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  1. Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

    Add Alex Grimaldo,Marcelo,Sergi Roberto and Rabiot to that list. After playing 1 offline tournament at reg lvl,1 ranked match and 1 sim match. And i have a 5 star team lol I just need good Lwf/Ss and a cf now. I have 2 Anthony lopes as duplicated.if i get a third one then i can swap it for any player of my choice from entire roster. If i get another anthony lopez ill swap all 3 of them for Neymar or Ronaldo.
  2. Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

    I was able to sign Kompany,Chillieni,Courtois,Carvajal,Pique,Partey,Waynama,mario rui,Anthony lopez,Adan,Fabinho,Belhanda,Raul Albiol,Bou,Luis gustavo(lvl1).A.Vidal,G.Simeone,Borini,Nerves,Mahrez, Beckham(free loan),Coutinho,(free loan),Dybala(free loan) and 5-6 75+ lvl 30 players without playing any match (any form) on My club. As well I signed a high level manager who i think is Zidane in disguise with 4-3-3 (same strategy as RM). And people think that My club hogs money from pes players :))
  3. Battlefield V

    I miss the awesome Choppers in bf3,bf4 They wouldve substantially changed the overall gameplay of bfV and would be lot more fun to fly choppers.
  4. Battlefield V

    Post all the connectivity related issues on this thread.There are so many others facing similar issues. https://answers.ea.com/t5/Technical-Issues/Unable-to-Enter-Multiplayer-Matches-PS4-Oceania/td-p/7024738/page/8
  5. Battlefield V

    Many of South East Asians and Australians are having connectivity issues.
  6. Battlefield V

    Anyone able to play ps4 open beta? I am getting connectivity error when map is loading ;(
  7. Battlefield V

    There are few youtubers who stream from ps4 on youtube.
  8. Battlefield V

    Lets see. I am glad that the Beta lasts almost for a week. We will have a better idea by the end of it.
  9. Battlefield V

    I am feeling nostalgic about Bf3 beta. Everyone was ecstatic with <3 Operation Metro beta release back then. One of the major reasons why I gave up on bf1 within 2 months was because of lack of red sight scopes for rifles and lack of choppers. Aby idea if most of the rifles in BfV will be having red/yellow dot sight for rifles?
  10. Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

    My club is easy to play but hard to master as you get special agents along with the game and you can play offline cup and games to win special agents that surely deliver agents with players who are 75/80+ overall rated players. If you play my club regularly you will have a decent squad with a world class player or two very soon.
  11. Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

    Guys keep on updating this thread with Kit-Team patch for Ps4. So far i found one by FP good gaming on youtube.pls check their video on youtube before installing. http://www.mediafire.com/file/z5y8ew169prz161/PES+2019+PS4+Option+File+v1.rar
  12. Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

    I dont want to interfere in the argument but i can 101% vouch that 95% of the 6vs6 Team lobby matches that i have played on pes17,18 are lag free.that too with a mtnl broadband. Rest 5% is due to Arabs having bad connection or rarely Konamis fault. Also out of about odd 7000 matches i wouldve played online on pes since pes 10-19, in pes10-12 about 20% matches lagged and from pes13-18 about 15% matches lagged. Its safe to play Pes online till you can avoid the nest of spammers.
  13. Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

    Pls keep on posting links to good free custom made kit,team patches
  14. Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

    Take it to the pitch boys.
  15. Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

    If you want to play few full manual matches . Add me on psn : Realsoccerdude1