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  1. VelivolusDas

    Mortal Kombat 11

    Epic! Dat fatality was awesome.
  2. VelivolusDas

    The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    Basically Nintendo Direct for PlayStation.
  3. VelivolusDas

    The Virtual Reality Thread

    Oculus Rift S announced at GDC 2019.
  4. VelivolusDas

    Cyberpunk 2077

  5. VelivolusDas

    The Google Gaming Thread

    While my demo wasn’t long enough to get myself into one of the massive, GPU-intensive battles I’d hoped to be able to test out, I managed to get into enough trouble to get in a couple of swordfights and to sink a couple of ships. I didn’t experience any noticeable input lag - or at least, not enough to make running around Mykonos or boarding ships in half less enjoyable. I will note that during some more graphically intense moments, such as destroying an enemy ship, it seemed like the stream did experience a dip in quality. Whether an unintentional fluctuation or a calculated change in resolution to maintain gameplay progress, I can’t say, but it clicked back into full 1080p quickly enough that I wasn’t too bothered by the effect. I also had the opportunity to slay some demons in 2016’s Doom. The visceral action was as gorgeously gory as ever, though I did notice a bit more lag than I had experienced in Assassin’s Creed. It was nothing as bad as the worst I’ve experienced on streaming services like PS4’s Remote Play, where I’ll sometimes see almost full-second delays on my commands, but it did not inspire great confidence when looking ahead to competitive shooters like Call of Duty or Battlefield, which rely on split-second timing and reactions. The issue was most noticeable when using a keyboard and mouse, but was still apparent when I ran through the same area using a gamepad (though decidedly less so). There were fewer graphical inconsistencies during this demo, which I will assume can be credited to the fact that AC Odyssey was being streamed to a Chromebook, but Doom was streaming on the “developer” version of Stadia to a desktop PC.
  6. VelivolusDas

    APEX Legends

    Octane is good. Played a couple of matches with him.
  7. VelivolusDas

    The Google Gaming Thread

    And so, it begins:
  8. VelivolusDas


    Whoever said dreams do come true, was absolutely right. 😍 Dragonball Super: Broly The Movie is releasing on 29th March in select PVR theatres. Will surely watch it more than once. Cannot believe there's a DB movie to be shown on a big screen in India. *tears of joy*
  9. VelivolusDas

    The Google Gaming Thread

    Kinda useless, I think. The games look good and are smooth, no doubt about that, but it would've made more sense to show the controller and the inputs.
  10. VelivolusDas

    The Google Gaming Thread

    Even I have always been skeptical about the whole game-streaming thing, until I saw the wildly positive reviews for Project Stream. Google might just have an ace up their sleeve here. Obviously, it'll take time (about ~2 years) for us to know how successful it is (or not). But, for this to gain traction, Google really needs to make sure it has a near-perfect launch.
  11. VelivolusDas

    Wrestling fans

    What a waste. And here we were, thinking who would it be...
  12. VelivolusDas

    APEX Legends

    Battle Pass and a new Legend (not sure if free for all modes or if he's part of Battle Pass only) both releasing tonight at 10:30 PM IST. Misfits, outcasts, drifters, and grifters – the Apex Games welcomes them all. Keep your eyes on the skies for the Games’ newest Legend, Octane.