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  1. We Indians have been spoilt with Pre orders for many such games going for Rs 999 ( $15) to Rs 1999 ( $30) max....which is why the new prices Rs 3000 ( $40) or so feels high .
  2. Hellblade new game Rs 729.. Rime Rs 730 Tekken 7 Rs 900 Bohat games saste bhi hai .....I am waiting for Darksiders 3 ...I hope it will be cheap also.... More or less out of 10 games 5 game are still much cheaper on PC( Indian Steam) ,,,New games i am talking about...its not as strong case for pc as once was but itna budha bhi nahi hua hai hum Indians log ke liya....
  3. Yea...cant find it too....came to post some big news going on in the web regarding alien life....
  4. Yea....lot of sales....from Sony ....isliya PS4 owners hamesha khush....some of the best games with best price......sahi hai.....aam ke aam gutliyo ke dam bhi mil jate hai .... :P Nice....
  5. For USA PSN PLUS members its cheaper.
  6. Hai mera paas....the controller with motion plus only...thanks .
  7. I have recently bought good is that?
  8. Yeh simple baat hai that Nintendo is still sticking too that has to be fun and creative....realistic graphics is so not required if game can be good and entertaining. See at the end many of us still play games to get away from reality ...ab sala games mein bhi reality bhad denge toh where will we go....but many young generation just wants to be wowed by realistic graphics.....
  9. Season pass le le...Its cheap bro..Rs 699.
  10. Do you realise that i wrote all that to not only help men who've been abused by women but also Betas/Omegas like yourself? Do you know how far down the ladder you get pushed if hypergamy keeps increasing at the rate it does? The western world is headed in a direction away from the egalitarian paradise originally envisioned. Until last month i was worried if my experiences and the values that i pass on to my children would matter in a country like India. Now i worry if i would ever make a good enough parent considering my personality. I'm desperately hoping to find a way to raise my children to be strong Alpha personalities otherwise i'd be cursing them by bringing them into this world. I was foolish to think that modern-day feminism would bring about happiness for all men and women regardless of their social standing or ideology. If Omega males, especially the ones working in the Tech industry, are reading this then they must wake up and realise that pro-feminist leaders are disconnected from their problems. Pro-feminist leaders promote feminism without any regard for the radical elements that might take root because they are well aware that they will be least affected by its consequences in their lifetime. They have access to resources/connections to take care of their children thus isolating themselves and their families from the consequences of their actions. Bhai tu jyada hi tension le leta hai life ka.........I mean knowledge tak thik hai lekin har cheez practical mein daloge toh aur complicate hojayega...just relax enjoy life with you kids ...Let your kids be themselves....not need to worry much about how exactly to raise them and all...... It is more important to let a person be themselves than try to raise them in particular way or Alpha mode etc.....just my opinion....lena hai toh thik hai ...nahi toh bhi thik hai....
  11. Saw Logan...What a movie.........sahi hai .....the end to a class character....will be remembered.... Wolverine.
  12. Diloon Ka Shooter.... Iska shaadi woh Angel Eye wala Tahir Shah se karado....dono husband wife ... apne aap ko yeh sab sunate rahenga...
  13. I think some of the threads have gone....can't find Space Thread....
  14. Zone of the enders 2nd runner( its almost finish), The Evil Within, Wii U pe Zelda Skyward, Xenoblades, Star Fox....want to atleast finish any one of them before i play BOTW on Wii U , PS3 mein Resonance of fate, Star Ocean .... Actually Ambar bohat games hai..Deus Ex mankind, DS3, PS3 mein bhi kafi abhi tak nahi khela....but I will play Zelda BOTW soon not too soon though ...
  15. The problem is most of these games have taken up quite a log of HDD space on my PC as well as if i manage to finish some of them i can uninstall them and then download other games while i am playing Zelda BOTW.. THanks though...exciting kar diya....sahi hai bhai....