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  1. The Football Thread

    That was messi's first goal against Chelsea.. Overall I feel chelsea did good.. not what I had expected at all..
  2. The Football Thread

    Wonderful goal.. well deserved.. It wad coming from a long time.. https://www.clippituser.tv/c/zbarxg
  3. The Football Thread

    Willian in good form.. Nice shot but unfortunately hits the post
  4. The Football Thread

    Chelsea will get rekt will be fun to watch
  5. The Football Thread

    Madrid was lucky.. That Asensio guy is a future star
  6. The Football Thread

    Conte getting sacked soon I guess
  7. The Division

    I feel there are 2 types of PvP in this game.. 1. DZ - You need a group to enjoy this. Else it will just be you getting mowed down for fun by other fully equipped 4 man rogue groups. Here the gear stats remain the same as what you have built it to be. 2. Last Stand/Skirmish - Here you need not be in a group. But your gear stats are normalized so that every one is on a level playing field. So you just need to have the right talents and attributes on your gear to be good. I mostly play Last Stand/Skirmish, mainly because of not having any group to play with in the DZ. But I enjoy last stand a lot and it feels kind of satisfying to kill players ranked higher than mine when I benefit from the gear stats being normalized. The only PvE I do these days are the legendary missions/incursions for the exotic caches, as they contain good amount of div tech. Also grinding resistance with players from Division discord, searching for the final piece of my Strikers gear.
  8. The Football Thread

    What is happening with Real Madrid?
  9. The Division

    GE 4 was a lot of fun.. The damage output with 6pc Alpha Bridge + ambush modifier was truly amazing.. Now working towards completing the Striker & Predator builds for PvP. Missing 1 piece of each. Also hoping that the rumors about GE events iterating again from the beginning in the coming months is true..
  10. The Football Thread

    I don't understand why let go Diego Costa in the first place and then chase after the likes of Carroll, Crouch, Benteke etc.. As for United, do you think Sanchez can do what Van Persie did?
  11. The Football Thread

    Had it ended at 4-1 it would have been so nice..
  12. The Football Thread

    Imagine how Utd fans feel watching Lukaku since October now..
  13. The Football Thread

    But what's the use? Top 4 at best this season.. I dont think we can win even a single trophy this season
  14. The Football Thread

    United just do not deserve to win anything given the way they are playing..