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  1. Metro Exodus

    Woah!! This is something of a totally new setting not seen in earlier Metro games - trees, normal animal life on surface and spring time[emoji106]
  2. Metro Exodus

    Has anybody ore-ordered this? The price is actually too good to be true. Hope not a bug in steam. Any game releasing nowadays below 3K seems to be bargain[emoji846]
  3. Metro Exodus

    Any update on the PC requirements? I doubt my gtx 860m - 4 GB VRAM, would be able to handle this...
  4. DOOM Eternal

    The announcements throughout the gameplay were funny too - “Demon can be an offensive term, refer them as mortally challenged!” “Slayer has entered the facility” “Slayer threat at maximum level”[emoji38] This should be named as Doom: TESTOSTERONE
  5. RAGE 2

    Am kind of disappointed with this gameplay reveal or whatever. Did not add anything unique over what was shown in E3[emoji52]
  6. DOOM Eternal

    Super liked the PHOBOS level shown - - announcement like “ doom slayer has entered the facility” or “doom slayer threat at maximum level”[emoji51] - BFG 10000[emoji7][emoji111]️ One question - did anyone notice the similarity in between the “MARAUDER’s “ outfit and Doom slayer’s outfit? Also, the “DOOM HUNTER” model shown looks mighty familiar to “SARGE” from the original Doom 3..[emoji848]
  7. DOOM Eternal

    Time to fight like hell!!! Any idea on the release date?
  8. HITMAN 2

    Hitman getting a Indian getup and background music starts - “SAB GANDA HAI PAR DHANDA HAI YE”[emoji23]
  9. Anthem

    I understand that it was told that the game will be playable in single player mode. I have not played any “online only” games & as such am a newbie to this. Did not play destiny or mass effect either. However, love the gameplay and open world in Anthem. My question is - in case of a single player campaign, will it have the player character against in-game AI controlled characters (like we have in normal campaigns of wolf 2, far cry etc) or will at any point of time, there will be other players who can also come in your single player campaign?
  10. DOOM Eternal

    Just hope they release it this year... I know it is an outside chance only for release in 2018.. but still hoping & yes.. hope the storage requirement reduces or remains same at least [emoji846]
  11. RAGE 2

    Superb... but it is still sometime away.. quite early for Pre-order almost a year before[emoji846]
  12. DOOM Eternal

    Is it me or it looks like the Doom Slayer has changed.. read on some other forums too that praetor suit is different and his arms are visible outside the suit[emoji846]
  13. Metro Exodus

    Superb!! Can’t wait to get this game. Have any PC requirements been published for this? Looking at the visuals, physics and lighting - looks like it will be extremely demanding for PC
  14. Metro Exodus

    Another one on my Pre-order list. While the world and atmosphere is not at the level of say Cyberpunk, but the whole Metro vibe and post-apolcalyptic feel is there in addition to jaw dropping graphics. On hind sight - now after Bethesda and Microsoft’s conference, looks like first half of 2019 is also “too crowded”[emoji846]
  15. RAGE 2

    Great gameplay.. on my books for Pre-order[emoji846]