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  1. The PC Gaming Thread

    with such companies i don't think sueing will help much i mean Samsung most likely has all Korean politicians/Judges in its pockets
  2. The PC Gaming Thread

    >implying they ever do
  3. The Laptop/Notebook thread.

    anyone have experience with the Thinkpad laptops? how is the build quality?
  4. Monster Hunter: World

    no it didn't i remember this because long ago when i used to visit neoseeker forums on how to beat like a tigrex,there were always guys bitching about the camera controls or that his game has no lock on
  5. Monster Hunter: World

    hum psp wale MH ke bare me bol rahe the. wii/3ds wale noobdo ke liye lock on dala hoga. Ghor kalyug.
  6. Monster Hunter: World

    they have lock on now ? o_O ?
  7. Monster Hunter: World

  8. [PC] Ask The Experts Thread

    also is there any good mouse under 2k? looking to replace my G300 only requirements are it should be ambidextrous,the same size or bigger than the G300 and durable enough(i.e the buttons,scrollwheel etc should die in like 6 months or so)
  9. [PC] Ask The Experts Thread

    buy on cash on delivery if no other choice i ordered my i5 4690k and a cm hyper 212 from them on CoD,the i5 came,the hyper 212 didn't sent many e-mails and called them up once,and there was a rude guy on the other end. wouldn't recommend that shop tbh.
  10. Destiny 2

    Destiny comes up with short,boring DLCs just to grab your shekels?
  11. Monster Hunter: World

    beta is exclusive to ps plus members :/
  12. [PC] Ask The Experts Thread

    your motherboard is borked i had a similar issue,after 3.4k dropped on a new antec PSU i've ascertained that the motherboard is at fault just check the capacitors around your cpu socket for any deformities.They are supposed to be metal cylinders with flat tops.
  13. [PC] Ask The Experts Thread

    i dont have the box,but have the bill. will they reject warranty for it?
  14. [PC] Ask The Experts Thread

    i bought a new antec V500PC power supply and checked with it,issue still persists should i take my CPU and RAM to the service centre along with the motherboard too? or just take out the cpu/ram and put on the socket cover?
  15. [PC] Ask The Experts Thread

    How do replacements work for ~3 year old Asus motherboards? Do i get an equivalent model(as in same z97/h87 chipset)? there are like still ~5 months of warranty on my mobo,and my PC has a random restarting problem which causes it to go into a boot loop.