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  1. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

    What difficulty would you recommend for this game to be played at? I played the New Order and Old Blood.
  2. Weapon breaking is a slight annoyance but is not game breaking like many reviews mentioned at release. You need to use both bombs and manage your weapon inventory better. I highly suggest practising parries and dodging so that you can ensure you dont get OHK. There are so many ways to engage enemies in this game where you can avoid using weapons. Your bows do high damage when you get crits and also stuns enemies when you do that.
  3. IVG is Back!!!

  4. Movie Discussion Thread

    I got this Movie Pass thing and have been watching 2 movies each weekend. If you are in the US, check it out. You pay 10$ subscription fee and can watch a movie each day for the entire month for no additional cost.
  5. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

    perfect esports game
  6. What you bought this week

    building a new rig Pushy?
  7. Seasonal lootboxes are only available during the event window and the items can also be bought by ingame currency. You just have to wait for the items to be available during the event next year if you missed out on any. Sometime during the last year, they made changes to regular lootbox droprates, reducing the duplicate drops and increased the igname currency you get on duplicate drops. If you play a lot, you can get all the cosmetics you want without throwing any money at them.
  8. At work and I din watch the video. I am completely on the side of Blizzard when it comes to the regular cosmetic lootboxes and seasonal event lootboxes, as you can earn them just by playing the game. I have over 800 hours on different accounts(alts not smurfs) and I am happy that they introduce new heroes, maps, game modes all for free. The game on PC is a masterpiece and deserves every single accolade it got and is getting. The cosmetic lootboxes are not a problem in the game. It is only a problem for those who have an OCD to collect everything right away. It is the OWL skins that I have an issue with. These new skins are not available in regular cosmetic loot boxes and you have to buy/earn OWL credits(watching official OWL streams?). 12 teams and 26 heroes = 312 new items ~ 1200 USD to get all the skins.
  9. I am salty over this. I love playing Reaper and have everything unlocked for him and in a way compulsive on collecting all things reaper ingame(which is not easy as the general lootboxes drop random loot). I wouldn't mind throwing some $$ at Blizzard to support the OWL as I will be following the league. But 5$ for a skin and no option to buy bundled items at discounted prices is absolute BS.
  10. Start BotW, you will stop playing every other game for a couple of weeks
  11. Secret Santa Gifts Thread - 2017

    ^ Damn, whoever the Santa is - please PM the source. Awesome gift !!!
  12. Secret Santa Gifts Thread - 2017

    Thank you very much, Wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy new year !!! I must have missed the card as it is generally left in the postbox where as n***** objects are left in the lawn. I'll post it when I am back home(in a week).