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  1. The Cricket Thread

    Great win That too without Virat contributing much. Pujara . The bowlers were excellent. The pitch dint offer lot of assistance, but they managed to pick 20 wickets. Ashwin held one end up, bowled with superb economy. But though he could have done more. Also what happened to Rohit Sharma ? He was off the field in the 2nd session. Even NZ won 2 tests in UAE batting 1st. Its like teams have foregotten how to chase. I think Virat has never lost a match while chasing
  2. The Cricket Thread

    Stupid arse batting Our tail starts 5. The moment we lose Pujara and Kohli, the batting just falls apart. Rohit once again showing his talent in test matches. Pant just tries to hit everything But Thanks to Pujara n Rahane we got a good score.. We should win it from here. 1 more wicket today will be awesome though.. Still 4 down is great..
  3. The Cricket Thread

    Nigel Llong BC giving Pujara out twice
  4. The Cricket Thread

    Rahul was playing so well. Gets out for an awful shot Vijay got out for a nothing shot. I feel bad for Mayank Agarwal, tons of runs he has scored. Yet unable to get chances coz we prefer to play same old guys. Pujara asks other batsmen to take horrible reviews. Asking non striker when he’s not out
  5. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The black order

    Damn Switch exclusive
  6. The Cricket Thread

    NZ complete a super series win.. Excellent from Willaimson. The way pakis batted BC 5 down in an hr or so Sarfaraz took new ball in the morning when NZ were trying to get quick runs.
  7. The Cricket Thread

    Good fightback. Bowlers were very disciplined. Dint give away runs. Batsmen should fkin do their job tomorrow. Not bat like a 50 over match
  8. The Cricket Thread

    There's no comparison b/w Pant and Sehwag. Sehwag would never slash like Pant does in test cricket. He had a measured approach. He would go for his shots, would never slash like an idiot..
  9. The Cricket Thread

    Brilliant century from Kane Williamson. 89 in 1st innings. 100 in second. Such a underrated batsmen. He's better than Joe Root for me any day..
  10. The Cricket Thread

    Rohit was looking good. Its absolutely retarded the way he got out. Really dont see what was the need for that. Pant batted like idiot tbh. Charging and trying to slog Cummins
  11. The Cricket Thread

    Still cant believe Pujara was dropped for Dhawan, Rahul & Rahane in England. Brilliant innings. Pant seriously needs to get his game right. There's a massive difference in being aggressive and slashing idiotically every ball.
  12. The Cricket Thread

    Dreadful batting.
  13. The Cricket Thread

  14. The Cricket Thread

    The pitches are not so bowler friendly these days in Aus.The pitch is pretty dry. Not sure 4 bowlers will be good. Vihari should plsy, no way rohit can replace vihari. vihari has scored runs plus can bowl.. Ashwin not getting runs is costing a lot to the team. He used to score 25-30 atleast. But these days, he's a pure bowler and hardly scores runs..
  15. Battlefield V

    I hvn’t watched the angry review. Not sure what problems he has. Battlefield 4 release was probably the biggest goof up ever. So many bugs, framerate drops and hell game would even crash the console during that massive destruction in the maps. BF1 dint have sqd join, which was pretty idiotic. Battlefront 1 also had issues i guess. We all know how horrible Battlefront 2 launch was admist all the micro transactions. Compared to all that, this is much better launch. Dont see any game breaking stuff. Regarding content, there are 8 maps. Another one to be added this week. The dlc’s are all free, so all the talk about lack of content makes very less sense. There’s plenty of game modes as well, with Battle Royale on its way. I’m not just blindly defending the game. This is what i have to say after playing around 20-25 hours. Complains about lack of gimmicks like levolution, behemoths, or elite classes. Also a lack of an air battles mode. Thank God for this. The flame thrower, tank killer m sentry was absolutely unneeded in BF1. Even the Behemoth or the train. Levolution would have been cool though