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  1. PSN Store Flash Sale :-!/en-us/flash-sale/cid=STORE-MSF77008-FLASHSALE17LP
  2. I got the PS4 Pro last month. He carried it in his laptop bag.
  3. Isn't this thread a little redundant when we have a Now Playing section in our profiles?
  4. So they gave me refund in terms of PSN store credits (Indian). I'll probably buy Horizon's DLC with it as i'll have to get DLCs of physical discs from Indian store only.
  5. I'm a simple guy and like to keep things straight and simple. "I bought a 12 months subscription of Playstation Plus only to realize that Indian PSN Store Sucks compared to virtually any other region's store. I would like to have a refund on that."
  6. Sent a refund request to them. Let's see how it goes.
  7. Any idea on how to get a Refund? It says i can do that with 14 days of buying.
  8. Cheaper with PS+ and I don't get Cloud saves now (Since US is my main account)
  9. Bought Indian PS Plus for 12 months last night, i guess i fked up bad... PSN Sales thread is filled with deals for US PSN and it would've costed be lesser...
  10. A $20 PSN card is costing around 1700-1800 on Amazon
  11. Really? That would suck pretty bad... Edit:- Bought ps+ on my indian account. For ease of payment and discounts on DLCs for Indian region games.
  12. How would I load money into us psn other than using psn cards?
  13. Quick Question:- My main PSN account is a US one (From old PS3 Days) and i have an Indian account (Which i initially created but left as PSN Store wasn't available back in those days). I mostly buy Physical Discs as you can trade, etc. Would it be any beneficial for me to buy PS Plus on my main US account? Or Just buy Plus on Indian account and play on US one. Any substantial discounts or offers over there, these days (In 2017)?
  14. AFAIK, you have to match region of the game with the region of dlc. Other than that, they will be payable on all primary accounts regardless of regions.