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  1. kmkaks

    Movie Discussion Thread

    My favorite Star Wars films :- 9. Attack of the Clones 8. The Phantom Menace 7. Return of The Jedi 6. Revenge of The Sith 5. The Force Awakens 4. The Last Jedi 3. Rogue One 2. Empire Strikes Back 1. A New Hope
  2. kmkaks

    Movie Discussion Thread

    I am pretty sure Disney meddled with the film to some extent, the stupid Rose-Finn portion and some of them forced comedy, irked of perennial DISNEY garbage. > The worst part about the film was coffee mugs, coffee thermos, earth based wiring and concepts(specially in the hacking scenes) and the casino was too earthly!! It bought the galaxy closer to earth than Lucas ever meant it to be. > The crux of the film and the main characters including Poe were handled brilliantly!! > The most badass scenes of the film went to BB-8!! > Adam Driver!! Kylo Ren!!! Terrific!! > I hated the wink and shrugging dust off his shoulder scenes. WTF??? Rajnikanth scenes in Star Wars film?? Substandard, out of character scenes.
  3. kmkaks

    Wrestling fans

    Btw, anyone attended the Delhi event? How was it?
  4. kmkaks

    Wrestling fans

    I never liked Cena, but to make him feel like an unimportant player sucks cause he still draws quite the reaction.
  5. kmkaks

    Wrestling fans

    Poor John Cena deserves at least a little more respect.
  6. kmkaks

    The Football Thread

    Why is PSG so good?
  7. kmkaks

    Wrestling fans

    Just one question!! Was Undertaker the Sachin Tendulkar of WWE?
  8. ANyone playing? Please help me platinum. I have never played any multiplayer game except CS before so.....
  9. kmkaks

    Amazon orders

    LoL, If they have not shipped yet, threaten them that you will Ship her with Son
  10. kmkaks

    [PC] Ask The Experts Thread

    I know right!!! I got a 500 GB Passport HDD Replaced with a 750GB HDD. Now that is customer service!
  11. kmkaks

    Steam deals

  12. kmkaks

    Steam deals

    Cool, gonna get insurgency rightaway!. Also Do we have an official ivg steam group.
  13. kmkaks

    Steam deals

    Good cheap multiplayer game. That I can play with all you guys? P.N - I am a MP noob.
  14. kmkaks

    [PC] Ask The Experts Thread

    Never Pick Seagate. I visited my local HDD specialist a couple of weeks back and was surprised that almost 90% of HDDs with him were Seagate. I had a couple bad experiences with Seagate too, so yeah Western Digital is way better IMO.
  15. My List(I dont play much Multiplayer) : 5. Blood and Wine 4. Dark Souls 3 3. Unravel 2. Owlboy 1. Inside This Year Goes to Em Indies!!!! Honorable Mentions : Dishonored 2, Hitman, Uncharted 4 & Doom