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  1. IVG is Back!!!

    As you all can see, IVG seems to be back. From the past few weeks the site was not accessible and we almost thought that the only decent community Indian Gamers had is gone. Glad to be back! This thread would be a good place to discuss what went wrong? Should we expect any future outages? How can we all come as a community and help?
  2. PS4 Battlefield 1 Player please post your PSN ID

    Add me:- varundbest
  3. The PSN ID thread

    Add me :- varundbest
  4. Battlefield 1

    Need people who use Mic to play battlefield together. Add me on PSN :- varundbest
  5. Secret Santa Gifts Thread - 2017

    Third gift will reach by 27 December.
  6. Secret Santa Gifts Thread - 2017

    So my Secret Santa is:- @adity My Gifts :- Loved them! Thanks Just have to find a way to RIP audio CDs now.
  7. Secret Santa 2017

    You should pass it on then, that stuff sent to your previous house with your name on it won't really look so good to your acquaintances...
  8. Secret Santa 2017

    Let the stalking begin!
  9. Playstation Network Sales

    If anyone doesn't plan to use their coupon then they may PM me.
  10. Playstation Network Sales

    I thought there are going to be more deals...
  11. Playstation Network Sales

    Where would I get better PSN deals? My US Account or Indian PSN (i have PS+ on Indian Account). Want to know so I can decide if I want to fill my US ID with $$ or not.
  12. PS4 repair in Bangalore?

    Its 30%
  13. [Solved] CE-34335-8 After updating to 5.0 (PS4 Pro)

    I have accepted this Unit as a Lemon which got triggered as soon as Update 5.0 hit (With less Fault Tolerance). Have raised a Pickup request at Sony Deutschland and send a subsequent Mail to allow me to ship it directly to their Service Center. Will probably get the return item Shipped at our Deutschland Office (Or India if they are willing) and get a Colleague to ship it to me.
  14. [Solved] CE-34335-8 After updating to 5.0 (PS4 Pro)

    I haven't even started any Game, it Crashes on freaking Settings menu, YouTube App, etc.
  15. [Solved] CE-34335-8 After updating to 5.0 (PS4 Pro)

    Edit 3:[24 Oct, 2017] Replaced the HDD and PS4 lasted a little longer than it used to (>40 minutes) but then I got a Crash/Dropout with Error code CE-36329-3 and Crashed/Dropped Out again upon restart when I tried to Report the error. Updated to 5.01 (On new HDD) and Back to square one: CE-34335-8 PS4 doesn't even start anymore!