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  1. Boring game till now.. Miki needs to be benched, he has been awful for sometime now.. Mou should play Martial more often when Miki is in this kind of form..
  2. Well now to see whether Argentina will make it or not..
  3. The defenders are 35+ years old for CSKA is what I heard from the commentators.. So its not very unexpected for this to be an easy game.. Bayern desperately need Neuer back though..
  4. improvement in ratings only happen in Career mode.. Not in other modes.. In FUT, there will different versions of the player's card (called in-form items) depending on their real world performance and them getting a place in the TOW(team of the week).. AFAIK the skills do not change for a player in FUT.. sometimes EA releases upgraded player cards during Jan transfer window when there may be chance for the skill ratings to get upgraded.. In career mode, it will never change in any case..
  5. If anyone finds a good deal for this on the PS4, please post it here.. I tried Joe's method of getting a code for 40$ from Amazon for PS4, but it didn't go through as planned.. Also any PS+ sub deals would be highly appreciated..
  6. Received the S7 today afternoon.. My impressions from the time I have been playing with it :- 1. Display is definitely awesome. Tip for some users who wouldn't have noticed it.. By default the screen resolution is set to 1080p.. You have to change it to QHD manually in the settings.. 2. Rear camera is good. Pics come out better than the OP5. I think it could snap better pics with the manual mode if one knows how to. But the front camera is the worst, not that I care about it. No sharpness at all in selfies. But considering this to be a flagship device, I expected better from it. 3. Device doesn't heat up much contrary to my doubts that it will suffer from heating issues considering both my past experience with the Galaxy S4 and keeping in mind the exynos chipset. Even during charging, it just gets warm. 4. The package includes an usb OTG connector, a set of in-ear headphones. Thumbs up for this. I guess this comes with the premium we pay for it. I have used several mid range (10~12k ish) budget android devices in the past 3 years, like the Mi4, LeEco Le2 etc. I feel that the phone definitely doesn't justify the launch price, which was upwards of 45k I think. IMO the device is worth ~25k at max. Apart from the camera & display, there is no significant difference between this and the Mi 5, which was aptly priced since launch.
  7. Didn't even realize that he was getting trolled till the end
  8. United was lucky to get the 3 points today.. Only because the opponents didn't convert their chances.. Elsewhere it was complete goal fest today.. Was thinking of swapping firmino for morata in my FPL this week but then saw Chelsea was against stoke and hence decided against it..
  9. So did anyone find any good back cover case to go along with the S7 purchase?
  10. I ordered the S7 black too.. Exchanged my 8 month old LeEco Le2.. Final price came to 22k around after all discounts.. This convinced me to go for the S7 instead of the other options I had in mind - http://www.gsmarena.com/piccmp.php3?idType=1&idPhone1=7821&idPhone2=8647&idPhone3=8568 Getting a 20k+ budget category smartphone after a long time since I last had the galaxy S5.. Mostly used 12k ranged devices in the last 3 years now.. This is supposedly of 30k budget category.. Lets see how this one fares..
  11. You would recommend the S7 over OP5??? Any specific reason? Do note that the Indian variant of the S7 is having the exynos chipset.. Whereas the OP5 has the snapdragon 835.. 4GB RAM vs 6GB RAM.. Both have the AMOLED displays..
  12. Squad battles definitely looks interesting.. Considering challenges like input lag that I faced in FIFA 17 during the weekend leagues, this could be something which will keep me interested in the game..
  13. Yes.. Miki's performance has been kind of poor lately.. Although he has got the assists n goals but throughout the game his first touches are poor, he constantly runs into defenders n loses the ball.. I feel a squad rotation would be good for the team.. Even the defense is not upto the mark.. If not for DeGea today, everton would have easily scored 2~3 goals.. To seriously be title contenders, there is still a lot of work to be done..
  14. Super sunday.. Super goal.. https://streamable.com/ug2pq