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  1. Played it. Reviewed it. It's frickin' good for fans.
  2. Considering that @Phineas didn't sell any of the listed items on IVG, we're going to re-open the thread the moment @srajan has proof of getting his money back. Reason being, we don't want to turn this into unnecessary drama just yet.
  3. Don't think so. Tons of folks have got an Oct 3-5 delivery window. So much for day one i.e. today.
  4. Standard or Ronaldo?
  5. Xbox One S finally making it here officially. No dates on One X yet. Rs. 29,990 onwards for the Xbox One S. October 10. Forza Horizon 3 bundle (1TB and 500GB) with BF1 and Gears 4 free.
  6. As someone who played the crap out of Marvel vs. Capcom 3, this was disappointing.
  7. This. So. Much.
  8. Can't tell. Just get it from Steam.
  9. This game is doing its best for me to wish WB goes bankrupt. 1. Microtransactions in single-player. 2. Sexy Shelob (really now?). 3. Monolith stating Shelob is the unsung hero of the LOTR trilogy. 4. Asking folks to pay for DLC of a dead producer. All that's left is to turn the PC version into something worse that Arkham Knight.
  10. LOL 100GB. That's most folks' FUP.
  11. Like Ark Survival Evolved and every other game in Steam early access amirite ? Played it a bit, I get the appeal but far from game of the generation IMHO.
  12. +1 This too. We should've seen this coming after they retrofitted MTs into CODMW Remastered. It's getting a bit excessive with D2. To experience what the game has to offer you now have to pay for the base game + expansion packs + MTs. What's worse is how shaders - which were free and multiple use in D1 are now single use per armour. Better hope RNG works in your favour. This guy gets it. What if I told you developers purposely do that in their games - turn them to P2W for max profit from those willing to pay? I can't wait for MTs to reach a point where it gets super huge. To the point where legislation is needed. Then it will be glorious. If scumbag companies like Activision and Bungie can't check themselves, they should wreck themselves.
  13. Word. I laughed out loud when Loftis said they'll work with Kinect - a peripheral MS doesn't even sell anymore.
  14. End of the month in India officially apparently. Grey should have stock on release day of August 29. It's on PSN for Rs. 2,750.
  15. Stock reaches local retail tomorrow.