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  1. Wtf Why dafaq you would cheat when you are this good Or was he fooling all the time.
  2. The TV Decision Making thread

    Warranty is f**ked up as well. Standard is 1 year on tv plus1 year on panel. Extended is 1 year on tv and 2 years on panel. So total if i go for extended, its 2 years on tv and 3 on panel.
  3. The TV Decision Making thread

    I called sony. Its 12k for 2 years, store guy giving for 10k. I guess i will take extended warranty for peace of mind.
  4. The TV Decision Making thread

    Anyone have any idea how much extended warranty costs? I m going for sony x85 and store guy is telling 10k for 2 years. Is it that costly?
  5. Thanks bro.Will try this if problem occurs again. Unplugged everything and restarted after some time. No issues after that. Ya launch ps4. Thats some weird problem lol.
  6. Installed the recent update. Now the ps4 is ejecting disc by itself Happened twice with fifa f**k no man
  7. Red Dead Redemption 2

    95 incoming.
  8. ~The TV Shows Thread~

    Watch Yeh Meri Family on Netflix guys. Simply Brilliant
  9. Movie Discussion Thread

    Dammit. Andhadun was awesome. Absolutely brilliant. Tabu and Ayushman were seriously Wow Tumbaad was good too though many things didn't work for me. Decent watch.
  10. The TV Decision Making thread

    I have to buy 2 tvs of the same model for 8k Its totally future proof Boy
  11. The TV Decision Making thread

    It does Boy. Oh ya pro doesn't have a 4k player but normal BDs play. I thought it played only games,there was no BD support at all
  12. The TV Decision Making thread

    Ah didn't know that. Still have no plans for Pro. PS5 is 2020 i guess.
  13. The TV Decision Making thread

    Nope. No pro. Sony f**kers didn't include a BD Drive. f**king idiots.
  14. Resident Evil 7

    Are dlcs worth buying? Getting gold edition worth?