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  1. Ah yup. Done with IVG.
  2. That was for a week only. Permaban this time plox
  3. Mods can still see bro. Don't worry
  4. @KnackChap in coming
  5. No interest in buying X just for the multi plats who like a tad better Why should i play Forza 7 when i have already a better game in GT
  6. This is a good point. sh*t happens.
  7. Movie Discussion Thread

    Saw Murder on the Orient Express. Nice movie but could have been a lot better. Superb one Time watch though. Sad Depps role wasn't much.
  8. This is the pattern of ivg now. Paplu taplus will copy a link from another forum and paste here. Karo phir uspe chutiyapa
  9. It isn't subjective Einstein. Everyone who plays GT Sport loves it. You either don't get it or if you get it then you love it. Baat Khatam. Reviews were more for content than anything. But for Chuza 7, we all know how many dislike it. Even Racing Baboons would love GT once they play Sport Mode
  10. Tum bhi patti utar lo
  11. Forza lol. GT is miles better than Forza 7. Patti utaro aankh se
  12. Stupid list. Where is GT Sport? Why don't racing games don't get such awards?
  13. Assassin's Creed: Origins

  14. Secret Santa 2017

    Forgot to update. Won't be able to take part this year. Please remove my name abhi. Merry Christmas and a happy new Year to All