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  1. haven't heard many of them, so can't help there m69
  2. had got it for le gf, so far so good music quality is good too mic would need an improvement http://www.amazon.in/boAt-BassHeads-225-Special-Headphones/dp/B01MF8MB65?_encoding=UTF8&portal-device-attributes=desktop&psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00
  3. njpw g1 climax that main event, okada vs ... i don't know who...motherf**ker those slaps, thats flesh meeting flesh and bones meeting bones...still watching the match, but omg what match so far, also that omega match was also good meh, what a sh*t ending
  4. RAW was good SD, man, that aj shane ko segment was pure gold
  5. watching Once Upon a Time is Mexico omfg what an opening, what a sound score, damn hyped hyped
  6. not public, never in public eyes, just...hidden like the balcony chronicles
  7. finished narcos, can't wait for third
  8. ooohhh...did i hit a nerve? there there
  9. lol, if no one sees, it didn't happen also, besharmi coming from srk fan just sticking to the topic, if u can't contribute sh*t, y don't u stick it elsewhere buddy?
  10. naughty just don't mean seckz, does it? come on guys, be creative, soch badlo and no, not ola share, micro ola from point a to point b, we ofcourse at the backseat
  11. oh well....there it goes... oh well, atleast aeroplane one is my fantasy, hope it will be true someday oh, i forgot to mention, the kitchen too
  12. any good series for how Mafia does it's sh*t?