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  1. so my 2nd corsair 4gb vengeance stick is causing a boot loop(i.e no POST,just restart loop after the dram led on the motherboard lights up) what is the RMA procedure for corsair rams?
  2. does this have any chaosy/tzeentch/magic factions?
  3. i have no problem with MTs and lootboxes whatever unless they turn game P2W/Grind like in BF4 they have those "shortcut kits" that are P2W in a way but i don't think that affects gameplay i hate them locking attachments behind those (((battlepacks))) though.
  4. you can't even sue them over this? wtf? f**k these (((EULAS))) and these (((licenses)))
  5. better buy Wolfenstein 2 + season pass instead of this potato. Atleast that will be fun and look gorgeous. idhar meanwhile it looks like the original SoM,with extra boobs and tits thrown in,and (((microtransactions))) hope this flops hard and WB finally makes some decent game.
  6. apart from zodkesh who is burning their paisa on this potato here?
  7. they will soon you will only be able to install mode through creation club
  8. >on launch? Bethesda RPG's quality is sh*t even years after release joke tier animations,filled with bugs and glitches they literally rely on modders to fix their sh*t
  9. the same ch*tiya called the WH40K Space Marine a rip off from Gears of War even then he got roasted Sudhrega nahi yeh
  10. and people will buy these mods ghor kalyug hai :'(
  11. Zodka,look in your PC see all the modular parts in it? that is why there never will be "unified architecture"
  12. "elaborate"? what zodkesh said is common knowledge among PC gamers high res textures need moar VRAM,and so does 4K res.
  13. toh xdabba kyo le raha hai gtx 1070 lele woh bhi 40k hi hoga phir asli 4K pe games khel
  14. on PC with 1070 you have 16GB RAM for games,8GB DDR4 + 8GB VRAM from your 1070 lets assume win 10 takes 3 GB for its purposes even then your average PC has 13GB total stop comparing XdabbaX to PC zodka