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  1. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    Yes why not especially with gfx mods and third person cam mods <3
  2. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    I am sure of the % as i kept on checking progression under player progress tab. Also not sure if stranger activities are included in total completition.
  3. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    I finished 100% main missions and 80% of total game of RDR2 in like 60 hours. And Yes and RDR2 has better frame rate and runs more stable. And that KCD released good half a year before RDR2 did. My comparisons are based on two open world games,their gfx,gameplayStealth,mechanics etc.i did mention one is a proper Rpg and other isnt I am waiting for KCD goty edition so i can replay this game with Dlcs.
  4. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    I am going to do a direct comparison on various aspects of Kingdom come deliverance with RDR2 (Ps4). May contain very minor spoilers. Both the games unfold slow and are very good in their own ways and the devs have dig deep to try out things that other games havent tried before. But i am going to try to honestly compare both the games so that people who are confused about Kingdom come deliverance get a clear idea of where the game stands. On Visual experience front : KCD : The Dynamic grass,Trees are amazing which are lacking in RDR2(Static). Kcd looks very lively because of this. Overall lightening is similar in both the games ,maybe slightly better in KCD than RDR2. Both the games have good variety in weather effects and Terrain but RDR2 has a slight advantage in variety of terrain.it has a additional city type terrain whereas KCD has exclusive big cave or two. RDR2 is the winner in draw distance as KCD has some issues quick loading with far away objects esp if you are riding a quick horse. KCD has low number of houses but all of them are acessible(so you can loot them),whereas RDR2 has more houses but you cant enter many of the houses. On Gameplay front : Even though both games play differently they have many similarities. Imo The archery is better and offers a deeper experience in KCD.. without no crosshair and wind and type of bow and arrow effecting the aim substantially ,it is very challenging to use bow and arrow in the game.Morever its difficult to get one arrow kills on Enemies. Rdr2 offers gunplay whereas KCD has sword fighting.With The default gunplay options kills are easy to get with help of auto aim and dead-eye in RDR2. In KCD you need to practise and learn sword fighting yet you arent guaranteed to win 1on1 swordfights everytime. Both the games offer stealth but KCDs stealth is much deeper with level up perk trees.Even to perform.basic take down on an enemy you have to level upto a certain level. Also at night you stealth in total darkness with bandits torch as your only visual cue ntm which they put away unless they are conversin while on patrol. You have a potion to see blurred in darkness which isnt easy to get early on in the game. The type and stink of your clothes Makes a great difference to stealth as well. The set pieces are better in KCD where you cant risk getting caught stealthing a bandits camp and failing or else 5 soldiers will be onto you with swords and your only option will be to flee. The game allows clever options like poisoning enemies stewpots or water to help gain some advantage.but enemies are clever enough to change their positions and patrolling patterns. Also if you stab a sleeping enemy with a knife and if another bandit is sleeping like 10 feet away then he will hear the moan of dying soldier and alert the camp.so you need to take out the distant soldiers first. KCD offers lockpicking and pickpocketing which are better and more challenging than any game has to offer till date,and rightly so. As money is hard to come by in this game the devs dont want you to go out lockpicking and stealing stuff earlier on in the game till you level up. Herbalism is better in KCD imo too but people may like RDR2 potionmaking better. In KCD you cant read texts right away you need to learn to how to read otherwise the letters in the books seem all weird. In Rdr2 while i was freeroaming after finishing the game i tried killing few Ncps and i got detected for murder even though noone was around me for miles.(i think once you kill someone ,deliberately someone come over to check the gunshot location but does the same happen when you just shoot in the air without killing anyone? Hmmm). Whereas in KCD you get caught lockpicking if there are people within certain range of you or if they are sleeping inside the house you are lockpicking(because of lockpicks noise which is audible to us esp on failure to picklock). Same goes for pickpocketing. You get caught only if someone is actually around you and facing you (say within distance of 25 ft)while pickpocketing. KCD offers a total Rpg experience with many diallects and total freedom whilen during a mission to do whatever you feel like. You can finish the 100-150 hours of KCD by just killing one enemy boss in the game.Whereas in RDR2 you dont have freedom to do what you wish to once you start a mission. Interface,Customisations and overall polish: I like KCDs menus better which are Rustic,easily accesible and managable. Whereas RdR2s menu is bit slow to acess and exit(except for the map). Overall RDR2 is more polished and bugs free. Rdr2 offers more camera views. Missions,sub missions : Both the games offer 2 prelogues and epilgoues. KCD has greater mission variety. Some of the main missions can take 5-6 hours to complete while retaining the quality of missions.One Monastry mission (which has sub missionsin itself) reminds me of the book 'Name of the rose by umberto ecco. There are missions related to exorcism,Hunting,Stealing stuff,missionary missions etc. RDR2 has variety of missions as well but not as much as what KCD has to offer. Playing hours : KCD can easily last 100 hours + ..RDR2 lasts like 70 hours + Conclusion : If you love a deep Rpg and stealth then KCD is a must try if you can overlook minor bugs and glitches. RDR2 isnt exactly a RPG but if you love straightforward shooters with no or little stealth then RDR2 should be preffered. My ratings Kingdom come deliverance : 9.3/10 and RDR2 : 8.9/10 If you have any Questions regarding KC:Deliverance i will be more than happy to answer them.
  5. Red Dead Redemption 2 [READ OP BEFORE POSTING]

    Is it true that paytm preorders got cancelled?
  6. Red Dead Redemption 2 [READ OP BEFORE POSTING]

    How are stealth mechanics in the game? Detection distance,line of sight,lockpicking(if at all),noise detection,effect of armour,clothes,bathing on stealth,pickpocketing (if any) etcetc
  7. Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII

    I get ping of 60 when i am playing solo on ps...i think i am getting connected with middle eastern servers/south east asia(same as overwatch) But i have partied up with friend from France and i got ping of 150 when we played duos,quads..somehow ping of 150 didnt affect the gameplay or the gfx imo.
  8. Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII

    I did not know that on xbox gfx are like red and blue ink
  9. Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

    This is PES ,a beautiful game <3
  10. Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII

    Got the standard edition for 4100 from universal games,trusted guy.If anyone want his number #09762799414
  11. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    Its very realistic..if you love stealth you will love this game. You need to give this game a lot of time...cant rush it...if you play 3 hours a day ,you must have about 45-50 days dedicated solely to this game.
  12. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    It ran well when i had played 110 hours on it. Minor frame rate drops here and there .some glitches when using very fast horse. I was able to overlook such non-critical issues and enjoy the game immensely.
  13. FIFA 19

    Nat type 2 is correct. Check if your speed fluctuates on Ookla or some speed testing website when you are connected to laptop via Lan. Your line parameters will be on your router page (mostly username/password : admin) Static ip or dynamic ip doesn't make any difference.
  14. FIFA 19

    2 km isnt a big deal.Tell me your line parameters from the router page. Refresh it a few times and see if there are fluctuations of more than 0.5 points from your first noted parameters.
  15. FIFA 19

    I think any online game would work perfectly with 2 mbps dl speed or even 1.5 mbps dl speed. The reason why you may be having issues with finding opponents is because of your NAT level being 3 due to closed ports or that your connection is unstable due packet loss occuring due to high Lan attentuation and Low Snr margin ( It can be checked via router page in reality it should be the other way round). This issue is common with bsnl,mtnl due to their copper lines being old or due to parallel joints with telephone connection. With 3g,4g connection your game will lag as they are unstable.better use a wired connection using a good modem+router.