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  1. Phir bhi jyada hai. Bol haan ab, jyada shaana mat ban tu
  2. 60 million on marketing is the problem here.
  3. PD and Sony can take a cactus up in their a*s for this Online thing. FU you Idiots Apparently the server was down a while ago and no one could save their progress unless they keep ps4 On. Server down on 2nd day for gods sake. You Jackasses, You f**king Cunts. Release a patch for this Bull sh*t. Chutiye kahike saale.
  4. Fifa 18 is awesome. Really liking the gameplay. Great work EA. Fix pro clubs idiots
  5. Getting praised everywhere. Superb stuff again. Will get this soon.
  6. So the second game is also about Killing orcs only There is so much to the world like goblins,elves,wizards,etc but they chose orcs again to only Kill them How dafuq can you f**k up Story in a Tolkein world twice So much potential totally wasted by this Open World Orc Killing Crap. Poor Evil Within 2 will get slaughtered in sales but this Mediocre game will sell tons Such a sad state for games these days and such Idiotic gamers. Sometimes i feel whole gaming scene should just reset. f**kers could have choose a different setting why f**k up a Beautiful Lore and don't even expose the meaty part to a new audience This game will get forever hate from me like TR.
  7. Driving in this game looks a lot like Driveclub to me. A wee bit more sim but shades of DC. Am i right?
  8. EA is idiot here. A normal game if sold 4m then it will get a sequel and is a sure shot Hit. Thats totally EA Fault. 4m is huge for such genre.
  9. GT is better than Forza not this time but Always
  10. I always go with R2/L2. Do Nurburgring circuit Experience full lap without segments. Hum 5 baar try kiya, 5 baar fail ho gya in the last sector. Nurburgring looks bonkers True man so good to be back.
  11. Nurburgring Nordeschelief Straightaway went to this Circuit experience on a full lap. Couldn't get bronze even but the experience Spun Everytime on last sector
  12. Hope you know about SR rating. Drive carefully. Heres my video from demo. Feared to not touch anyone
  13. Thats true. Some offline content is not accessible unless you connect to server but Arcade mode is accessible which is where people will go eventually after completing SP. Thats not a big deal. If it wasn't for the demo, i wouldn't have Bought it at Launch for sure. But the demo was so outstanding that you just had to surrender and simply buy it eyes closed. It was like Magic which seduced you simply.
  14. Oh Baby. Less than 3 Hours to go @Survivor If you are looking for a racing game where driving is simple to grasp and enjoyable even for a newbie and one of the best presentation and a super polished product then GT Sport is for you. Online component is only 1 mode which is Sport Mode which is superb. There is plethora of Offline content as well. And do note PD adds lot of content after Release be it tracks,cars,events or mode. GT is always a good investment. Do note offline progress save is not available as Saves are online only as of now. Though i think it will be patched. FU PD for this. Non sense.