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  1. The Cricket Thread

    Karnataka batting was a bit weak. I though mumbai would concede a lead of 150-200. But now the match is over
  2. The Cricket Thread

    5 players is good. RCB will obviously retain Virat n AB. Its a frkin no brainer. I would prefer Chahal as the 3rd option. The guy is very good, there are shortage of good T20 bowlers. Use RTM cards on Rahul n Kedar.
  3. The Cricket Thread

    Mayank Agarwal is in some crazy form this Ranjhi season. Its still group stage and he has already scored 1000+ runs. Bhuvi should hv been rested for SL ODI's Need him fresh for the SA tour. No point him playing against SL
  4. The Cricket Thread

    Rahane has to perform next match. Else he'll surely be dropped.. Rohit was brought in to the team, for the same reason. They wanted to give him some match practice..
  5. The Cricket Thread

    Why cant we play under lights? idiotic.. We are number 1 for a freaking reason. Amazing test. BK was amazing in 2nd innings. The last wicket was spectacular..
  6. The Cricket Thread

    7 fifties in a row. Man of the series against aussies. Will be unfair to drop him. Plus technically he's solid. Needs to backed up.
  7. The Cricket Thread

    Y is Vijay dropped ? dhawan is sitting duck in swinging conditions. We dont need 2 flashy openers at the top.
  8. Ashes Cricket

    Can someone point out to me, what are the major improvements in this game in terms of gameplay, compared to DBC 2017 ?
  9. The Cricket Thread

    Yeah true. Have pulled the game back most of the time. Bhuvi, bumrah n Chahal we're awesome. Now we should finalize who another seamer n spinner gonna be
  10. The Cricket Thread

    So good to see bowlers seeing us through consistently. Bhuvi, Bumrah n Chahal were excellent.
  11. The Cricket Thread

    Hardik FFS.
  12. The Cricket Thread

    WTF is happening. They r running for everything
  13. The Cricket Thread

    Brilliant over from Chahal. Turning out to be a fine limited overs bowler
  14. The Cricket Thread

    Guptill had no clue. Knuckle Ball is Super addition to Bhuvi's arsenal.
  15. The Cricket Thread

    NZ has been brilliant in the field Wow