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  1. Well tbh OP commanders were present in CoH2. Brits were released along with a Churchill Croc commander that used to roast infantry or Royal Airforce commander that can call in bombers to level everything in a huge area or Sim City commander that made emplacements almost (almost) impossible to destroy. Same thing happened with Axis elite commander with a tiger ace that had 8000 health and couldn't be destroyed. Soviet had industry commander that would allow you to pump out medium tanks in 8 mins. All these commanders could be bought but I didn't buy any of these commanders and got all of them by playing the game. This didn't stop me from playing/enjoying the game. These OP commanders didn't help a nub sitting at rank 2000 to climb to 1000...so yeah skills do count. Same thing applies to this game...buy whatever you want to buy...don't have skills to hit 5k mark? Well you ain't getting that Hero or OP unit.
  2. In a 20v20 match, there are at least 12 players in one team who never ever touch 5k points aka noobs (sad they can't play as a hero but not my headache). So even if these noobs buy these things, it won't help them because they can't do sh*t. Now onto the top 5 players (where you usually should be in an ez game like this one), they are getting 5k points multiple times (getting rewarded for their skills) in a single game and they actually know how to use them. All I was doing was flaking without getting killed and I was able to touch 4-5k points mark in the first area itself. So yeah....it is an easy game for decent players but hard as f**k for noobs....then again I don't care about them. They will move on to another game after a month or so anyhow.
  3. So you really wanted to play the mp and dominate it but now you feel you won't be able to enjoy the mp part because of this micro transaction thingy? When was the last time you actually played a mp in a fps/tps game with 40 players or more? ----------------------------------- That GameSpot video, he's crying about a scope. Scope in a game where there is no recoil and even in tps mode your gun will hit the target 90% of the time. All these kids who'll buy crates will still require 5k points to get the best unit in the game and 3k to get a decent unit and that ain't easy. I was flying around in beta with 2-3k points unit and dominating matches. It's an easy game with no k/d or recoil or physics. Meet a hero that gets unlocked at 5k points (that you've to earn) in a building and he'll destroy your whole team...So will you cry OP thingy here too?
  4. Done.
  5. Origin- PC.
  6. Assault mode is good but strike is so bad. Game looks and runs very well...
  7. 2nd best armor in the game? Nora silent hunter is kinda cool because it adds stealth and you can always dodge but is there any other armor that is worth buying/trying? Poorly designed skill tree...other skills in tinker tree line are bad but I want that skill. I also want triple arrows but then other skills in that line are sheet. Damn! Also what items are safe to sell?
  8. Guys should I keep on playing the main story missions till the time I don't get that OP OP armor? Will I miss something if I don't do anything else? I really want to do other stuff but not without that armor.
  9. Maybe. This is my first cod mp experience. Still...why not give each class a different set?
  10. So I started the game and was asked to pick a regiment/division. All of them have a different loadout. I picked Airborne (close medium range class like medic in bf). Then it showed me the loadout and I was like wtf?!...i can change my loadout and can pick sniper, shotgun, etc, and all these weapons belong to different regiment/division. So yeah...the initial *pick a division* is bs.
  11. Do not worry! Leo will never leave FC Barcelona. He has a mutual agreement and will sign the renewal soon. Whole team is kinda done with the current board. They are not good enough to lead this club and hence he is delaying the signature to put some pressure on the board. Board is not signing players that are required. Paulinho signing is again full of controversy. The president of the club, called f**king c*nt, is a CEO of the company that owns/has shares in the team that Paulinho played for in China. Seri is perfect for FC Barcelona but board is more interested in Coutinho. Coutinho is not required and Seri cost only 40M. Board is suing Neymar who took 23 million renewal bonus and then left (good thing he did). As per the board, the amount should be returned since he did not honor the agreement and told players not to meet Neymar BUT if you check Instagram, all barca players went against the board and not only met Neymar but also celebrated his son's birthday. Players want to kick this board out and FC barcelona socios have already started signature petition that requires 15000 socios signatures to dissolve the current board. Recently the most trending thing on twitter was- #baromeuDimiteYA and #BartomeuDimiteHoy - basically Bartomeu (President of FC barcelona) resign today. Everyone is against them. FC Barcelona is in hell right now and would probably have a bad season but making this board leave is the priority.
  12. Dead game. Even CoH2 (Relic) has more active players than DoW3 (Relic)
  13. Well they also made CoH1 & 2 and both are fkin awesome. But yeah don't expect much from Relic. DoW3 already done and CoH2 has more active players than DoW3. Community patches and Kyle keeping CoH2 alive.
  14. AOE 3 is shite and AOE 2 HD version is already available on steam. Sooooo..........?