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    @HEMAN dude how do you play with the keyboard+mouse when they are not properly aligned with the screen in the center? Looks awfully uncomfortable for me.
  2. The Graphics Card thread

    You know what the worst and strangest part is? The manufacturers just can't produce them enough. We haven't been able to get current generation models and Nvidia/AMD are already planning to produce/launch newer generation cards. Like WHAT?! Miners will get whatever they lay their hands on. The only thing which I want is increased production. All these shortage of materials like memory chips seem so fake to me. Because the only group gaining from this is the manufacturers/producers because they can always sell them at higher costs no matter what whenever there's any shortage and people are still going to buy them anyway. They have to. (And a lil' bit of OT) And for the memory chips for RAMs a mere 8GB DDR4 now costs 6.5-7k. I'm getting a "deal" of 32GB for 20k. Not sure if I should go ahead and bite it and potentially regret it later when the prices come down again or wait and continue waiting forever. It's such a headache really. Send help please. /EndRant
  3. The Graphics Card thread

    Anyone got any spare graphics card? Even GTX 960/1050 will do. I f**king hate miners so much. I hope the crypto currency market crashes and burn. Not able to upgrade PC now. First it was demonization and now it's this crypto sh*t. FML.
  4. The Laptop/Notebook thread.

    They are the most rugged laptops which I know of. At least the ones which I've used were built very nicely. But that was a few years ago. Not sure about the newer models though.
  5. The PC Gaming Thread

    Not worth it because I already have the GOTY with the 4x DLC's. I'll just buy Tales from the Borderlands now and wait for a better sale for the Pre-Sequel. Thanks for the reply.
  6. The PC Gaming Thread

    Quick question regarding Borderlands series. I have BL2 GOTY. I don't have BL1, Pre-Sequel and Tales from the Borderlands. Is there any combo for these 3 only? What else am I missing from the BL franchise? I first bought BL2 and then BL2 GOTY which replaced my BL2. I don't want to do a similar thing again. :|
  7. The Laptop/Notebook thread.

    Can someone recommend a slim non-gaming laptop for "heavy office" works? Like Ultrabooks but with better processor. We actually have an Ultrabook with older i3U CPU. Not happy with the performance. Desired specs: 1. CPU: i5/i7 with 4 cores. (Non-U chips please) 2. RAM: 8GB minimum 3. HDD: SSD 3. 15.6" 4. 1080p display with very good display and color production. 5. Discrete graphics not required but it will be bonus. Doesn't have to be GTX1050. Even older lower-mid GTX 9xxM works 6. Should be light like Ultrabooks if possible. 7. Budget: N/A. Mid-tier range. 8. Preferred brand: Dell. I want something like an XPS but in 15.6".

    Where do you live? They should be available in hardware stores. Or ask someone in Delhi to help you. Just don't get the thick ones especially if they are steel. Steel is very hard. Aluminium is more costly but much better and looks better. Just sand it nice. 👍 Just wanted to say I never received mine. I ordered some stuff from mnpctech. TWICE! The post office washed their hands off it. Said they never received the item. Some thousand rupees down the drain and I couldn't complete the case mod which I was working on at the time. I did buy a similar product in India but they weren't compatible. Lesson: ALWAYS get them shipped via proper courier and not USPS whose tracking f**king stops working when it reaches India. The strange thing is another order from the U.S. and shipped via the same courier reached me without any problem and actually on time (~3 weeks) while I was in Delhi. So go figure.
  9. What you bought this week

    Sure. Let me post a pic of that 4gb memory card I bought. 😂
  10. The Laptop/Notebook thread.

    Oops. My bad. Xd
  11. The Laptop/Notebook thread.

    TIL. Thanks sir. Have you personally come across anyone using it? I personally never liked HP "gaming laptops" tbh. Something about them have "shady" written all over it like inside build. Also services were really bad when I had one. Nevermind. I'm dumb lol. Justsaying.
  12. Suggestions and feedback

    I should've posted this long ago (laziness smh) but the recent forum update broke it's compatibility with Opera Mini. I really like Opera Mini as it compress data, something which is limited for me. Also browsing and posting was very swift. It was really VERY FAST and it's not an exaggeration. I currently use Chrome and can't say it's the best. Sure it's 99% compatible but posting replies is kind of a pain especially with quotes. Is there any "clear/x/cancel" option for clearing accidental quotes? For now I go back and reload. IVG on Opera now is bonkers. 🙄

    By "modder mesh" if it's what I think it is, they are available in tons in old Delhi. You just need to find the one which suit your needs. I used to roam around a lot there when I was there in Delhi looking for random things for diy. 🤣 Did you place an international order? 😮
  14. The Laptop/Notebook thread.