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  1. Bought Amazon fire stick tv 500rs as prime member and 349 rs cash back for using amazon pay. So 2650 rs. Jio cinema is already in apps. Sideloaded Jio Tv and with some tinkering even that works.
  2. 11.0.6 I think
  3. As usual nobody bothered to answer. However found a solution you have to use LG TV PLUS app on phone and click info to know bitrate and resolution.
  4. upgrade to win10 already. Check computer for miner run a antivirus to see if you have something shady. During gameplay monitor with MSI afterburner what is causing lagging. high cpu usage. low vram etc etc. It could just be case of HDD dying, if transferring huge files is slower than usual then your HDD might be dying.
  5. not worried about continuity just want to play cause it looks kickass
  6. In this case download 1 to 3 now
  7. Hope is back at it again. Anyways missed you here.
  8. Nope start with the ps4 gave you the link in this _3. then move onto 4,5,6 and so on. Until your done. Remember the game size if you can. It will help you know how many parts needs to be downloaded.
  9. I only played the demo but as usual PD did a spectacular job on the handling and physics ( The last GT I played was 5 ). Handling is so sublime and natural. Freaking amazing. I would go as far as to say that this time GT is better then FM7
  10. I have never played any games in the series till now but the gameplay of killing a giant robot looked so fluid with good graphics made really curious about. Will definitely consider buying this in dec though. Will play the games before this.
  11. Yes and Yes. No transferring files from laptop to ps4 will use your isp data. In psx downloader where you get the link underneath is the place where to point it to game files. This is important for psx downloader to know where on laptop are files stored.
  12. yes same network otherwise wont work. Best option is being on same wifi network. Use IDM in office and just add url and download all files.
  13. still works. Tired last night downloaded share factory with it for testing.
  14. Okay I will my best to explain. Step 1> Open the psx but don't click start. Step 2> Start PS4 settings network wifi/lan custom and press next until proxy settings. Enter the proxy IP from PSX downloader but do not press next. Step 3> Click start button in PSX on laptop, let it do its think Step 4> Press next on ps4 and complete the setup and do the test at the end. Start any game download that you want let it download for at least 5/10mb then pause it. In psx you will find log which contains the url of the game. Copy that into a text document. Psn downloads files in 4gb chunks. Your game url will contain something like this 000000_0000. You have to change the last 0=1 in the url and the next 4g chunk will be downloaded. Repeat this until you get url not found, you will most probably know when its ends cause the last link will be less than 4gb. Download all the files in the laptop and place all files in one folder example psn game. In PSX settings select tick the auto replace files in folder. After that open your proxy setup and when its connected to proxy start the download, however this time the file will get transferred from laptop to ps4. PS: I use to do this when I had ps3 days. PSS: People have been banned for using this download games.