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  1. Kingdom Hearts 3

    Exactly! The theme with 1.5+2.5 was so awesome, I was shocked to see such a garbage one with KH3.
  2. ~The TV Shows Thread~

    Final space is excellent.
  3. What games are you currently playing?

    Exactly. The only good sequels they have done is KH series. FF7 series is also good though.
  4. Marvel's Spider-man [READ OP BEFORE POSTING]

    Actually I agree. A july/august release would have made more sense. Post RDR2 I thinl there is very little margin to release considering Jan-March 2019 is a bloddbath, with back to back releases of Onimusha, Kingdom hearts 3, Resident evil 2 and devil may cry 5.
  5. Marvel's Spider-man [READ OP BEFORE POSTING]

    Sad, though. SE is my favourite developer and I quite liked the previous TR games in the reboot. We probably won't get any more if it indeed bombs. I think the timing was bad for SOTR, so close to Spiderman and DQ11.
  6. What games are you currently playing?

    Not so much playing as youtubing it, but wtf is with the FF13 games? I only played the first one back when it came it and the story was ok, nothing to write home about but doable. But holy cow did they convolute the story with FF13-2. And you would think the story could not become any worse and BAM! comes FF13-3. I mean wtf?
  7. Official Nintendo Switch Thread

    Ok, I guess FF7 Remake is coming to Xbox as well. Maybe they will reveal it in a big way at TGS.
  8. Official Nintendo Switch Thread

    Interesting. Now there seem to be enough games to tempt me, but I think the price must have gone up in the grey market owing to an increased dollar.
  9. The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

  10. Left Alive

    Is february 2019 auspicious? Almost a dozen games have been announced for Jan-feb release.
  11. Project Reawakening

    It looks like a western RPG to me. Although we are getting some cool JRPGs from SE(as shown in the line up).
  12. The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    On a side note, did Sony completely copy Mario and Donkey Kong in the Astro Bot game? Looked fun though!
  13. Shadow of The Tomb Raider

    The metascore is a little low though. 78 at just 21 reviews.