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  1. meh, BS! mediocre RAW at best
  2. much appreciated, looking into it
  3. https://scontent.fbom2-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/22490194_1668236279902720_6746697623175043766_n.jpg?oh=a8cdd06f49cacad8bd0166db600fbea6&oe=5A6FC15A
  4. hmmm
  5. tr00 tr00 but as i said, i did not know sh*t about WW, except for the Batman v Sup wala appearance, but yeah, what you said is true
  6. i think they should just stick to nXt and avoid being called up in the main roster, RAW n SD r f**ked up.....nXt is starting to get there with the recent episodes
  7. 1.5L holy sh*t y was that not me? i don't have a bank account anyways, would have preferred COD of the moolah instead seedha haath mein.....rokda
  8. saw Wonder Woman, awesome but there were few boring scenes in between, but man, what a well made movie the journey, well depicted (and no i haven't read the comics, so i thought this would be average movie at best)
  9. u dont have to, there's a random shits from net thread somehwere in GC, and i think there was news thread too iirc...u can post shiz there bruh nope seeing some of the vsauce videos, i mean they are great, but it's like, they make a point but in the end, they themselves negate it, then wtf is use of making such vids?
  10. NXT any1? main event was awesome also, velveteen dream, his elbow drop so beautiful, but being said that, Lio Rush was so f**king adrenaline pumped opening match was good too sanity vs undisputed era next week, sanity turning babyface is BS man, what stupid booking they are doing where's AOP?
  11. thanks for the prompt reply, that's exactly what i was thinking
  12. okay, so, got a call from maybe HR of UBISoft, Pune, for the job of video game tester, will get a call again tomorrow from technical person...so they offered like 2L p.a and will be on contract basis wherein at the end of one year contract they will evaluate the performance and then make the decision of making me permanent or not, and they want me to relocate to Pune, as that's where the studio is, well i am fine with relocating to Pune, but the salary is somewhat disheartening :| any expert comments? also, i am yet to go to GlobalTech Pune for their job offering for the same position (mentioned in earlier post, details in previous page), don't know how much they gonna payout :| but if it's like UBI's offering, then i will have to reconsider getting into game testing and look elsewhere maybe
  13. SD was meh
  14. true, IT was a better movie