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  1. The Screenshots Thread

  2. The Football Thread

    Fkin Lukaku!!!!!! Wont deliver in big games.. Utter waste 11 points clear now.. Every other good team lost points this weekend.. Seems like they will go on and win the season
  3. The Football Thread

    WTH is lukaku doing man.. Just pass it to the man in clear inside the box..
  4. The Football Thread

    Donno what happens to our players while defending set pieces.. But an entertaining half nonetheless..
  5. The Division

    Optimization station and new exotic weapons are good additions.. But the resistance mode is not what I expected.. The loot you get is too less IMO..
  6. The Football Thread

    Good win.. all thanks to De gea.. Pogba will miss the derby though
  7. The Football Thread

    No one watching the game? It was a very entertaining first half.. Whenever ars get a corner/free kick its very nerve-wracking to watch united defend it..
  8. Movie Discussion Thread

    So many characters in a single movie!!!
  9. The Football Thread

    Where is Lukaku
  10. The Football Thread

    When other teams win 3-0 4-0 etc.. Lindeloff slips
  11. Movie Discussion Thread

  12. Movie Discussion Thread

    Just saw JL.. I felt it was a step down from Wonder woman.. To top it off INOX completely ruined the experience with the censors n abrupt interval.. Also I have some doubts if someone can clear it for me.. IMO someone else should have been cast for the Flash..
  13. The Football Thread

    Its done.
  14. The Football Thread

    Italy on the verge of getting knocked out of the world cup
  15. The Division

    Recently noticed the ninja bike messenger backpack's new abilities.. Trying different combinations of various builds now.. Free patch 1.8 is incoming which will introduce a new map area with a new game mode..