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  1. Movie Discussion Thread

    Hitman's Boduguard...superb
  2. Movie Discussion Thread

    super hype
  3. This Damn Heat

    hot af whole day, and cool at night
  4. Wrestling fans

    why the f is balor so happy chappy? he's demon king FFS! :| the promos for mixed match challenge are good....rusev lana and r00d3 flair haha asuka..oh dear wow, Indira Gandhi hahaha...cory graves, epic commentator
  5. Wrestling fans

    oh sh*t ooh sh*t...sh*t just went down when Asuka showed up charlotte ki fatt k mu mein aa gayi man, that a**hole announcer, didn't wait for crowd's "one fall" chant, ruined it goosebumps baybay holy sh*t, that 5 on 1 on shitna holy sh*t, aj styles firing on all cylinders and that's why, he's P.1 also, lel shitna went to shitz
  6. Wrestling fans

    Nope not me. I will however try to catch the main event live. even moi skipped it
  7. Wrestling fans

    any1 gonna watch Fastlane Live?
  8. Wrestling fans

    fade to BLACK beeches
  9. Wrestling fans

    started watching SDL man, i so wished Charloette would have said, "she's got my resume absolutely corrent" would have taken savagery level to 999+ lel, nice promo by charloette tho, also, nice promo skills on ruby riott omg glorious is here wait, how the f**k can they end an promo like dat? wat fukry is this? lel, where is the other singh brother? main event was awesome, that was expected, but i think later he will say to owens that he said on sunday he will lie down for owens, not on smack down mam mia mixed match was so so so good
  10. Wrestling fans

    thats sweet, i think wwe has held higher than 30 once, can't recollect tho...but 50 is too much, that would be just far fetched
  11. The Graphics Card thread

    tr00 tr00 been waiting myself
  12. Wrestling fans

    good RAW but, again, Lesnar sat his a*s, a**hole
  13. Wrestling fans

  14. Wrestling fans

    during old days, wrestler's needed to bust their a*s out day in and day out, the reason they had to wait for their WM moment, was just that, minimal high flying moves, major focus on selling moves, improving character over the period of time with proper rivalry, that is what took time back then. now a days, wrestlers are all about pulling the tricks, twisting bodies up in the air and what not, which was, back then, only cruiserweight stuff, but now, almost all, even the top tiers need to have some of these moves up their arsenal. this shortens their in-ring life span, case in point, daniel bryan, paige, edge. thats why they need to give WM moments early these days, because of fragile nature of the business, this day u r up up above, next moment, u r out on the shelf (seth rollins knee injury, finn's first championship win and then vacating it next day on RAW). i mean, even back then, moments were made, wm xix, lesnar doing shooting star press, that was a moment, botched yes, high risk, yes, but you can't change that you had your breath held withing your chest for those few seconds. back then who would have thought lesnar could do that? WM moments, just happens, and if it's happening to a wrestler who just started, well then it's his luck, cuz he was there at the right place and right time, and WWE should over take on that, but we all know how WWE is :|
  15. Wrestling fans

    ikr also, what BS is this "WWE Celebrate Black Month this February..." mc harr mahina inka Black Month rehta, chutye log saale