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piksdevil's Feedback

  1. cray left Positive feedback   

    10/10. Product as mentioned. Good price. Prompt shipping

    piksdevil was The Seller

  2. Arkham Inmate left Positive feedback   

    10/10..highly recommended

    piksdevil was The Seller

  3. Freelancer left Positive feedback   

    always a pleasure to deal with him ! deal with eyes closed ! 10/10

    piksdevil was The Seller

  4. praveer left Positive feedback   

    10/10 Excellent response, highly recommended

    piksdevil was The Seller

  5. cyclops left Positive feedback   

    Game is in awesome condition...picked it up personally

    piksdevil was The Seller

  6. Aman27deep left Positive feedback   

    10/10, no problems whatsoever! suberb seller! quick pms!

    piksdevil was The Seller

  7. dullu left Positive feedback   

    Awesome guy :) great person to trade with

    piksdevil was Trading

  8. argruid left Positive feedback   

    Really nice guy to deal with. Wheel was in pristine condition. Great price as well!!

    piksdevil was The Seller

  9. Cyborg left Positive feedback   

    Got the game in prestine condition. Awesome guy to deal with. Will def deal again.

    piksdevil was The Seller

  10. shockwave left Positive feedback   

    Once again a pleasure dealing with him. Awesome guy. Will surely deal again. :)

    piksdevil was The Seller

  11. KeezNah left Positive feedback   

    Package came without any hassles, seller was very prompt and communicative. Recommended!

    piksdevil was The Seller

  12. Freelancer left Positive feedback   

    Even awesome is not the word to describe the packing n condition of the game....best deal ever....2nd dela with him n will totally recommend him....10/10

    piksdevil was The Seller

  13. Falcon left Positive feedback   

    Nice smooth trade. Met him personally and traded A+++

    piksdevil was The Seller

  14. Major-Minor left Positive feedback   

    Awesome buyer, prompt payment and a hassle free trade - 10/10

    piksdevil was Trading

  15. SchneideR left Positive feedback   

    12/10. :P 2 points extra because i kept him waiting while i was running late from work. Super guy to deal with. Highly recommended. :)

    piksdevil was Trading

  16. KiranB28 left Positive feedback   

    Very nice guy, lightning fast payment... looking forward to dealing with you again!

    piksdevil was Trading

  17. Don CORLEONE left Positive feedback   

    Very good person to deal with no problems at all 10/10

    piksdevil was Trading

  18. Tinbin007 left Positive feedback   

    awesome buyer , quick payment and no hassles , will reccommend A++

    piksdevil was Trading

  19. Freelancer left Positive feedback   

    Nice guy, quick deal, A++, recommended, will deal with him again n he lives in my fav place in bang....

    piksdevil was The Seller

  20. Weird left Positive feedback   

    10/10 excellant guy a clean deal and this guy has lot of patience.

    piksdevil was The Seller

  21. Tinbin007 left Positive feedback   

    awesome deal with him ... if got a chance will deal again with him ... recommended ... A++

    piksdevil was The Seller

  22. Karooo left Positive feedback   

    awesome guy :)

    piksdevil was The Seller

  23. silentassassin left Positive feedback   

    grt guy..waited a week for me to collect da copy..disc , manuals , box n da artbook was in perfect condition

    piksdevil was The Seller

  24. Madhav left Positive feedback   

    10/10... constantly in touch... a quick and a hassle free trader... would look forward for a trade again! Highly recommended!

    piksdevil was The Seller

  25. XeOn left Positive feedback   

    Brilliant Condition of Disk and the fastest deal i have ever had :)11/10

    piksdevil was The Seller