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  1. Oops. My bad. Xd
  2. TIL. Thanks sir. Have you personally come across anyone using it? I personally never liked HP "gaming laptops" tbh. Something about them have "shady" written all over it like inside build. Also services were really bad when I had one. Nevermind. I'm dumb lol. Justsaying.
  3. I should've posted this long ago (laziness smh) but the recent forum update broke it's compatibility with Opera Mini. I really like Opera Mini as it compress data, something which is limited for me. Also browsing and posting was very swift. It was really VERY FAST and it's not an exaggeration. I currently use Chrome and can't say it's the best. Sure it's 99% compatible but posting replies is kind of a pain especially with quotes. Is there any "clear/x/cancel" option for clearing accidental quotes? For now I go back and reload. IVG on Opera now is bonkers. 🙄
  4. By "modder mesh" if it's what I think it is, they are available in tons in old Delhi. You just need to find the one which suit your needs. I used to roam around a lot there when I was there in Delhi looking for random things for diy. 🤣 Did you place an international order? 😮
  5. Azom?
  6. Reading posts on people using WiFi for gaming... 🙄
  7. Does anyone have any "gaming laptop"? The dedicated ones. Not just something with a gpu slapped in (looking at you LOLnovo). How about any "slim gaming laptop"? Is there any slim gaming laptop with GTX 1060 (preferably) or in the worst case scenario GTX 1050 Ti, i7 and 15.6" display? Max price: 1.5L so Asus Zephyrus is out of the question. Would like to get a list if possible. I haven't ventured into computers for a while now. Thanks. +1. I do a lot of MS work and our laptop with i5/4gigs memory like to hang out by itself. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Lmao that's one way to put it.
  9. To tell you guys the truth, even after it happened I still tried to bring her to sense. I didn't think there was a harm in trying since I will not do it again. And as you might have guessed it it didn't help one bit. In fact I think it only got worse lol. I called her a fool and blocked her. I thought so too. I mean you liked someone new and still don't want to break up with the other person. It raises a hell lot of flags tbh. Ya she was also very selfish. That incident wasn't the first time where she treated me like sh*t. It happened once many months ago. I guess I liked her a lot. So when it happened again I was like "wow. Did I ironically just saved my soul?" It was so bittersweet lol. When she gets dumped or breaks up with her bf she will probably come running to me again. Let's give it a few months till Christmas-New Year 2018.
  10. Okay. Let me share the first one for 2017. This happened recently. I liked this girl. She had (has) a bf though. Turned out the feelings were mutual. Hey haven't you heard? Every goal has a keeper but they still score! We went on a few dates and meet each other once in a while when we can. She told me she couldn't accept me because she was in a relationship and she didn't want dump her bf as he would feel very bad and she didn't want to hurt him. Convos like this took place at regular intervals. But seriously guys I really didn't find it healthy. Anyway I thought it was going smoothly (really though, not "so" smooth because of arguments and silly quarrels) till one day when she decided to drop the bomb on me. She heard that people say I was multi-timing many girls. Gossips this and that. Of course I tried to talk to her but she wouldn't believe me. There you go, not really brokenhearted because the reason was a very stupid thing. I'm most upset by the people whom I called "friends" spread stupid rumours about me and sh*t talk about me behind my back. And honestly the girl was also an idiot. I could post a long one describing it but then again it would be boring.
  11. Currently using Chrome to browse from mobile. Not sure how the new changes will be. But it broke my old Opera's compatibility. And I really liked it because Opera Mini is very light and simple to use. Though everything is compressed it still showed me the essential things
  12. Dota 2: one man's toxicity is another man's blessing. Proud Doto fangay. And 1v1 is so yesterday. I will 1v9 you scrub.

  13. OT: If any of you guys have any spare/un-used PC components for sale please let me know. I just broke my new PC budget. FeelsBadMan This is the WTB thread. Thanks.
  14. Update: this is how Golcha rep replied: Poor formatting I'm aware. But read this. Two of the three CPUs cost 15500rs. 1. Ryzen 5 1500X~ 15500 2. Ryzen 5 1600X~ 17500 3. Ryzen 5 1600~ 15500 4. Gigabyte GA-AB350M-D3H motherboard~ 8000 5. Intel Pentium/G4560 cpu ~4200 6. Intel H110 motherboard ~4000/ B250 ~8000 7. LG 22MP68Q monitor ~10500+ 6. Seasonic M12II 520/620 EVO ~5500. VAT of 5.5% extra. Apparently both the R5 1500X and R5 1600 cost 15500rs. Now on furthering enquiries, since I was confused as to which product the price was given for, he said: That's what he said so I asked again, and he replied M12II 620 for 6500rs.So the PSU's have three different pricing, 5500rs, 6000rs and also 6500rs. Meanwhile I asked about the monitor again and he said 8300rs+ tax. For some reason the price dropped by 2000rs lol. I think the best way to contact them is going to their store. Talking with them through email is confusing. Phones might be worse since you won't have proof of what they said in case of lower pricing or they will claim to not remember it.
  15. Aye you're right! Their pricing sounds like SMC's . Dang I didn't think about that. golcha gave me a quotation and it was high. if its without taxes then oops! Are the rates always high in Bangalore or is only at Golcha's?Is Aashirwad the name of the store? Also on the list is Ankit Infotech. Do any of you have their contact numbers? Want to confirm the prices before sending someone over.