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  1. Hahahahahahaha See? I can laugh too phaggot,
  2. Good build I would swap out the 500gb for a 1TB at least. Get a better keyboard and Mouse, like a mechanical one and a wired gaming mouse for fast response and precision for both 3d and gaming I have the Logitech G502, great mouse, check it out. Lastly have a look at the Dell S2417DG - Its QHD and has G-Sync and its 400 pounds
  3. .Homo and not even hiding it. Jesus christ lmfao
  4. Hows it not my opinion? I'm critical about a game that is exactly the same every year, why should I care about offending people's sensitivities just cause they've pre-ordered the same game ever year? You've got to be kidding me. How does that earn them the privilege to not read a single critical opinion?, much less thousands.... about a game that is nothing but a glorified squad update. Sheep will be sheep.
  5. Why you mad tho? Im just saying the truth. Btw you just sh*t in every thread like an attention wh*re and get personally offended by other people's opinion. Calm down and go make more cringey posts about how good pulp fiction is snowflake.
  6. More of the same trash broken game, lol at idiots who pay full price for updated squads.
  7. Game is trash. Downloaded the open beta, played for 10 mins, deleted it.
  8. That depends...Best story? That would be Unity. Best map for exploration? Black Flag. Origins looks absolutely massive I hope its not a grindfest like other AC games with a 1000 icons on the map. Syndicate wasn't bad, but I really didn't like the London setting all that much, it was a dull looking environment set on a densely packed urban map, with no open spaces to free roam at all.
  9. Yeah that's just the lobby where you can play around with weapons.
  10. There is no way they have weapons on them before they land and start looting, unless they're hacking. They're most likely landing faster than you. So if you jumped out after them and didn't nosedive down at full speed, they will get weapons before you obviously. So jump out whenever or wherever you want, but keep an eye out as in where everyone is going. Land near a bunch of houses or building where a few people or no one has landed there...yet The plane gets empty at the end of its path, you will auto thrown out with a bunch of afk'ers. Sometimes I like to jump at the end cause the plane will be empty and you'll jump at a spot where there will be no one most likely But you might get far from the initial circle. So get you gear and find a vehicle and start moving You can also do the same if you land on a crowded place, find a vehicle first and drive somewhere safe asap.
  11. Coen Brothers and George Clooney Jesus Christ that's Jason Bourne!
  12. Umm I didn't abuse him directly, he got personal with me... much like others, I said what I think was apt about his arrogance, I never explicitly called him anything, It was just a general tone of frustration. Even though he had a conflicting opinion and may have got personal, I still wouldn't want to abuse him, regardless if he was a member or a mod. End of story Tell me who did i insult before? I maybe insulted some people's intelligence by talking about the story and all, but that was just reactions to their responses. I received more insults and call outs in the last few pages for my controversial opinion...i didn't take that lying down i defended my position until people got personal. But now I'm done, I'm not going to dwell on it or talk about this subjective piece of art. Its useless and become pathetic at this point My main argument point was and is ..you dont have to be hiveminded, you dont have to conform to everyone's idea of liking a single film And when someone comes along and says otherwise...They gang up and start hurling insults and say you;'re wrong and blah blah blah.... Does it have to be this way? does it have to get to that point? That we just trade insults over a film and its director? Just treat it like an opinion and leave it a that.
  13. I really dont get why some individuals here are getting mad at me for giving my opinion? You dont like it... say you disagree and move or dont say anything... Don't f**king act like you're personally affected by what i say, how fukkin old are you? that you have get personal and drag my name in every time? Jesus. Nolan is not your uncle he aint gonna give you a share of the movies profits for singing praises about his film. What sort of pathetic person defends a fukkin movie and a director to an extent to get personal with some random person online? Do you really have such a raging hard on for sh*t like this?..who even has the time to go so much in depth and defend something as subjective to the ends of the earth. Seriously that is the most pathetic thing i have ever seen. But then again the internet is a weird place. I'm done commenting on this topic, in this thread and anyone else wants so say drag my name say whatever you feel like..Im out. I'm not changing my stance, neither am I conforming to someone or some people here who think there is a more deep meaning to a film..... which happens to be art and art happens to be subjective. Just because they think they enjoy some intellectual superiority over everyone else.....You dont. And if you don't know it ....or are too ignorant to see it...then just like how you dont care about my opinion....no one cares about yours either. So news flash - ..you're a geek just like everyone else here, and you have an opinion I have one, they will be different and conflicting, you dont like it ..deal with it and move on. You don't see me ragging on anyone for offering some glowing review in any shape or form, much less get personal. That's not how I roll.
  14. Ban for what? calling him a geek? he thinks hes so intellectually superior ..he sounds like a geek. The arrogance he feigns in every thread in his contrived posts, like he knows everything lol He sounds like a film school hipster reject using words like flaccid tripe for bridge over the water? are you for real? lmao wear a fedora already. But enough about him already.... Jesus Christ the lengths some people go online to defend something that is just a movie..a f**kkin subjective piece of art that everyone with an a**hole can opinionate on IF that constitutes a ban..then f**k it, f**k this place f**k it safe space mentality, f**k this sheepish behavior I dont conform to it, and neither do I take personal insults lying down Some f**king jackasses had the nerve to call me out and get personal when I did not cross that line....f**k that You do that ....everything is off the table motherf**ker!
  15. Holy walls of texts ...some rustled geeks in here! Did not read a single fukkin word..... The intent of the movie was to circle jerk around NOLAN wasn't it? Guess now we can all see how much azz his latest weekend project sucks Or dicks to be more precise. Hahahaha