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  1. Detroit: Become Human

    You're right. I will not do that again. Sometimes I am not able to separate art from artists. I don't like David Cage but I will not criticize Detroit until I play the game coz lot of people worked on the game not just David Cage. So I will keep that in mind.
  2. Detroit: Become Human

    He is a shameless idiot who will go to any extent to defend his games or game company, for example EA and BF2 microtransactions and if someone shares different opinions or criticize things he likes then he starts making personal comments. I hope he stops posting and go somewhere else. If he doesn't like my opinions then just ignore. I usually ignore his post unless he quoting me directly. I clearly explained why my opinion changed on HR. Games evolve and change, so what you like in past doesn't mean you will like it even today. Showing 10 year old post will prove nothing. I used to like different types of games back then.
  3. Quantum Break

    Ok, you have a point. MS store did f**ked up some sales. But what about Dishonored 2, Evil within 2 and Wolfenstien 2? And even if Remedy releases AW 2 exclusively on Steam today, game will not do big numbers unless game has some replay value or priced under 40$. If you go and check Steam, Xbox or Psn top sellers, you will not see a single linear 60$ game in top 20. Market is changing and no matter how you spin it facts won't change.
  4. Detroit: Become Human

    That time it was indeed something new and attracted lot of people coz of its amazing graphics technology. But now we have experienced lot of those types of games and now magic is gone. Walking dead game was so good and now nobody gives a sh*t.
  5. Detroit: Become Human

    Go search for my 10 year old post idiot and then ban yourself for good or stop replying to post you don't like.
  6. Quantum Break

    Wrong examples. GOW established IP from PS2 era and new GOW is semi open world like ROTR with side quests and activities. Go read Gi article. Horizon Zero Dawn open world with 100 hours of gameplay Uncharted 12-16 hours experience with multiplayer and coop. Now Alan Wake - 7 hours long game with zero replay value QB same. I hear lot of PC gamers say oh AW Sold million on PC, but truth is that it sold million but not launch, not for full price. Majority of pc gamers buy games during sale at chindi price. There are few hardcore gamers like us who buy AW style games at full price but we are in minority. How much money you think Remedy makes when selling their games in Humble Bundle for 1$? lol. AW was not super successful game when it comes to sales, same goes for QB. QB bombed hard. Wolfenstien 2 fantastic game according to reviews but 50% off after 2 weeks. All Bethesda single player games bombed in line coz market is changing, there are few exceptions but majority of them are failing regardless of their quality. Remedy needs to evolve or else no one will publish their stuff.
  7. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

  8. God of War

    Huh game sharing or Dubai?
  9. God of War

    Bc graphics dekh kar lag raha hai 60gb plus hoga Retail version is 3999 and I digital version will cost me 3000 ( 60$ code for 3000 from Al Pacino).
  10. Detroit: Become Human

    I am not defending Survive or saying you should buy it or saying it's a great game. Game is average / decent and I will get it once Its on sale along with Monster Hunter world. Skyforge Elder God phase will start soon and I have to complete that first then I will try other games. And If you go read my post in Survive thread, then you will see that I only thing i talked about was extra character character slot and not about overall quality of the game. I was just telling people that you don't have to spend money to save your progress coz there was some confusion about it as some youtubers and media sites where spreading false rumours that you have to spend money every time you create manual save slot which is not true. That's all I was talking about.
  11. God of War

    Anyone bought digital copy? What's the download size? Is it mentioned any where?
  12. Quantum Break

    Remedy will have to change the formula if they want to stay relevant as developer. They take way too long to release games and then release it with no replay value like AW and QB. Sale of Wolfenstien proves that you have to add something more than just 8 hours long story to make gamers buy game for full price today.
  13. Detroit: Become Human

    Yes, it's different for everyone. Some people enjoy old games and they play them even today. I don't enjoy many old games including the games I loved like crazy RE4 and Gears 1. Gears 4 was good but I hated the fact it was so linear and similar to old games, absolutely nothing new was in the game. Linear corridor shooter with no freedom to move around. If you go and search my old posts in Skyrim thread then you will see nothing but praise for the game but now I can't play it even for 5 minutes. Combat is absolutely trash and everything looks boring and dull. I loved Wolfenstien but I have not purchased the new one coz there's nothing about it that appeals to me. Just go and check current games I play on PS4 and Xbox. You will see nothing but open world non linear games, and right now I'm playing nothing but Skyforge and Fortnite, that's all I play. I used to love linear scripted games but now I don't enjoy them much.
  14. Detroit: Become Human

    Have you not read all the news about David Cage and how he treats employees? Joe That post is 8 years old smh. bc searching 8-10 years post In 8 years taste changes especially in when it comes to games, if I liked something back then doesn't mean I will enjoy it today as well. I loved RE4 and now f**king hate it. I can't stand stop and shoot mechanics anymore. I can't play it more than 10 mins and I have it on PC installed.
  15. Detroit: Become Human

    Opinion change sometimes as time goes by, I liked Gears 2 when it came out but not anymore. Same goes for RDR. I loved Bayonetta but when played Bayonetta recently, I did not enjoy it much. So I deleted it from hdd. I used to enjoy linear action games alot but now I only play open world or always online Gass type games. Before I was only in linear games but don't enjoy them much now. I used to love Teltale games but now I hate them. If you consider this Schizophrenia then go ahead call me that you moron. I don't care, your opinion worth nothing to me. Bunch of losers calling sh*t on forum doesn't mean anything to me. Also Having Platinum doesn't always mean I like the game. I have Platinum in lot of bad / average games. HR Platinum was easy, so I platinumed it. If game is easy I platinumed it or 1000g it. I have 1000g in Lollipop chainsaw and Platinum in UC3 and don't like these much. I don't like Beyond and HR but Platinum was so easy, so went ahead did it. And I have played Fahrenheit on PC idiot.