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  1. Decent deals on PSN EU (India included). https://blog.eu.playstation.com/2017/08/16/new-games-under-20-discounts-start-today-on-playstation-store-2/ MGS V ~700 INR Wolfenstein - New Order ~400 INR and more.
  2. I don't think Original NES metroid has aged well. Reimagining is fine with me as long as the spirit of the original is intact. Zero Mission supposedly does that. Hence 😁
  3. I don't have one with a custom firmware. No piracy
  4. I wish the Metroid Zero Mission gets released for 3DS. I want to start from the very first game before jumping into this :-(
  5. AC Ezio Collectiom going for 1600 bucks on GTS.
  6. Thanks man Lynel fights being difficult - so damn true. As far as boss fights are concerned, spamming elemental arrows with a good bow. Done in few mins. Not memorable at all :/
  7. Which is the hardest divine beast? I ve finished birdie and elephant and felt that they were relatively simple. Nothing like OoT's water temple 😛 Not getting enough time to play Only 65 hours or so done
  8. Ma trying to lose the stubbon belly and thigh fat 😑 Its such a pain. Muscle definition slowly building up. But core strength and shoulders need to improve drastically. Been trying intermittent fasting and I think I can see some difference. Too early to conclude though
  9. That trailer is so awesome Makes me wanna replay the first game!
  10. Ratchet and Clank (sealed) for 1300 @ GamesTheShop. http://www.gamestheshop.com/Rachet--Clank-for-PS4/2458
  11. Dude, just don't bother I was 112 when I started hitting the gym. If I had worried about people judging, I wouldn't have been able to continue.
  12. Haha. Thanks man. I've already paid for my subscription, so have to make do without a chin-up machine. I just need a boost to lift myself for pull-ups. Once I am up, I can do quite a few without any help. Its the initial boosting part that I am not able to do. As far as curls are concerned, I guess its because I used to do some biceps workout during my weight-loss phase. My shoulder and chest muscles still have a long way to go and hence the difference. As you mentioned, I am paying attention to form. Luckily, have some good folks around who keep correcting me. I've been slowly trying to increase weights on the smith so that I can transition to regular normal bench. Will probably do that by this month.
  13. I can bench 15kgsx2 on the smith machine easily. More than 20, I may need help. Curl upto to 12.5kgsx2 on the bi-rod without help. My stupid gym is equipped with a lot of nonsense equipments but doesn't have a chin-up. Would have been much easier if it had one. Just keep trying pull-ups everyday with someone helping? Diet and workout man
  14. Folks, I know I am reviving this thread after months. So, I lost quite a bit of weight over the past one year(~45 kgs actually ) and have been lifting for the past 4 months or so to put on some muscle. I am following the one muscle-group per day regime. Usually goes like chest, lats, shoulders, bi/tri, legs and core. One thing that is really irking me is my inability to do pull-ups. Any tips on how to strengthen my lats and core? Although I've lost weight, I need to tone and reduce my belly-fat and flabs(skinny fat type now). I generally cycle for about 9-10 km(home to gym and back), used to do cardio for additional 20-30 mins and then one hour of weights. I've been trying to spend more time lifting(with increasing weights) and reducing cardio. Do you guys suggest to stick with this or to do more cardio? Help would be really appreciated
  15. Too much gow fangasm happening 😁 As Walker said, even I wanna play the whole series now. PS4 remaster please. Bluepoint, this shall be your crowning glory!