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  1. KickAssGamer

    The Football Thread

  2. KickAssGamer

    Movie Discussion Thread

  3. KickAssGamer

    The Indie Games Thread - Out now: ASTRONEER

    Devotion, Taiwanese Horror game. Released a few days ago, already has Overwhelmingly Positive reception on Steam. Steam Page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1006510/Devotion/
  4. KickAssGamer

    Random Song of the Day

  5. KickAssGamer

    Movie Discussion Thread

    Wish they would include English subtitles so I could go watch this movie in theatre. Sadly I can't follow normal conversations in Hindi let alone the fast-paced rap.
  6. KickAssGamer

    Movie Discussion Thread

  7. KickAssGamer

    The Football Thread

    Ajax XI vs Real Madrid XI Venue: Johan Cruyff Arena, Amsterdam. Kick-off in 30 minutes. Hala Madrid!
  8. KickAssGamer

    Random Song of the Day

  9. KickAssGamer

    Movie Discussion Thread

  10. KickAssGamer

    Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    Not sure. Try reaching out to them directly.
  11. KickAssGamer

    Jokes and Funny Stuff Thread

    Made me cringe so hard. I don't see how this is funny at all.
  12. KickAssGamer

    A Plague Tale: Innocence

  13. KickAssGamer

    Movie Discussion Thread

    Alita: Battle Angel is an absolute treat to watch in 3D. Fantastic CGI and the motion capture is so well done. Loved every single minute of it, arguably one of the best live-action manga adaptations.