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  1. 544 is a crazy time This Challenge has been cat and mouse throughout. Epic.
  2. WTF, ROTR in UC thread. Tauheen hai yeh UC ki. Also the devs aren't making Visuals prettier only , they are enhancing all features. Look how UC4 turned out. Anyway it's the last UC as of now. So enjoy what ND has to offer. Do not doubt ND As for hype, its low due to protagonist i think.
  3. Thts with only digital i guess.
  4. What an Episode Roller Coaster of a ride Me sad but
  5. Damm. Every one is just so close @adi will do the latest one bro. Sent from my Redmi Note 3 using Tapatalk
  6. Nice. Gori mem patai ki nhi koi
  7. Dats awsm man. Totally unexpected Wow. JINDER The Modern Day Maha raja baby Haters gonna Burn now
  8. Beaten for now Dat first freakin turn is so hard Seriously tif,man my wrist gives up after few laps.
  9. Wow. What time guys
  10. Ok.Great Time bro.
  11. Nice Challenge Riley. Heman u using a Wheel bro?
  12. Do you watch those Gordon Ramsay shows? I can see Hells kitchen, kitchen nightmares,etc. Which one is worth a watch?
  13. Epi 7 will be more like East Watch i think to setup Season 8. Its kinda disappointing that we Again have to wait so long for the conclusion.I kinda wish Cersie would have died earlier so we could get straight to the action.Anyways still a great watch. Also, little finger has to die now.Cant see him winning over Arya and Sansa together.I guess epi 7 he dies.That Alone would make the epi glorious
  14. Started Exorcist season 1 yesterday, finished it today. Simply Brilliant Cant wait for Season 2. Simply superlative Acting by whole cast