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  1. Dragon Ball Fighters

    One important thing is to master Anti Airing super Dashes with Down Heavy. Get the timing and reaction to do it. I swear you will be better than 90% of the players lol. Then you can play the real meta game with Air dashing and ground pressure. I always say instead of learning combos , try to get comfortable with the game itself. Movement > Combos. Everyone tries to learn big combos,mechanics and setups then keep focussing on landing that combo or setup instead of focussing on the game. Its very overwhelming to use so much information in such a fast paced game. Auto combos itself are enough to beat players even at a mid level of play if your movement is better than them. Maximillians vids are a good start like CC suggested. But try to see how he lands a hit and also how he avoids getting hit , rather than seeing what combo or setup he is doing. Also just start playing online , if you want finish the tutorial so you know the controls and moves. Play online for a few games and see how you are winning/losing then you can ask about stuff from there and ill help you out. But idk how big DBFZ community is in india to get good matches without lag. With lag its just button mashing lol. Cant defend against anything.
  2. Dragon Ball Fighters

    Well yea its a very casual game. Even some of my co workers were able to pick up and have some fun. But ofc they got hit hard by yours truly Auto combos make it very easy to beginners to mash the combo out , and its actually quite strong. Also most fighting games nowadays are quite easy to play if you invest a decent amount of time in training mode. Although this one you can play in just a few rounds lol. But once you hit a certain level , it will get super hard. And it wont really be obvious what you are doing wrong.
  3. Monster Hunter: World

    Ayy bro dont forget SFV : AE.
  4. Monster Hunter: World

    6 Million copies sold now. Should easily hit 10m this year , When PC version comes out. If a Switch version comes out , then even 15-20m might be possible long term.
  5. Monster Hunter: World

    30fps with some framedrops. Not really all that bad.
  6. Monster Hunter: World

    LMAO.. Dunkeys vids are always hilarious. Edit : Video has late game boss spoilers tho
  7. Monster Hunter: World

    The lock on feature is made primarily to help see where the enemy is and the general direction. Do not use it to actually auto attack towards the enemy. Different parts of enemies have weaknesses , so if the lock always targetted you towards the center you cant hit the other parts. I usually remove the lock on once I can see the monster , i only lock on when its trying to flee.
  8. Monster Hunter: World

    No it doesnt. Thats what i thought at first too , but the monsters are like a boss run game. Each of them unique , and so many encounters are different simply because of what all that could happen in the hunt. Since monsters interact with other monsters too.
  9. Monster Hunter: World

    Combat isnt even the main thing. The hunting experience is like no other. I hunting this monster solo for some mission , then when it was low it started running away and some other giant Trex looking mofo started chasing him. Then he hid in some cave and then trex started chasing me . Then i found this unexplored part of the map and had to track it again. It just felt satisfying to do a hunt man , because its so unpredictable. Doesnt feel like a grind-fest like most other games in the genre. Am so happy there isnt any P2w crap in this , would have ruined the experience soo much. Its just the perfect game , my only gripe would be the technical side of things. Hopefully a well optimized PC version can fix that. Basically you join a sort of server/lobby and what ever quest you want to do , ppl in that server can join. If you want to play with friends just invite them to the server and they can join ur quest. Game has Quests and also expeditions to just explore. I told you. This isnt the kind of game that can be judged by playing a demo.
  10. Street Fighter V

    Metacritic - 88/100 Gamespot - 9/10 Eurogamer - Essential The return of the king.
  11. Monster Hunter: World

    Lmao ... Game is on fire. 91 on MC 5 million shipped at launch and already sold out in most places. My friend was trying to buy the game after it released and it was sold out everywhere. Next stock is coming only in 2 weeks. Digital sales for this game are gonna be crazy , since it looks like they undershipped Physical copies. Japan off to a strong start once again this year.
  12. Street Fighter V

    Street Fighter V Arcade Edition IGN - 9.0
  13. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

    Minecraft is a much bigger IP overall. It has tons of merchandise and it appeals to kids , which is a much bigger market. PUBG is very strictly restricted to gaming. And even then we dont know when it might die out. Minecraft lasted for so long to prove it wasnt just a fad. And no PUBG isnt a proven ESports title yet.
  14. Dark Souls

    50% off on Steam for people who already own Dark Souls.
  15. People keep complaining how gaming companies only look at short term gains and dont care about longevity of franchise or anything. But then the consumers are exactly the same Lol. Game is Free now? GET GET GET.