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  1. The Football Thread

    That idiot Neymar is a fkin bad team player.. Doesn't even try to help the team while defending and makes no effort to track back after he loses the ball.. too much ego I guess
  2. The Football Thread

    Awesome injury time goal.. Well deserved win
  3. The Football Thread

    Exciting match.. Livrpool leading 2-0 in 36 mins
  4. The Football Thread

    Took some stellar effort to keep Watford quiet in the 2nd half..
  5. Ring of Elysium

  6. FIFA 19

    I'm predicting.. Ron - 94 Messi - 93 Neymar - 92 KDB - 92? Suarez - 91 Hazard - 91 De Gea - 91 Modric - 91 Kroos - 90 Ramos - 90
  7. FIFA 19

    Ter stegen > Lloris
  8. FIFA 19

    Sane, Douglas costa, Perisic at 86! So Mbappe is only +1 rated compared to these players.. WTF is wrong with EA Wow I remember a time when Reus at his peak had only a 86 rated card..
  9. The Mobile Phone Thread

    I'm inclining towards getting the Poco F1.. Anybody know whether that Widevine thing on Poco could be corrected via a software OTA update or not?
  10. FIFA 19

    Kimmich 85? How? Big jump from 81 These look like non-rare items? Are they?
  11. The Mobile Phone Thread

    Mine does say that it supports L1 though.. So FHD/4k streaming should work.. never tried it though.. https://ibb.co/bPg4FK
  12. The Graphics Card thread

    Forget 3rd gen i5.. I have a 4690k and even that is struggling now to keep up with my 1060 (6gb variant).. Games like AC Origins, Division etc are quite CPU intensive
  13. Movie Discussion Thread

    Stree was good.. I really liked side cast's acting and comedy Even small scenes were hilarious like the one where he will be distributing the "Things to do" list to avoid Stree and that old man asks for one.. "Na. Tumhe nahi chahiye"
  14. The Football Thread

    Crazy red card for Rashford.. Utd should appeal against that later on
  15. The Football Thread

    Looks like even Watford will finish top of Utd this season.. pathetic defending