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  1. ~The TV Shows Thread~

    ^I haven't watched it but it seems from the trailers and promotions to be a Roman Reigns to Sacred Games' John Cena. A cheap and rushed bootleg.
  2. Movie Discussion Thread

    Now those scenes will be even more of an event in the movies. The raucousness. Lee deserves it too. Always thought Stan Lee was a weird name for a white man born around the first world war.
  3. The Home Theatre Set-Up

  4. Red Dead Redemption 2 [READ OP BEFORE POSTING]

    Yeah, after reading all of this, I'm getting major GTA 4 vibes. A game which I played for very long because I fell to the hype but didn't enjoy playing. There were just so many annoying elements to the game. I loved RDR though, and enjoyed playing it thoroughly. But something about RDR 2 made me wait it out. On the other hand, I didn't like GTA V too much either so I may be the odd one out. Maybe they'll patch some of the crappiness out.
  5. The Home Theatre Set-Up

    Where's pictures of your set-up, review, feedback etc.?
  6. ~The TV Shows Thread~

    Kim is probably my second fav character in the show, and Rhea Seehorn is a big reason for that. She's aced that character. Her body language, her mannerisms, her dialect. Plus when she says something, it's usually pin point accurate. And she can have the last word in every goddamn conversation. The way she screams at Howard Hamlin and her argument with Jimmy up on the roof, these two scenes have stayed with me. Ironically, as good as Bob Odenkirk is, I feel he is the weakest actor amongst the main cast, especially for dramatic scenes. My fav character remains Mike. You are in for a treat in episode 9.
  7. The Home Theatre Set-Up

    We have a lock. SB-4000. Heard it, felt it, listened to it. System integration just makes such a difference. We are a go
  8. ~The TV Shows Thread~

    Why in blue hell is no one talking about Better Call Saul? This season has been BrBA levels great. And by that, I mean, gah-rate! Hey. It's all good, man.
  9. Movie Discussion Thread

    Absolutely loved Andhadhun. It kept me interested, and enthralled throughout. Not a single dull moment, and a great script was executed extremely proficiently. Some scenes are like they would play out on a live stage, with generous use of a piano score that adds to the vibe very well. It is funny, sarcastic, and dark. There are a few twists I could see coming, and some I couldn't, but everything was made so well that even the expected twists feel fun. Just superb. Radhika Apte and Tabu are just . Ayushmann has also done a good job. Certainly worth my time, more than once.
  10. The TV Decision Making thread

    OLEDs are generally solid, and they run cool. Haven't heard any buzz about them breaking down any more than normal TVs. @hope is the extended warranty by Sony or a third party seller? Either way, ask him to include the extended warranty as a festive offer.
  11. The Home Theatre Set-Up

    Subwoofer update: Heard the PB-16 Ultra (!!) yesterday for an extended period. The energy that thing puts out is beyond anything I've ever listened to or felt. It was insane. This guy had created a framed box home theatre. Imagine an entire room created on a frame, with acoustic walls and doors. On this song, Wouh by Nicolas Jaar, the entire frame was moving, rattling. The entire goddamn room. And the sub did not bottom out, or reach it's limit. And this was a single subwoofer. So, it can output to anyone's desire in terms of power, atleast upto a medium sized room. The problem was with the quality, or the sound of bass. I expected it to be sharper, it is the flagship after all, and everyone seems to be singing praises for this sub. We watched movie scenes, played music etc. but there were two problems. One, the sound wasn't great from the rest of the set-up too, and the sub was overpowering. It wasn't set-up right to integrate well within the sound of the rest of the system. This really didn't get me to enjoy too much. Two, the sub itself didn't sound sharp enough for me to think that I'd go for the PB-4000, the one that I was considering buying, based off of this demo of the 16-U. The 16-Ultra is too conspicuous physically. This also made me realise even more, of the importance of a separate power amp. I mean, this set-up was running on the Denon 6300H, a 2L AVR and even then it clipped, (CLIPPED!!) thrice in the wormhole scene in interstellar. Power is no yoke I tell ya, no yoke. The speakers also felt hampered by being driven by this single integrated system. The set-up: Speakers: SVS Ultra towers, ultra surrounds, prime elevation ATMOS Sub: PB-16U Electronics: Denon 6300H Players: Network drive, Xbox One X, Apple TV Display: LG 65" C7 This set-up is in the same ballpark in cost as my set-up will be, and yet, I can confidently say that mine would be far superior in sound.
  12. The TV Decision Making thread

    Just saw the famed LG C7 OLED TV in action, in a home theatre room. Jesus christ that thing can display. What a goddamn visual treat. A definitive, and (finally) a proper leap from the plasmas I used to adore. If I was in the market for a TV, that would be one of the front runners.
  13. The TV Decision Making thread

    Honestly, I've liked watching movies on the 4. I really, really prefer using the DS4 as a controller compared to standard rectangular ones. There's no fidgeting here. The buttons are imprinted in my memory, and I'm just extra precise with the most common functions like play/pause, skip etc.
  14. The Home Theatre Set-Up

    Small update: Cables for the speakers and subwoofer(s) are in place. The engineer from S&S came in and directed the install. The work was properly professional. He had detailed, and precise drawings for the installs and cable flows, positions of the screen, the speakers, and the projector. The right front speaker is a bit of a tight fit in that it is a little too close to the (right) wall, 24 inches away to be precise. The left speaker has plenty of room because there's a door next to it on the left. Relying on Audyssey and some small acoustic treatment to correct this imbalance. Still undecided on the subwoofer. Went to demo the JL EMB-1200 a couple of weeks ago, but that sub developed a problem while I was demo-ing it. The driver just went putt. They'll have another one this week, and also have found a place to demo the SVS sub. Let's see what's all the hype about. I know what my first game on the system would be: SOTC.
  15. Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    Guise, Dyson is having a decent sale on Amazon (timed) and on its website. Worthwhile to check them out if you've been waiting on their stuff because of the price.