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  1. Secret Santa 2018 (10th Anniversary)

    Abhinit , you haven’t replied to my message.
  2. ~The TV Shows Thread~

    So the 41 year old virgin? The sequel to the Steve Carrel classic
  3. FIFA 19

    He is crazy good!
  4. ~The TV Shows Thread~

  5. Happy birthday joe! :)

    1. Joe Cool

      Joe Cool

      Thanks, Rosh 😊

  6. The Travel Thread

    You can but a child might struggle with low oxygen levels. Saw many families with kids aged 4-8, take precautionary medicines,winter clothing and get an oxygen cylinder for safety.
  7. The Travel Thread

    Yeah forget about internet,In my 7 days there having stayed at the some of the best places like sarai hotels(highly recommend) internet was sporadic due to it being govt. BSNL sh*t (no private service providers). Dry toilets on the roads I mean - you have long travels on your bikes/cabs.In the Ladakh region hotels were fine, however from what I’ve heard other places have limited water supply. Just don’t breath it and it’ll be fine so, we took a flight from Delhi to leh (fairly high point) and we needed the rest day, you need it as well. Srinagar is not at an high altitude ? So why rest there? The real heights begin at leh, rest day needed there to get used to low oxygen levels. personally I wouldn’t visit in Nov/December but you can consult with others in that regard.
  8. The Travel Thread

    I visited leh , nubra valley and pangong lake a few months ago, so not December but I can tell that during December it’s not the best idea as most of the roads can be closed with possible landslides and weather impact. ( our Cab driver himself told us he has no work during the winter so I’m guessing you can’t do it in the winter ?) safety wise - it’s very well protected with army bases being nearby. Hope you’re not scared of the heights though Also, as the above member said, 1 day rest once you have made a reasonable climb is recommended to get used to the lower oxygen levels being a desert area and all that. My elder sister suffered a lot because of the above but others didn’t, someone at the hotel we stayed at needed oxygen as well, so carrying an oxygen cylinder is not a bad idea. keep in mind, dry toilets (look it up) and only postpaid BSNL connections work there (no signal / patchy signals at many places as well). If you want some recommendations for places to stay etc send me a pm, my brother in laws’ friend is a tour planner there, will give you his contact info.
  9. The Football Thread

    Was a treat to watch.
  10. ~The TV Shows Thread~

    American vandal. check the above show out guys! another amazing Netflix original.
  11. What you bought this week

  12. What you bought this week

    Among them , Which ones would you use extensively ? To me only prime, Netflix and YouTube and used.
  13. What you bought this week

    He’s from the US, what’s the point of it though if you’ve got a smart tv ?