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  1. What you bought this week

    Are you a Tolkien fan?
  2. The TV Decision Making thread

    Just got the 4k Mi TV from the flash sale yesterday. Any reviews? Is it better than similar priced TVs from VU, LG etc?
  3. Official Nintendo Switch Thread

    Hahah! Thanks guys. I was skeptical of getting from amazon.com because of voltage difference. But just noticed that it supports input upto 240. So i guess it should be good to go?
  4. Official Nintendo Switch Thread

    Guys. Need help. Any idea where I can buy an official Switch charger here? I think I lost mine when I moved to my new house :-/ I don't think the third party ones work with the dock. I am super frustrated because of this!
  5. What you bought this week

    Nice man! Where did you purchase Bayonetta from?
  6. Games The Shop deals

    You meant to post this right?
  7. What you bought this week

    From amazon. But it was a gift. Secret Santa @ IVG
  8. What you bought this week

    Actually it isn't. Gospel of Loki talks about the entire rise and fall of Norse mythology told from his perspective. That's the only book I've read about Norse mythology and it gives a good intro about all the important characters.
  9. What you bought this week

    The Gospel of Loki is pretty good. The story is told from PoV of Loki, and its funny
  10. Resident Evil 7

    40% off on RE7 Gold Edition - US PS Store. PM me if anyone is interested in the code.
  11. The Giveaway Thread

    40% off code on RE7 Gold Edition - US PS Store. PM me if anyone is interested.
  12. Official Nintendo Switch Thread

    Deals on Ninty first party titles will be pretty hard to find. Physical games, EBay India is having a 500 bucks off deal. So you can get a game for around 3800 bucks. Anywhere else online other than a retail store (read grey market) will be more expensive. New games retail for around 3500-4000 in Chennai shops (equivalent of Pallika) For digital games, use savecoins.me to find deals and cheapest eshop store to buy games from. If you have a friend living abroad, preorder titles on Amazon using Prime and get the 20 percent off deal. I got most of my games thay way
  13. Personal Training / Fitness Counseling thread

    Meaning to try it, but never got the chance. But if the loss of energy is your biggest problem, then try a cup of black coffee with cinnamon powder and a banana pre-workout. Munch on another banana during the workout. Pre-workouts have caffeine + some stimulants. Not really needed unless you are looking to lift heavy/increase metabolic rate. Personally, I find that back coffee and some quick to absorb carbs (banana/dates) help in sustained energy levels.