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  1. GameAnalyzer

    Gears of War 4

    lol i have spent more than 100hrs on listening this sound track. Its just simple yet amazing.
  2. GameAnalyzer


    Exactly. The players count is also very less compared to Dota 2.
  3. GameAnalyzer


    Yeah as expected, the only powerful card in this game is credit card.
  4. GameAnalyzer


    I remember playing CS:GO on my laptop during college days. It used to run on 40fps but when someone throws a smoke bomb; FPS drops to 20 lol.
  5. GameAnalyzer

    Secret Santa Gifts Thread - 2018

    Received the last gift from my Santa. Thank you so much for this amazing collectible.
  6. GameAnalyzer

    Secret Santa Gifts Thread - 2018

    Thank you so much Santa for the wonderful gits. My Santa have sent me 4gift. I have got 3. Still 1 to come. Please reveal yourself Santa. Thanks and wish you a very happy new year.
  7. GameAnalyzer

    Secret Santa Gifts Thread - 2018

    My Santa forgot about me it seems.
  8. GameAnalyzer

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

    Merry Christmas IVG. 🎂💐💐
  9. GameAnalyzer

    Secret Santa Gifts Thread - 2018

    My banta received his gift today. But he didn't post yet guessing he didn't like
  10. GameAnalyzer

    Devil May Cry 5

    I played the demo. I kinda liked it. Finally a good dmc game after dmc4. The combats are easy to learn.
  11. GameAnalyzer

    What you bought this week

    Congrats. If you are up to play Gears 4 (Co-op) or other games (Sea of thieves... etc) hit me up. If you already played Gears 4 then try it on X with Performance mode (60fps). It runs butter smooth. And DMC 5 demo also coming out tomorrow.
  12. GameAnalyzer

    FIFA 19

    I just watched. it now. damn He's really good. #Respect.
  13. That's f**ked up. The guy should have realized that in e-Sports events there are Anti Cheat Invigilators/Referee. (They spectate the game whole game) . That is a dumb move to do that right infront of them. But out of all this he also managed to delete the hacks right infront of them. :| 09:42 - The moment when he got caught by referees.