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  1. exile
  2. just read up what happened on SD, boring
  3. what a wasted lesnar appearance true, only thing i will be looking forward too is......BRRRRAUUUNNNNNNNNNNN...
  4. angle loves the u suck chants
  5. oh man, i still remember that mission, all ghiled up, pretty intense as f**k, played it on all platforms, and maxed out at pc too, it was such a marvelous game, had a ps3 steelbook too, can't wait to experience it again in modern day glory
  6. BEST Intro for opening a game thread ya man, gameplay mechanics from HCtP, and modern day gfx, i would fap to that all night long
  7. done with HoC, boring S05 but last few episodes were good, but yeah, dragged on as hell.
  8. was watching RAW on Jio Tv, f**kers ended the stream at 8.30am :| mkb, Angle was about to come out
  9. internal server error, anywhere, everywhere :|
  10. lol...burn burn burn btw, bc...abhi fb k feeds mein sab Pak ne India ki kaise li, aur India ne Pak ko jitne diya, isspe hi sab posts hone hain :| :| :| :|
  11. India lost by such a huge margin, lol
  12. idunno....maybe or may not be, but going by the general opinion in here (which is why i started watching this series), it might just "maybe" one man o man i like Douglas Stamper, f**k bc kya khel liya saale ne, s3 e12 nearly towards the end.... "i just let 2 million dollars let go" Underwood: "just wanted to say one thing, go f**k yourself" **christ that felt so good**.....bc kya character banayela hain bidu
  13. House of Cards S3 E6, "...What are You Looking AT?" kya timing p dialogue mara bc
  14. as i said, this milk is a good milk i just hope they maximize on gfx front, cuz the game, as we all know, is seckz