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  1. Ink monk is what id suggest :-)
  2. Ink monk is what id suggest :-)
  3. Free 5 hours PC Gaming at Elite Gamer Chennai Link to register :https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScLDoohxTbFrRmkmMEmklO-R9Yo0vQd0HKNGBN_ODRcmB4L3w/viewform Disclosure : I am related to Elite Gamer. This is a free thread so have posted for the members' benefit and ive tried my best to disclose my interest Plz remove if not allowed
  4. May b thats the price u pay if u book like 3 months before the trip or for a specific day the airline provider allows
  5. for what?
  6. Thanks bro :-)
  7. Saw in a reputed seller web page this : i5 2400 / 3.4 GHz OEM Processor : Incl Fan & 1 Month Warranty for Rs. 7500 Worth? Whats the risk or anything i need to be aware. This for Pc gaming since its cheaper than i3 6100 and may offer similar or better performance
  8. Ha lost again B-)
  9. Am in
  10. Thanks bro :-)
  11. PC Spec help : i3 6100 1151 G skill 8Gb DDR 4 2400mhz 1TB WD Zotac GTX 750Ti 2GD5 Non OC Cooler master 500W BenQ GL2460HM 24-inch HD Monitor kindly help to select the best value mb less than 8k. even in 5-6k range is fine. Also i was planning on getting the DRAGON WAR GKM-001 kb+mouse. But after reading a review by Alpha and others dropped it. Is there anything cheap, good looking like that ? It has interchangeable backlit colors plz suggest for both mb and kb+m combo :notangel:
  12. dp
  13. Tournaments are conducted generally on the latest game of the franchise
  14. Might attract customs duty as well while buying feon ali express