The Experts Thread

    Do modern games need hex core, or will quadcore do? I am asking just in case my CPU/Mobo conks off and if i have to get a new cpu,mobo ram, should i go with the cheap i3 quadcore or i5 hexcore?
  8. PhantomShade

    Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    the sellers can be booted even if the FDI is 5%, like for e.g Shoppers Stop has 5% ownership by Amazon, so they had to remove Shopper Stop from amazon.in sellers. Also this only applies to your "marketplace" model using companies like amazon,flipkart,ebay,snapdeal etc.
  9. PhantomShade

    Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    for edible items go out and buy, don't bother with online shops. they will make some shell companies soon, or they can """""sell""" them to these big-dog sellers on amazon to be retailed to consumer.
  10. PhantomShade

    Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    >implying world's richest bald man and Walton family are any saints
  11. PhantomShade

    Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    Big dog sellers like cloudtail and onlineking are always expensive af not croma tier expensive but still. India is too big a market with corrupt officials, so they will loophole and bribe their way out of this mess.
  12. PhantomShade

    Heart broken ppl's club

    You approach her my boi, not the other way around. also one goy and one girl can never be "just friends" for long, usually guy falls for the girl tho. the only time the just friends meme is possible is when you are in a big group of friends.
  13. PhantomShade

    Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    thanks for reply also found the loophole right there. for the first few months or so they will be like this then everything will go back to normal.
  14. PhantomShade

    The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    Also speaking of [ M O D I ] mods pls reopen news thread, i want to see afty and alpha vs zodka and udham
  15. PhantomShade

    The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    Literally one of his guys must have told him all this. His only skillset is politicking, jhumlebaazi and getting sh*t done. for everything else he depends on random buzzword spewing idiots who surround him