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  1. was trying to plat Ratchat & Clank some days ago,now playing Horizon : Zero Dawn
  2. characters are bland,too much sjw sh*t shoved in,your main protags both look weak af,unlike Shep and FemShep only gameplay and graphics are better than original trilogy i uninstalled the game after 2 hours of play,very boring.
  3. digital deluxe le le it has season pass and base game for 2.5k on steam
  4. people posting screenshots and i can't even use photo mode here :'(
  5. locoroco is cancer i got it free with my psp some 8 years ago,even then it was sh*t. who makes such games,and why?
  6. game looks gorgeous Aloy looks too but shes an ice-queen :/
  7. wait for winter/haloween sale like i'm doing Aloy took my moneys meant for GabeN
  8. With DAI ea pussied out because of imagined backlash See the govt doesnt stand to make moneys by censoring games,so it doesnt bother It has much bigger fish to fry after all
  9. >see big lizard charging >looks at Kong >"Die motherf**ker" absolutely baws
  10. it was already cheap at 999 hence the """low price""""
  11. Can anyone suggest me a screwdriver kit that can open the screws on DS4 controller? I need to open it to clean/replace the D pad
  12. so this is a Bloodborne esque shooter? do we get to shoot Ctulhu with a gatling gun?
  13. bought Horizon : Zero Dawn for 2750 from PSN sale
  14. SUCH A LUST FOR """"4K"""" WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO????????????????