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  1. Sadly no.
  2. Mathrfackring steem I can't buy anything.
  3. Nope it aint. Operation mode is always empty unless you do a quick search in which it always put you in a game that is almost over or is like 28 vs 10. Conquest is okayish with current player count but other modes are empty.
  4. Yeah we are only talking about pc. @Heaven Angelwait till you hit level 3. Level 3 is like level 50 of old games...unlocks everything. Oh and those awesome vehicle spawns.
  5. Dead game. Everyone switched/switching back to bf4.
  6. What i said is not what I think. Paul Joyce said it (I doubt United fans even know him) and he is the most trusted source when it comes to Liverpool and not some xyz verified account. Dembele to Barca and Mbappe to PSG and how those players want to move just because those clubs are a step up is also reported by Marzio (if you know him) and not by me.
  7. Dont believe everything that you read; Barca asked player to do this, Barca made Pep do it (pep hate the current board), etc, etc. No player would say no to FCB, RM and Bayern. *We want you* this is more than enough to make you do such things. Sadly there is no buyout law in both the leagues otherwise it would have been easy.
  8. Coutinho is in for a hell ride if pool doesn't accept the third bid of 110M. Missing training, handed over a transfer request, irked everyone...not the right way to leave. Also LFC needs to understand that if a player wants to leave, then let him go. FCB made a bid of 130M for dembele. Desperate time but a star player.
  9. Well as per the most trusted sources when it comes to barcelona - CatRadio, Rac1 and Mario- Hazard, although a great player, doesn't fit barcelona and they won't go after him. Dembele / dybala and Coutinho are the prime target. Barca want Verrati and player has expressed interest BUT since there is no buyout clause rule in French league, he can't force the move which might damage his own reputation. His transfer might take time but he will leave PSG in Jan or Summer for sure. Both spanish giants are interested in him but he's more keen in joining Barca because of the garunteed playtime. ------------------------------ Oh and small clubs can't say no to 100+ millions. So a deal with Dortmund won't be a problem. Liverpool..... 😊
  10. Overall it's a great deal for Barca. Now they've 300 million to spend and don't need to get rid of anyone else (but they'll). They can improve the squad so much. Priority right now are Dembele & Coutinho. After these two, they need to wait and snatch Verrati in Jan.
  11. Dembele will replace him.
  12. Source- catradio- most trusted source when it comes to FC Barcelona. This is exactly what FC Barcelona needs right now. A midfielder and a striker/winger.
  13. How am I supposed to sell? If I redeem the loot, I need to login into my account to connect PUBG and prime. There are no codes for the loot.
  14. Game mechanics are damn good but gets boring pretty soon. It is the same thing over and over and over again. Drop from an airplane- search for loot- Hide to survive (do not engage)- wait till the alive counter is down to 10- if not in zone, then keep moving and stay hidden- shoot the remaining 2-3 guys and win- repeat.
  15. Available for 30$ on Amazon US (Disc) if anyone is interested. Did Devs reduce the price or what? 40$ std price (no discount).