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  1. achilles

    Movie Discussion Thread

    There are some movies that stay with you, that linger on. Gully Boy is one of those. Thoroughly enjoyable, engrossing, with amazing performances all around. The movie has heart, and shows, as an an example, of how cinema has its strengths amongst other art forms. I loved it, and I've been thinking about it. It is in my head. If there was any doubt about Ranveer and Alia are the best out there today, this should truly quash those doubts. This is Zoya's best work too, and the rest of the cast has done exceedingly well. Sher was sher, Sky was Sky, gully boys were gully boys, and Mumbai was Mumbai. She's shown the city in an incredible way. The music makes you want to go out and just do sh*t. The entire album works. There are a few skip-worthy songs, out of 18(!), but even they're not bad. I've been listening to the album too. I had high hopes after watching the trailer, and the movie exceeded all of my expectations. It is to say when the interval pops out of nowhere. Just a lovely, lovely piece of work. 5/5
  2. achilles

    Movie Discussion Thread

    I can bet this would be more fun, and funnier than the main franchise, which, at this point, has pretty much gone to sh*t.
  3. achilles

    The TV Decision Making thread

    ^Yup, I've never had one, so I'll go for the projector this time. Maybe when they have a 120" OLED at a reasonable price Words to live by. Don't, and can't.
  4. achilles

    The TV Decision Making thread

    Thanks @AtheK This was helpful, though pictures can only do so much.
  5. achilles

    The TV Decision Making thread

    Sorry for not being clear, don't want a PQ comparison, want a vibe comparison in the room with a TV and a pj
  6. achilles

    The TV Decision Making thread

    ^Would you mind sharing a few pictures of your set-up with this TV, and alternating with the projector screen?
  7. achilles

    The TV Decision Making thread

    No, not the TV itself. That's the TV I would've gotten if I would've gone for the TV. We're almost at installation now, and (you know) I've chosen the projector. You're making me rethink the choice of projector. These pretzels.. are making me thirsty.
  8. achilles

    The Tennis Thread

    Novak has said, in a polite manner, that he's not amongst those who Rafa has played so far in this tournament. Or, in other words, Rafa isn't going to be able to play like he's been playing for the last few days against him. Oh, this is a very dangerous Novak. Very "Drago"
  9. achilles

    The TV Decision Making thread

    You're making me think Athek. You're makin' me think.
  10. achilles

    Movie Discussion Thread

    I'd read the book twice before I got around to watching the movie. For me, the book remains superior to this day. Not only that, the experience of reading the book was more enjoyable than watching the movie. I guess maybe it's what you experience first that makes it better in your memory?
  11. achilles

    Movie Discussion Thread

    Gully boy trailer is freaking fantastic. Ranveer and Alia are easily the two best actors today, at the top of their game. And I’ve liked all of Zoya’s earlier films. The music should be great too. Also, the movie is releasing on Feb 14. When was the last time a big release happened within a month of the first trailer hitting? My my only gripe is the music is releasing on jan 26. Too far man. Too far. Edit: also, “yeh randaapa kar raha hai ye?!”
  12. achilles

    The TV Decision Making thread

    What's the usage scenario for each? Considering that's the TV I would buy if I were to get a TV, and a projector that's similar to the one you're using, if you had to pick and keep one, which one would you keep?
  13. achilles

    The TV Decision Making thread

    Projector ka kya hua?
  14. achilles

    A Game Where...

    .. we see who comes up and posts first when the forums come back online, after a "break". So.. First!
  15. achilles

    Movie Discussion Thread

    Spider-verse is basically superhero, or comic-book movies perfected. I can't think of one single thing that it could have done better. I watched it in IMAX, and it was majestic. Trippy animation, funny, fun, and totally engrossing, without being serious, or taking itself seriously for one second. Just an incredible couple of hours. What a gathering of amazing talent that came together, in this universe, to create this. I don't know how I'll go back to live action now.