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  1. Every once in a while, even the most skeptical of us, come across scum who take us for a ride and screw us in the end when it comes to buying/selling video games or any used/new commodity for that matter. Tell me your best/worst/funniest experiences so far. PS: I dunno if there has been such a topic before. If so, excuse the repeat.
  2. Hey  Hi , 


    M interested in these 2 below for PS3. PM me with details and avaialbility.


    Uncharted 2 among thieves

    God of war 3 







  3. God of War Spoiler Thread

    all thanks to the training from the souls games
  4. God of War Spoiler Thread

    I was so focussed on end game stuff that I missed the final upgrades for axe and blades. I thought they jus pop up along the story and didn even aftr Jotunheim. Found finally in the dwarves' shop.
  5. God of War Spoiler Thread

    So this just happened...my first plat too. 100% done.
  6. God of War Spoiler Thread

    I think the same. It seems completely disrespectful to the devs and gaming community as a whole. I lost alot of respect for bill after this. I know clueless gamer is supposed to be how non-gamers react but this is jus bashing it unnecessarily. The game is masterfully done and conan have been positive to lesser games before.
  7. Kindly leave 2 feedbacks for the controller and games each :)

  8. [PSN] Bloodborne Online

    any BB players still playing the game?