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  1. Wrestling fans

    nXt was good
  2. Movie Discussion Thread

    *atleast she makes out
  3. Avengers Infinity War Spoiler thread.

    Thanos becomes an Avenger jelly?
  4. Movie Discussion Thread

  5. Avengers Infinity War Spoiler thread.

    saw it today to a full pack theater awesome audience, full whistling, claps and all (your's truly included) at wakanda, when the huge a*s structures couldn't break the shield, how can these minions simply tear through it? awful thinking funny bits were awesome, all giggles n shitz in the theater overall, THE MOVIE DELIVERED wasn't happy about the ending tho the ending was pushy...lel, like, it pushed the Second part onto the viewers post credit scene was also like, WTF did just happen? what was that logo, so many questions, then i came here now and read through all the posts, now i get it, lulz
  6. Movie Discussion Thread

    seen it though there were some stupid things which caught me eye but anyhu, worth the wait seen at cinepolis @viviana imax3d seat was close to the screen, got a headache after the movie, somehow, didn't get headache in the past when viewed at imax wadala
  7. Wrestling fans

    pete vs strong was so good
  8. Wrestling fans

    man, i was f**king high, and when i saw it, it nearly killed me, was laughing so damn hard
  9. The Mobile Phone Thread

    S Galaxy Note 3
  10. Wrestling fans

    who's watching it?
  11. The Mobile Phone Thread

    You could also try used Moto G5 plus. got Note 3, used, good condition for 3.8k, mom will be using it, so no heavy usage as such
  12. The Mobile Phone Thread

    guys, need to buy a cell with good camera and battery, under 5, second hand would also do, currently searching olx for note3, kindly suggest
  13. Wrestling fans

    that GRR set is HUGE
  14. Wrestling fans

    dayumn str8 baybay
  15. Wrestling fans

    sh*t episode of nXt