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  1. Red Dead Redemption 2 [READ OP BEFORE POSTING]

    which version should i get X or pro going to buy tonight will start after spiderman is done.
  2. The PC Gaming Thread

    there is a samsung 27/1440p 60hz freesync for 33k something in mdcomputer/theitdepot comes with VA panel another one is ACER xb271hu /1440p/G-sync/144hz IPS panel for 50k use to be around 66k if u have a 4k tv why don't you connect ur pc and use custom resolution
  3. Marvel's Spider-man [READ OP BEFORE POSTING]

    guys which difficulty to start amazing or spectacular
  4. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    looks too good
  5. The Mobile Phone Thread

    Bought s9 plus for 53k after cashback
  6. The Mobile Phone Thread

    S9 is really tempting at 47k is telephoto lens from s9 plus that good?? (56k) lg g7 (40k) looks compromise between s9 plus and one plus 6 audio quality is the one holding me back from getting one plus 6. will be buying today one final suggestion between lg g7 and s9/s9 plus.
  7. The Mobile Phone Thread

    My three options are one plus 6(34/40k) lg g7 thinq(40k) samsung s9/s9 plus(47/57k after hdfc cashback) Samsung UI is so boring using this sh*t from original galaxy s1. same time can't downgrade from that beautiful display. guys which one should i go with. don't want to regret later
  8. The Mobile Phone Thread

    guys can you recommend me good mobile for around 50k had to give my s8 to dad since he lost his iphone 7 (more like an excuse to buy new one :P)
  9. Nier Automata

    guys is it worth getting on one x or get a used copy on ps4
  10. The Last of Us 2

    still can't believe this game outsold uncharted games even if you take the half the number on single platform
  11. The Last of Us 2

    17 million got to be fake thats like gta/call of duty level of sales on a single console
  12. Persona 5

    completed the game what a game probably best ps4 game i have played
  13. The Mobile Phone Thread

    guy's iam really bored of s8 what would be best upgrade now
  14. Yakuza 0

    which stats are worth investing in rush initially. I got health and attack power
  15. Yakuza 0

    Guys which combact style should i invest iam in chapter 2 got 3 styles with kiryu