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  1. Watsapp switch group

    Sending you my number. Add please.
  2. Red Dead Redemption 2 [READ OP BEFORE POSTING]

    Haha..one of the worst courier service. My Spiderman game was shipped through it to Bangalore. It reached Bangalore in a day and was travelling between their Hubs for the next 5 days. In the end, the package was marked as delivered without delivering. I had to call them the whole day to get it delivered the next day. I hope you won't have to go through all this.
  3. Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    My Spiderman game that I ordered from Paytm is still not delivered. But the delivery status says delivered. I called the delivery guy last night multiple times, he told that he was unable to deliver due to rain. I thought he will deliver it today but just went and checked the status just to see that the status is as delivered. He is not picking the call now. Tried contacting customer care of Paytm and waited for 20 mins and all executives were busy. Anyone else faced similar issue?
  4. The "It's free!" thread

    @santanu18 where do you apply the code? It's showing 770 rs for me. EDIT: Got it! Thanks a lot.
  5. Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    I made a payment of 3700 using my ICICI debit card to buy Spiderman. I should be getting that 1000 cash back after the game is shipped. How and when will I get the cash back from ICICI?
  6. Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    RDR 2 delivery by date shows as Nov 26th to Bangalore from Egameshop, Maharashtra. Can anyone who ordered confirm the deliver by date?
  7. The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    I played MW2 during the weekend for 3-4 hours on One X. It took around 3-4 mins to find a lobby. Once you get into a lobby it is faster as it just keeps adding more players with each game. Only played Team Death Match and had awesome fun. Connection quality is also okay..was on 2 yellow bars and occasional 3 greens (matches that I have found were above 150 ping).
  8. Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    Star Wars The Black Series Luke Skywalker Force FX Lightsaber, Green - 6.5k after 50% off
  9. The Giveaway Thread

    If you would dance, my pretty Count, I'll play the tune on my little guitar.. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Is my favorite. Also, awesome giveaway
  10. Sea of Thieves

    He is back? Is this true or did Athek unleash him just before God of War?
  11. The Automobile Thread

    @AtheK How is the bike doing so far? I went ahead and booked one in Red from the same dealer you bought. Two and half months (working days) of waiting period currently. Also, how much can I sell an Intruder 150 which is close to 3 months old and 1700 km on the odo? Paid 1.2 l for it in December.
  12. What you bought this week

    I got a similar TV couple of months back..but it is 49 inches for 87k in India.
  13. The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    I got the One X. But am in a similar situation like you. Console is sitting in my house at native (hometown). Will be getting it on 18th though.