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  1. Shenmue I & II HD

    Wow they should have just released the Remake. I am guessing they wanted to release the game before Shenmue 3 , so they were tight on a deadline. Hopefully they make it some time in the future.
  2. Devil May Cry 5

    4K 60FPS on PS4 Pro. 4K Native on XB1X. Also 60 Fps on all platforms. This is gonna be godlk to play.
  3. Isn't it obvious ...It wasn't filled with cinematic walking simulators
  4. Whats wrong with Clash of Clans ?
  5. Devil May Cry 5

    Wow they slyle raised the MT prices in just one post. Good job IVG , now the Forum economy is ruined.
  6. Devil May Cry 5

    Sure.... Just pay $2.99
  7. Devil May Cry 5

    People spending money on things they enjoy isn't stupid. Gamers are much older now in general , if someone doesn't have time maybe they can only spare a few hours for this game. Who are you to judge if they spend some money to Quick level through the game ? Maybe they just gonna play for a few hours and just wanna see and enjoy all the moves for that short period. As long as your traditional gaming experience isn't ruined I don't see the problem. You can just ignore it. In DMC4 I didn't even know it was there until I went to the game page and saw the option to buy. Complaining that the game isn't tailored 100% to you is being pretty entitled. CC has a point with the Deluxe Edition Devil Breaker stuff. That sh*t is scummy. But if the MTs remain like how it is in the demo , i don't see a problem. Especially in this genre.
  8. Devil May Cry 5

    The games you mentioned are RPGs/MP games . Where I agree MT f**ks up the whole thing. Those are games where putting in MTs hugely alters in-game economy. In these games you put in time and you gain rewards and loot. This is a core game loop for RPGs. When you put in MTs you put a monetary value on the grind , hence completely making the grind feel like you just worked for 5$ instead of "playing" . With MP games the issue is completely different , you make the game P2W by making the grind harder. It would take someone 10k hours to unlock everything in BF2. If unlocking everything in DMCV takes 2-3 playthroughs , it is stupid comparing the two. As for DMCV. It is an Action game and the enjoyment comes primarily from playing as these characters and doing cool sh*t with them. It is not an RPG , where the grind is a core part of the gameplay. It merely exists to get all the gear and head right over to Bloody palace once ur done with the game. In an game like MHW you made a cool character hunting monsters for hundreds of hours and got armor and sh*t , or you could have just spend 10$ to get the same. That completely ruins the experience however , In DMCV getting the gear isnt a major objective in the game. The combat,combos and using them for that SSS style is the main thing. Also there are games where there weren't any outrage and people played the game just fine without MTs like Assasins Creed. No need to call people names over a video game. People have money , Spending a few bucks on a game is their own choice. Maybe some people don't wanna spend time to play through and enjoy Dante right from the start. Essentially its a Pay 2 Cheat.
  9. Devil May Cry 5

    So then why don't we wait for the game to come out and then trash it ? The other part of outrage culture is doubling down on the outrage. Even if the game comes out and the balance is fine , heck its even easier to skill up now than in previous games. You think people are gonna stop ? Look at that Era thread. Even after they showed the orb count for the Demo.
  10. Devil May Cry 5

    https://www.resetera.com/threads/devil-may-cry-5-red-orb-economy-details-3mil-upgrade-is-not-a-move.70398/ Details about MTs. Looks like a whole lot of outrage over nothing. It seems even less grindy than DMC4. It really feels like MTs were tacked on for lazy people , at this point I feel like they might as well remove it to avoid negative PR. Those orb amounts don't seem like a lot of people will be spending a lot of money.
  11. Devil May Cry 5

    Activision is smart enough to hide that sh*t so that people forget about it on Launch day hype when its getting 90+ MC Score.
  12. Devil May Cry 5

    RPG and Action games are different. In one game stat management and progressions is way more important than the other. Yes in an ideal world it wouldn't have MTs. But MTs in an game like MH is waaaay worse than a game like DMC. Anyway I feel like with all the negative flack they are getting they would either make it just like DMC4. in terms of MTs and sh*t , SFV easily has the best system out of all the fighters. Much cheaper chars,stages,season pass and ways to earn them in game too. So thats 3 , don't think MvC added any really bad MT or scummy tactics either. Other than game looking like sh*t , because MArvel wanted realism. Also I thought every AAA 3rd party game has MTs now?
  13. Devil May Cry 5

    God of War ( 2018 ) and DMC aren't similar games and are barely in the same genre. You aren't going to suddenly beat a boss because you paid money and unlocked a new ability. You don't beat enemies by grinding , its way more skill based than stat based. Like there is no point unlocking a 3m orb skill , if you don't know how to use the 20 other skills you unlocked before it. The end game abilities are only good once you master them. Its NOT like RPGs where once you get end game weapons , early game ones become trash. Like I said earlier. " I think everyone is thinking by paying you are going to unlock Dante Lvl 999 with Lvl 99 Ultra Armor or someshit. When in reality they just gonna have way more moves that they dont know how to use." If this was Dark Souls or something you have a point. Having end game items early on will make it easier and break the game. But for Action games like this it isn't going to affect it as much.
  14. Devil May Cry 5

    If a person has never played a game in the series before how will they know if a game is long enough or if DLC was cutout and they had to pay for it? The answer is Ignore MTs and just play the game like how people always played games ? If it gets too grindy or if you don't feel the progression is satisfactory then you dont like the game. Previous DMCs took 2-3 playthroughs to get everything , if you had average skill. Maybe lesser if you were SSS everything and finding every ord everywhere. If this follows similar skill progression and character upgrades then it is well balanced. This is an action game at the end of it , the goals and what you have fun doing is quite different. It isn't an RPG or an MP where there is an actual in-game economy that gets ruined because you tie it with real world economy. I mean if the game difficulty is the same as old games there is no reason to complain right ? People only get upset when they make it easier.
  15. Devil May Cry 5

    I mean if the game is still balanced the same , its just going to be people who whine for the sake of whining. The twitter dude is crying about how some ultimate move costs the same as 20 skills. Which is there even in 3 and 4 ( games without MTs )