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  1. Movie Discussion Thread

  2. Random stuff from the internet.

  3. Movie Discussion Thread

    Nope, there aren't any. Yeah, I'm wondering how it's gonna pan out. Critics are lamenting at the idea but I trust Rowling. It was such a shocker ending, the entire audience were in disbelief at the revelation. Super excited for the next movie.
  4. Movie Discussion Thread

    Rest in Peace, Stan Lee. Yes. From what I've read, he will be featured in Avengers 4 and Captain Marvel. Not sure whether he will be in Spider-Man: Far From Home.
  5. Movie Discussion Thread

    Exactly what they wanted out of the film. Blame the audience; not the producers, cast or the script-writers. They're just doing their job. It's us who decide what we want and expect from the industry. Stop promoting such films by making a big deal out of them in the first place. If the reviews from trust-worthy critics turn out to be good, then of course go ahead and watch. Otherwise ignore.
  6. Movie Discussion Thread

    Holy Crap, So Excited!
  7. Movie Discussion Thread

    OMG, this is great news. "Details on the project, which has been floating around the industry with a possible fake/working title of Greenbrier, are slim. It's unclear if the movie would be another prequel — like AMC's Better Call Saul — or a follow-up of some sort. It's also unclear is if any of the original stars, such as Bryan Cranston or Aaron Paul, are involved in the new project, which sources stress will be set in the existing Breaking Bad franchise. Gilligan, sources say, will pen the script, executive produce and possibly direct. Breaking Bad and prequel series Better Call Saul exec producers Mark Johnson and Melissa Bernstein are also said to be attached to the film project, which is said to follow the escape of a kidnpped man and his quest for freedom. Production is expected to begin this month in New Mexico. The New Mexico Film Office confirmed that a project with the title of Greenbrier is slated to shoot in in the region."
  8. Happy Diwali!!!

    Happy Diwali, guys! Avoid firecrackers and have a green and prosperous Diwali.
  9. Movie Discussion Thread

  10. Red Dead Redemption 2 *SPOILERS* Thread

    I think there's already a separate thread for RDR2 in the Games sub-forum.
  11. The Football Thread

    Great header from Griezmann.
  12. Movie Discussion Thread

    This film was just beautiful, about how a person can cope with the bitterness of life and still find a way to keep going . One of the best I've ever seen and would highly recommend.
  13. The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    Let's just hope they get some decent exclusives done in time for Xbox Scarlett launch.
  14. The Mobile Phone Thread

  15. The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    Oh I should mention that you can create multiple accounts on PSN with the same email ID. You just have to add something towards the end followed by a special character. Example: [email protected] & [email protected] will be treated as separate accounts by Sony but you will get mail for both on your [email protected] account. Easier to manage that way instead of having different email IDs associated with each PSN account.