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  1. The Cricket Thread

    We should wrap this series 3 0.. We have to do smething about our lower middle order n even middle order.. No one to come in and smash the ball from ball 1.. Kedar seems to be good. We should identify 1 more batsman and give him a long run. Not just 2/3 matches...
  2. The Cricket Thread

    King Kohli What a boss innings.. My God this guy is something else. Got him out only twice this series. 1 run out n 3 not outs.. Breath taking Super series win.
  3. The Cricket Thread

    Ridiculous match. Small ground and flat a*s pitch. Absolutely boring. They can just put in bowling machines instead of bowlers, makes no difference
  4. The Cricket Thread

    That has to be out...
  5. The Cricket Thread

    Cant do that for a long time.. Had to get out eventually
  6. The Cricket Thread

    Absolute shitty catching
  7. The Cricket Thread

    Amla has no clue against spinners.. Miller wont last long with his strategy of sweeps n going down the wicket
  8. The Cricket Thread

    Y does MS not bat on top ? it’ll solve our middle order woes.. Lower order is unable get go from ball 1.. Pandya has been pathetic this series except for that 1st test innings..
  9. The Cricket Thread

    Rohit looks unfit.. Already Tired and unable to run quick..
  10. The Cricket Thread

    Rain saved them. Miller could not have gotten luckier. drop catch, getting bowled of no ball.. Wow Y dint Bhuvi bowl ? It was evident spinners were going for runs..
  11. The Cricket Thread

    Very poor innings from Dhoni. Takes a long time to take off now. He should bat at no 4.. Another masterstroke from Virat.. Indian Women’s team also playing very well.Pity no telecast of that match
  12. The Cricket Thread

    Dafuq’s happening
  13. The Cricket Thread

    Great to see, across formats and venues bowlers winning us matches consistently.. Even U19 the bowlers killed it. Last 10 / 15 ODI's is mostly won by bowlers. Restricting the oppn to a below par score, or choking the runs and picking wickets at crucial points of the game. First time in my life, i'm seeing a bowling attack which can perform consistently everywhere and is not dependent on 1 player.
  14. The Cricket Thread

    Super effort from u 19 boys. No one even came close to beating us. Dominated everyone.. Test series, we had the team to beat. Few fk ups cost us the series, which could have been clearly avoided.. I can see, this team winning in England n NZ. ODI series, we should definitely win.
  15. The Cricket Thread

    Kamran Akmal level wicket keeping from Parthiv today