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  1. OT: If any of you guys have any spare/un-used PC components for sale please let me know. I just broke my new PC budget. FeelsBadMan This is the WTB thread. Thanks.
  2. Update: this is how Golcha rep replied: Poor formatting I'm aware. But read this. Two of the three CPUs cost 15500rs. 1. Ryzen 5 1500X~ 15500 2. Ryzen 5 1600X~ 17500 3. Ryzen 5 1600~ 15500 4. Gigabyte GA-AB350M-D3H motherboard~ 8000 5. Intel Pentium/G4560 cpu ~4200 6. Intel H110 motherboard ~4000/ B250 ~8000 7. LG 22MP68Q monitor ~10500+ 6. Seasonic M12II 520/620 EVO ~5500. VAT of 5.5% extra. Apparently both the R5 1500X and R5 1600 cost 15500rs. Now on furthering enquiries, since I was confused as to which product the price was given for, he said: That's what he said so I asked again, and he replied M12II 620 for 6500rs.So the PSU's have three different pricing, 5500rs, 6000rs and also 6500rs. Meanwhile I asked about the monitor again and he said 8300rs+ tax. For some reason the price dropped by 2000rs lol. I think the best way to contact them is going to their store. Talking with them through email is confusing. Phones might be worse since you won't have proof of what they said in case of lower pricing or they will claim to not remember it.
  3. Aye you're right! Their pricing sounds like SMC's . Dang I didn't think about that. golcha gave me a quotation and it was high. if its without taxes then oops! Are the rates always high in Bangalore or is only at Golcha's?Is Aashirwad the name of the store? Also on the list is Ankit Infotech. Do any of you have their contact numbers? Want to confirm the prices before sending someone over.
  4. Reputed/reliable PC retailers in Bangalore please. Don't suggest something like cost to cost. I heard Golccha is there. How good are they? Need to buy a few things. Thanks.
  5. AMD RX 5XX pricing revealed. RX 550 2GB starts $79 RX 560 2GB starts $99 RX 570 4GB starts $169 RX 580 8GB starts $229,34168.html#xtor=RSS-100 Also check out the Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580 8GB. Looks great as usual.
  6. The switches are not being mentioned so can't say anything. Quality wise generally, mech>semi-mech. I'm personally in favour of the Motospeed as they said that they will do something about the Indian warranty when they officially launch it.
  7. I cannot open fk from phone, no app. But the description in its official site (?) here doesn't mention any "Cherry MX Blue", only " real mechanical switches."It doesn't seem to be RGB's but dedicated single LED colour for the keys on each row. TBH I won't be able to know about the quality of peripherals made by non-mainstream brands without using them first. Online reviews posted by casual users are to be taken with a pinch of salt.
  8. Yeah, I came to say "I take back what I said" lol. Too much for upgrade and we'll be seeing 8th gen Intel soon heh.
  9. Why not sell the old CPU, board and RAM? And get new models in brand new or used?I don't think upgrading only the CPU that too an old socket is worth it. New one will definitely not be worth it seeing as they are still asking for a premium price. And the chances of finding used ones on sale is slim to none. Will be a tough upgrade.
  10. Thanks dude. While I was in Delhi I would regularly go to Nehru Place market to get the latest price rates lmao. Yeah primeabgb prices are on the higher side. mdcomputers people gave me different quotations from their online prices the last time I asked them. I'll send someone to NP to get the pricelist.
  11. Can someone update us with the current street price of the GTX 1050/Ti, RX 470 4GB and RX 480 4GB from different manufacturers please? Has there been any significant change? Also street price of the Ryzen 5 prcoessors. Not online rates please. Want to see the difference in pricing.
  12. Didn't know about that.^^ Still better than i3's dude...My guess is they couldn't reduce the price so much (obvious reasons) so instead decided to give more stats. Because extra 4GB on RX470 is a waste, its good but not good enough to make use of the whole memory bandwidth. Its like the GTX 960 4GB card or older entry level cards with 2GB when they are just not good enough.Besides isn't the price of RX470 8GB ~ RX480 4GB? If yes the RX480 4GB is a better buy. So RX470 4GB is a good buy, 8GB variant is not. RX480 4GB is a better buy (and RX480 8GB is a great buy). Better than Intel i5's but R5 1600 can be purchased for just ~1500rs more. Personally though I prefer faster clock speed and quad cores with 8 threads is good enough for me so I guess it comes down to one's personal requirements. If one has a higher budget he should definitely go for the R5 1600X. Best price ~ performance ratio. Would also recommend this over the R7's for gaming-centric users.R5 1500X --> R5 1600 is a tougher choice than R5 1600 ---> R5 1600X.
  13. Intel and Samsung I think. Confirm it with their respective departments. Ryzen 5 worth every paise! If Intel chips can last years Ryzen will too! Of course Intel has a slight edge on gaming right now. But with optimization down the line and more cores and threads Ryzen is the obvious choice IMO. Don't listen to Intel fanboys trolling BTW. They are just salty AF!
  14. What he meant was you can get it imported through them without warranty. And when they officially launch it in India it will still be eligible for warranty. However there's no guarantee since they haven't done it yet nor do we know about the company who might handle all the aftersales services. Just a future plan of theirs I guess.Should've bought it at the 800rs pricing even without asking here tsk.
  15. sigh. I never said they were mechanical. dude did you even read the post properly? First of all, Gamdias is NOT an unknown brand. In fact it's quite popular for a non-mainstram brand. You are just not aware of it that's all. Second, Asus will obviously have better service. You are comparing a tier 1 brand to a new entrant. Dude you asked for suggestions. I never said the Circle was better/worse than the Gamdias. These are all entry-level products. Check again and compare.The rest is up to you. Thing is these gamer-wannabes prefer "good design" over the more important things which is why you'll rarely see anyone go for TVS mech. They just want a flashy looking keyboard (which they can show off). Whether they are membrane or mech, it rarely matters.Forgot to mention, another gaming cafe which I regularly visit they have TVS Gold keyboards in some systems. The cafe with Gamdias Hermes keyboard also have a bunch of Razer membrane keyboards which cost some 5-6k online. See?