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  1. PS Now for you then
  2. BC is sh*t. Would rather have remakes like SOTC and RE2. To realize those worlds with full power of today`s technology is something else.
  3. hope

    APEX Legends

    Lets Jam up then
  4. hope

    Gran Turismo Sport

    Have lost count now how many races i have lost at Dragon trail just because of the bus stop chicane
  5. hope

    APEX Legends

    Only 1 life then Pichhu se maar diya kisi ne toh Team mates are must then
  6. hope

    APEX Legends

    Is it like Battlefield where if i die i have to walk 2 kms to reach the area again where the action is?
  7. hope

    APEX Legends

    So this is a free to play game. If i start this now, i will be battered assuming other players would have bought a sh*t ton of upgrades? How does this work then for newbies?
  8. hope

    The Order - 1886

  9. hope

    Resident Evil 2: REMAKE

    The wheelchair lady gets up So far what i have played she is only switching places Son havent met yet, wife just debued
  10. hope

    Movie Discussion Thread

    Everyone cries mate. That Scene when Kaushal cries during war cry was just too hard to watch.
  11. hope

    Resident Evil 2: REMAKE

    Yes. And then you are followed by another mad man who does all sorts of crazy things and he has no qualms about harming himself by your weapon
  12. hope

    The Order - 1886

    This seems to be have been resurrected. Is something cooking?
  13. hope

    Movie Discussion Thread

    Had a teary eye but not much
  14. hope

    Movie Discussion Thread

    Saw Uri. Very good movie. Them Chills were just too much to handle. Everyone cried.