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  1. Very mediocre batting. Should have taken time earlier instead of going for flashy shots. Dint access the pitch well at all.. Chahal should have been brought into the attack before Kuldeep. Chahal is much better t20 bowler than kuldeep. Kuldeep's first over, let all the pressure bvuilt up by Bhuvi.
  2. Our death bowling is so good. Was tired of seeing us get thrashed towards the death all the time. Now we have 2 genuine bowlers, who can deliver consistently..
  3. 2 misses from Dhoni.. 2nd one should have been taken.. Axar bowling beautifully..
  4. Axar is decent.. He should be given few more chances.. Today we gotta know how good, bhuvi n Bumrah are. Both with new ball n at the death. We should have played atleast 1 of em today..
  5. Last 2 overs frm Shami n Umesh might cost us the match
  6. This over has to be big.. 16-20 runs this overs please
  7. Guess its over now..
  8. Jadhav has slowed down a lot.. He should get going..
  9. Whats happening ? Wtf was that review about ? Time wasting for rain to come ?
  10. Y did they stop the match ? makes no sense ? It dint even rain.. Ridiculous
  11. I watch football.. Works very well for me
  12. Wtf is happening ? Y are covers there ? Where is the rain ?
  13. Dafuq If we lose from here, it'll be sad
  14. Damn, Rohit was looking sublime..
  15. Good start.. Rahane should attack more now.. We should play for dl. Looks like the rain is away for now..