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  1. Unravel 2

    Awwww. Thats so sad to hear Oh Lord Vishnu please save Jishnu
  2. Wrestling fans

    Ronda Rousey Best edition to WWE in years. Lady Stone Cold The way the title match swung from power to submission to sheer grit and then that fiery dont say die attitude was awesome to watch. Superb match.
  3. Marvel's Spider-man

    This so much. The swinging mechanic is super awesome and game looks great till now but it will get boring after a while doing the same thing. Thats why i will wait for reviews on this. Its a maybe on Spidey Buy.
  4. Unravel 2

    Oh great then. Will buy this weekend. Thanks.
  5. Marvel's Spider-man

    The Xbox Army is marching now after General Joe broke the creasefire
  6. Unravel 2

    Anyone played this yet?
  7. Marvel's Spider-man

    true that quixigote bhai. I m in the PlayStation army
  8. Marvel's Spider-man

    Well the pattern is across threads PlayStation deluded army That was a quick burn. So some people are willing to discuss your points and you call them that. Dayum. Thats Zodak level stuff. Joe the new Zodak is a good custom title i think
  9. The Formula 1 Thread

    Alonso with toyota won at Le Mans. Although it was a predictable victory
  10. 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia - Matchday 5!

    Ofcourse it is baaki hai but that doesn't mean we can't discuss. Nemmo rani badi sayani.
  11. Marvel's Spider-man

    Its high time we give Joe a custom title now. Always moaning joe will be fine
  12. 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia - Matchday 5!

    Man Germany is doomed Werner and Gomez are sh*t. Zero threat yesterday. Muller is bull sh*t nowadays,Needs lewandowski to succeed looks like it. All Germany did was shoot from outside barring few occasions. Without a good striker, can't see German going distance in this world cup. And some people still defend Germany after yesterday's horse sh*t performance

    Bc whatta trailer Them Chills
  14. 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia - Matchday 5!

    Muller is quite lucky to be playing in a sh*t league with a dominant team otherwise he would have been booted by now if he was playing in a decent league. Absolute sh*t player. Should not start at all. Didn't i tell ya that Germany lacked attackingly? And boy that showed today. f**k Muller and Khedira.