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  1. silentassassin

    The Cricket Thread

    NZ beating Pak in UAE
  2. silentassassin

    The Cricket Thread

    Sri Lanka pulling off biggest upset this century Wow
  3. silentassassin

    Movie Discussion Thread

    Equalizer 2 has few nice action scenes, thats about it. its a snoozefest..
  4. silentassassin

    The Cricket Thread

    5 sixes went out of stadium. They changed the ball 4/5 times..
  5. silentassassin

    APEX Legends

    The ping system is awesome u can communicate without actually talking..
  6. silentassassin

    The Cricket Thread

    What a knock. Thought they'll come close and lose.. Super effort. The choke is on
  7. silentassassin

    The Cricket Thread

    Shankar if he bowls is useful. Pointless to play him as batsman..
  8. silentassassin

    The Cricket Thread

    DK can play as a batsman. DK has done so well in whatever limited opportunities given to him. What has Rahul done ? Specially in ODI's ? Quite unfair actually. Seems the team is backing Shankar to be backup for Pandya. Doesn't help much if he doesn't bowl at all
  9. silentassassin

    The Cricket Thread

    DK dropped from ODI's. KL Rahul picked in place of DK. WTF What did DK do to get dropped ? Ridiculous Pant added for last 3 ODIs
  10. silentassassin

    The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    Cant wait for this. Looks great. Is there a thread for this in Games section ? Couldn't find it in search
  11. silentassassin

    The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    Yea. Its ridiculous. They are one of my fav developers, pity they are no longer main stream developers for EA
  12. silentassassin

    The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    Blur had so much potential. It was a proper MP action racer. In terms of mp it was better than Split Second tbh. More competitive and fun. Blood Stone was good fun. Small game. The driving missions in that game was one of the best last gen. Most studios who made top racing games last gen is no more. Bizzare , Evolution, Even Split Second developers disbanded afaik. Criterion playing second fiddle for Dice in their games.
  13. silentassassin

    The Cricket Thread

    This guy better than Binny in terms of batting lol.. He's still young.. Can try to develop him into a decent all rounder
  14. silentassassin

    The Cricket Thread

    This Vijay Shankar guy looks really good with the bat. They should bat him at no 3 in next 2 matches as well.. Should groom his bowling abilities. Will be a great asset, if he some how picks up pace and becomes a better bowler..
  15. silentassassin

    The Cricket Thread

    Our women pulled off a pak style collapse WoW