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  1. The Cricket Thread

    Butler pulling off some MS level finishes
  2. The Cricket Thread

    England cruising again. Are they that good ? or Are Aus this pathetic ?
  3. The Cricket Thread

    Oh Boy.. Aussies getting pouding of their lives. Can use some ball tampering now
  4. The Cricket Thread

    Feel bad for DK.. Pandya I hope they dont drop him for Saha...
  5. SONY E3 Experience 2018

    Yea. I know Rocksteady are making a game in DC universe.. I thought, it was confirmed its a superman game..
  6. SONY E3 Experience 2018

    Spiderman and Avengers together makes sense.. By Justice League u mean new Injustice game ?? Or a new Justice League Game ??
  7. Square Enix E3 2018 thread

    Ha ha... I hope she doesn’t show up. Gets very annoying at times.. Pretty sure there’ll be cringe worthy dance performances
  8. EA PLAY 2018 E3 Thread

    Snow maps in BF5 Oh how i have missed you
  9. E3 2018 - General Discussion and News

    Both looking uninteresting...
  10. E3 2018 - General Discussion and News

    Wow.. Superman game ? Interesting.
  11. SONY E3 Experience 2018

    Twisted Metal Battle Royale. I would definitely play that...
  12. E3 2018 - General Discussion and News

    The worst part is most of the studios doing racing games are either working on something else or closed. Even criterion, who showed sme concept for their racing game are now working as 2nd studio to dice in their star wars games..
  13. E3 2018 - General Discussion and News

    So many more, modnation racers, sonic, lbp racing, the list goes on and on... Onrush seems to be fun and getting decent reviews.. Last 2 games were excellent..This should be great fun as well..
  14. E3 2018 - General Discussion and News

    I really hope there are some good arcade racers this year..This generation hardly has any. Any idea, what happened to Sonic All star racing ? There was sequel announced right ?
  15. The Cricket Thread

    Oh ookay.. i went through all the sports channels and dint find any..