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  1. 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia - Matchday 7

    Nice.. holders beaten in their first game itself.. Lot of people will now be wondering Sane's omission..
  2. 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia - Matchday 7

    I will start with Portugal vs Spain 11:30pm IST
  3. The Division 2

    It depends on how you play it actually.. Initially I was having no friends so mostly played solo in the DZ.. And as expected I was getting mowed down by other 4 man groups a lot Slowly I started acquiring good gear and was able to kill 1 or 2 of such groups even when solo.. Later on I friended a lot of indian players and we used to run in groups and take on other teams which was a lot of fun.. We will have good foliage and vegetation then instead of snow.. So I still feel the game will look good graphically.. If they had made snow setting again then most people would have complained that the game looks same as the 1st one..
  4. I was expecting a more badass looking agents in the end of that trailer but meh... Also why only 3 agents though??
  5. The Division 2

    I somehow didn't get that feel from the reveal trailer.. Was expecting a lot more from it.. Even the division 1 trailer was far better than this.. But the gameplay video looks good.. Hoping they don't downgrade it like before
  6. The Division 2

    Ya.. no winter clothes.. Crossbow.. Grenade launcher..
  7. The Football Thread

  8. Ring of Elysium

    Yes the quality of rip off is actually good.. Game size is also only about 5GB..
  9. Ring of Elysium

    Ring of Elysium or ROE is a Free to Play Battle Royale PC Game or a Battle Royale game that you can play for free on the computer. Fighting with other players to be the last survivor, while the play area is gradually squeezed. You can play Ring of Elysium in several modes - Single, Duo and Team of 4. The Good :- Almost same as PUBG and free to play Dynamic weather conditions It gets some minor things better compared to PUBG like weapon attachments are automatically applied as you pick them up. The Bad :- Asian servers only at the moment. No steam. Its on something called as Garena client. Just one map at the moment. Currently the game does not have an option to set "English" language in game. By default it runs in Thai language. But there are a lot of tutorials out there to make it run in "English" which is pretty simple to do. This is preferably for people who haven't played/bought PUBG and need to experience something similar. Website - http://roe.garena.in.th/ P.S. This is my first time creating a thread for a game. I tried searching whether a thread already exists for this game but found none, so created this one. If this one's a duplicate, mods please delete it.
  10. The Football Thread

    I think it must have been the other way around.. Perez must have pressured zidane to resign due to lack of success in la liga..
  11. The Football Thread

    Strange why would he leave.. He won 9 of 13 trophies possible.. And they are speculating Wenger as the next manager.. WTF!!!
  12. The Football Thread

    Buffon to PSG? Mahrez to City?
  13. The Football Thread

    Is it possible Madrid bribed him
  14. The Football Thread

    And its over..
  15. The Football Thread