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  1. [PS4] FIFA17 - LaughOrDie League

    im at work bro will be on in the evening, pl add me on psn
  2. [PS4] FIFA17 - LaughOrDie League

    i forgot to post my result earlier played rahul_gangwani won 4-2 anyone else willing to play pl msg when you see me on
  3. [PS4] FIFA17 - LaughOrDie League

  4. [PS4] FIFA17 - LaughOrDie League

    double post
  5. [PS4] FIFA17 - LaughOrDie League

    played shikhar won 4-1 lost 2-3 played hazard lost 1-4
  6. [PS4] FIFA17 - LaughOrDie League

    hi all was sick for the past 2 weeks, much better now. available to finish league games, pl msg me if you see me online
  7. [PS4] FIFA17 - LaughOrDie League

    cant find u on psn pl add
  8. [PS4] FIFA17 - LaughOrDie League

    playing with dortmund
  9. [PS4] FIFA17 - LaughOrDie League

    played mithungear won 8-1 won 6-1
  10. [PS4] FIFA17 - LaughOrDie League

  11. [PS4] FIFA17 - LaughOrDie League

  12. [PS4] FIFA17 - LaughOrDie League

    free for games pladd
  13. [PS4] FIFA17 - LaughOrDie League

    in psn dtothemaams
  14. Dragon Age: Inquisition

    Just got this game today for PS4. Graphics are amazing. I wish there was more back story and intro movies or something. I didn't play the earlier games and it feels bit over the place. Not my type of game, will be listing it on for sale section soon. If anyone is interested PM me ill mark down 500,
  15. [PS4] FIFA 15 Laughordie League

    Hi guys, I am withdrawing from the tourney, Net didn't work first 2 weeks couldnt play any games, and I don't want to end up playing 30 games and still being incomplete, Sorry to anyone that got points against me , and especially Sudhir bro sorry for the extra work! May the best player win! Happy Diwali and RIP Rahul. Edit:- At MODS ill take the ban for the next tourney, my bad