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  1. Old news.. But always good to hear someone who fkin gets it.
  2. Same way Mordor and DA were good. But not GOTY Worthy. We just had to pick from whatever was there. If Mordor and DAI came out this year. They wouldn't get even a single nomination.
  3. Bro do you think anyone will even talks about DA or Mordor? It will be completely forgotten games by the end of this gen. Now compare that to Bayonetta 2,Alien Isolation, Divinity, Smash bros. Even a game that is ranked #10 in 2017 is better than #1 game of 2014. 2017 has too many killers.
  4. Yes everyone gave it to this title and DA. Coz WiiU titles werent allowed to win Goty. So fkin dumb. Goty awards is just a giant marketing tactic , to appeal to certain demographics.
  5. Lol what Bloodborne didn't get ignored. It was nominated and won in so many places. Only game that won more than it was Witcher3. And exclusivity also hurt Bloodborne a lot. They Shoulda swapped Horizon or Persona for Nier. But they need at least one western game in there somewhere. But 2017 is just a ridiculously Packed year. Even if you remove ZD,Zelda,Mario,Pubg and Persona 5. You still have Nier,RE7,Cuphead,Yakuza 0,Wolfenstein 2 which are all worthy GOTY contenders. Unlike 2014 where everyone gave it to titles like Dragon Age and sh*t lmao. PUBG created a genre , Zelda re-defined Open world RPGs. Its gonna be a close call between those two.
  6. Pubg gonna make Nintendo fans salty as hell. You can call it buggy, non-optimized...w/e. But ultimately it is the game that defined this year. RE7 should have gotten more recognition. The VR experience is just so insane , its almost hard to categorize it with the other games. Its like the jump from 2D to 3D. Also wtf is up with Destiny2 getting nominated for everything? It even got nominated for best Ongoing game? wtf? That game came out last month.
  7. But didn't Ambar just compare Zelda and Mario. Bold step ... Did you just start gaming yesterday?
  8. They just cashing in bro , doubt they care what happens to the studio.
  9. Its simply ridiculous how fkin sad this industry has turned out with EA leading the charge , Activision almost seem like good guys. 100$ lootboxes in bound.
  10. @mohit9206 You shoulda gone full troll and posted some fake score with it too. 5/10 or something. Would have been hilarious to see how many people rant about the score without clicking the link
  11. From what ive been hearing from people playing the game. Its got extremely bland level design. Which fkin sucks coz they are using the Generations style gameplay which is actually good. Just seems like a rushed title to ride along Manias positive wave.
  12. Is framerate unlocked or Capped to 60fps on PC?
  13. People would rather pay 60$ then get suckered into paying for MTs than paying an extra cost upfront. His idea still works tho , People want stupid sh*t to stand out. Even if it means paying and supporting a bad model.