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  1. The Space Thread

    Hey Guys Post all Space Related News here. The VOYAGERS The Voyagers 1 & 2 launched in 1977,Mankinds Farthest Probe Sails into the Interstellar Space at this moment.Voyager 1 left our Solar System in 2012.Voyagers are the farthest we have reached,past our Solar System and headed to the Oort Cloud in a Lonely Journey in a Hope to find Species of our Kind.A Golden Disk is attached to the Voyagers containing all information about our Species. Track real time Voyager data in this Official NASA Site https://voyager.jpl.nasa.gov Latest Info On Voyager : Its 138AU from Earth now https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/06/14/voyager_1_passes_another_milestone_is_now_138au_from_home/ James Webb Space Telescope The Next Big Thing The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), previously known as Next Generation Space Telescope (NGST), is a part of NASA's ongoing Flagship program and developed in cooperation with the European Space Agency and Canadian Space Agency. It is under construction and scheduled to launch in October 2018. The JWST will offer unprecedented resolution and sensitivity from long-wavelength (orange-red) visible light, through near-infrared to the mid-infrared (0.6 to 27 micrometers). While the Hubble Space Telescope has a 2.4-meter (7.9 ft) mirror, the JWST features a larger and segmented 6.5-meter-diameter (21 ft 4 in) primary mirror and will be located near the Earth–Sun L2 point. A large sunshield will keep its mirror and four science instruments below 50 K (−220 °C; −370 °F).
  2. Ah yup. Done with IVG.
  3. That was for a week only. Permaban this time plox
  4. Mods can still see bro. Don't worry
  5. No interest in buying X just for the multi plats who like a tad better Why should i play Forza 7 when i have already a better game in GT
  6. This is a good point. sh*t happens.
  7. Movie Discussion Thread

    Saw Murder on the Orient Express. Nice movie but could have been a lot better. Superb one Time watch though. Sad Depps role wasn't much.
  8. This is the pattern of ivg now. Paplu taplus will copy a link from another forum and paste here. Karo phir uspe chutiyapa
  9. It isn't subjective Einstein. Everyone who plays GT Sport loves it. You either don't get it or if you get it then you love it. Baat Khatam. Reviews were more for content than anything. But for Chuza 7, we all know how many dislike it. Even Racing Baboons would love GT once they play Sport Mode
  10. Forza lol. GT is miles better than Forza 7. Patti utaro aankh se
  11. Stupid list. Where is GT Sport? Why don't racing games don't get such awards?
  12. Assassin's Creed: Origins

  13. Secret Santa 2017

    Forgot to update. Won't be able to take part this year. Please remove my name abhi. Merry Christmas and a happy new Year to All
  14. Be more wiser next Time. Keep auto download off. So if next time you make such wrong decisions, atleast a feature implemented by a company can save your blushes. Which game it is btw?
  15. Next time. Spend your money wisely. Think before buying anything instead of blaming a billion dollar company. Seriously dude. Even that PC only company like Steam has a refund feature but a Billion dollar company like Sony doesn't. Ah Shame.
  16. Gran Turismo Sport

    My Pole lap at Manufacturer race today Started pole but finished 8th. Lap 2 went on the grass on one of the easiest corner Then 7 secs of pens for cutting corners. Got 368 Points. After i switched to chase cam, making too many mistakes. Yamagiwa is my strongest track and gave away an easy pole thrice now Then comes Interlagos. Clueless about this track Couldn't go beyond 1:42 while ruzi sits at 1:39 with same car. Qualified 19th, finished 18th Even the 17th guy was 8 secs ahead of me. Snails pace and i don't know where i am making the mistakes. tCS is 0 also but everyone just goes past me on this track.
  17. Gran Turismo Sport

    Nice. Sport mode is awesome fun especially FIA. Even finishing last is good fun. You made a Wrong move on the first turn. You were not even level with the car to pass through inside. No right to pass. Bad Divebomb
  18. Gran Turismo Sport

    Yup i also tried Bettle after patch. Didn't like the car in Chase Cam. Switched to RSR. Also driving with Chase Cam now as track cam is too much action and stressful Much easier to drive in Chase Cam though i am spinning way often without Countersteering.
  19. Absolutely Foolish and idiotic if you want a refund for a game you bought an hour ago and even started downloading it Can't you apply a little thought before buying. Why buy and then crib about the company for not having a refund process when you itself made a Foolish decision. Jeez People just moan for every Silly thing
  20. Gran Turismo Sport

    Yup keeping a lead is always more satisfying. Heres my Latest Suzuka Win. From lap 4 i start to put pressure, 2nd place overshoots a turn and 1st place makes a mistake. Kept 2 sec lead throughout. Amazing. .
  21. Gran Turismo Sport

    Aise hi bola hum re. Maybe by watching his video, we can suggest him ways to keep out from these incidents.