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  1. Also the fact that Nintendo has managed to make the environments so freaking varied. Every region of the map has its own distinct style and atmosphere. I mean the game would have easily fallen flat on its face if the environments were samey or they had nothing to offer the gamer. But damn, did they nail it!
  2. My copy of the game was shipped about a week ago by shopto. Yet to get it
  3. The bad animation and tech glitches are no deal breakers. IMO. How does the story, immersion, characters and world-building fare? Those were the things that I loved about the original trilogy!
  4. Heard that you can. Never bothered to try it out since I am pretty happy with Canadian store. Just google
  5. Breath of the Wild. The force is strong with this one.
  6. I use the Canadian estore on my 3DS. Yet to buy anything online for the switch though. You'll find the prices to be pretty reasonable and Indian CC do work. Mario Kart and Splatoon you can play online with other people. As far as MK8 is concerned, you can also play local co-op with friends and AI characters filling in the rest.
  7. Good list of games, but Chrono Trigger should have been there.
  8. Is the game worth getting? I've not been very keen on getting this after all the negative reviews and stuff. I am a big time Mass Effect fan with ME2 being one of my most fav games of all time. How does this stack up to the original trilogy?
  9. As Big Boss said, it is absolutely not an issue. There were times when I felt I should have better managed the weapons, but there are so many good weapons lying around that you won't ever feel the need to hoard. Besides, since you can make enemies drop their weapons even before killing them, its really fun knocking them over with a weak spear or sword and then grabbing their own gear and finishing them off with it ^This. And also A Link Between Worlds. Hands down one of the best 2D Zelda games ever made. Way more traditional when compared to the BoTW, but a brilliant game nevertheless. Sheer joy to play. More than 50 hours played and I haven't even finished one major dungeon yet. 40 shrines, 5-6 memories and craploads of exploration(all Sheikah towers unlocked). There have been instances when I booted up the game at 1 in the night for a quick 30 min session only to play for 2-3 hours at a stretch :| Had to force myself to go to sleep (work woes). I just got myself a new PS4 Pro and I haven't even completed a single game on it courtesy of BoTW :-/ Also, as Big Boss said, there are so many instances in which the game ends up surprising you. After 50 hours, I end up discovering new materials and items and just now learnt to shield surf properly. And the gear! Exploring and finding new armour sets and then taking them over to the fairy fountain for upgrading is addictive in itself! I have the Official Guide lying around but love exploring so much that I don't want to use it at all. Playing the game with Japanese voice over is the way to go! If you are a Zelda fan, you'll love the character Zelda in this one for sure.
  10. Damn Hitting where it hurts the most.
  11. Good discounts on PS Store especially if you have PS Plus. Metro Redux retailing for around 800 INR, Witcher GoTY for around 1200 and so on.
  12. Have it too But the cramps are when I wanna play before sleeping. In handheld mode.
  13. Congrats man! Where from? Damages for Switch?
  14. My hand gets numb. Esp if I play while in bed :|
  15. Check shopto.net if you want a physical copy of Dishonored 2. New copy retails for around 900 bucks shipped.