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  1. Overwatch (PS4, double XP weekend!) The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind (PS4) GTA V (PS4, finished the game on PS3 at launch, tearing into it on the PS4 right now and slowly realising that we're probably never going to get an open-world crime drama as good as this ever again)
  2. lol $20
  3. Shall consider this seriously. Thanks.
  4. Interviewed one of India's first Hearthstone pros. Nice to see people's parents being supportive of playing games. Especially ones with an international significance.
  5. Had no issues doing so on the PS4 Pro.
  6. Yep. About time.
  7. There's no way our friends would survive otherwise.
  8. Post of the year. Confirmed. Everyone go home. Stop trying.
  9. Holy sh*t, looks like the Xbots on IVG performed a blood ritual to summon this guy here.
  10. Yep. D1 had more story in grimoire cards you had to read in an app outside the game than in the game itself.
  11. Confirmed fake. Faker than Playstation's PS4. Dude, offline retail has had it for the past few days.
  12. Yep. The only question is how long this would last. The Horizon bundle was notoriously hard to find after the first couple of weeks.
  13. Stores are saying they can sell for around 22K without games or the sub.
  14. New PS4 bundle for India. IMHO, it's the best one yet. Horizon, Driveclub, Ratchet & Clank and 3 months PS+. Rs. 28,990.
  15. How's Uncharted 4?