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  1. ummm...so netflix n chill or porn n thrill ?
  2. ~The TV Shows Thread~

    started watching it, liking it so far meh, tried to watch season 12 first episode, couldn't get past the first few mins, bleh, how come u guys raving about this series so much? (haven't watched any other episodes, thought to start it from the latest season since u guys were praising it so much, disappointed af)
  3. Wrestling fans

    never stop hogging spotlight nXt main event was good
  4. What you bought this week

    bang kok = 20k??
  5. Wrestling fans

    luke harper be like, most character change in PG Era, wyatt family member, individual wrestler, now buldgeon brothers, lel, speaking of which, that time of your career when no one is willing to job to u, poor luka and rowan SD ending was satisfying
  6. Wrestling fans

    read about RAW, seems uninteresting, not gonna watch, lel
  7. Movie Discussion Thread

  8. Movie Discussion Thread

    which one? This one or This one?
  9. Movie Discussion Thread

  10. Movie Discussion Thread

    what's the list? from the start?
  11. Movie Discussion Thread

    man, i wanna watch all movies leading up to IW
  12. Wrestling fans

    nXt main even was awesome sweet tag team action
  13. Movie Discussion Thread

    ya...so? do u know if that's the climax of the movie or the mid point of the movie or few mins into the movie?
  14. Movie Discussion Thread

    and clearly the trailer doesn't show him possessing all of the infinity stones, and iirc, he loses his armor upon gaining all of them, which makes him more powerful and hence no need of armor, but, as this was just a trailer, and we don't know exactly from which point of the movie that scene is, no need to conclude that he ain't gonna get his a*s armored k
  15. Movie Discussion Thread

    just a trailer m8, chill maar, maybe they will show him with his armor later in the movie...sab ek hi trailer mein dikha dega toh bachega kya?