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  1. TR gameplay was exactly similar to UC, except for the option to level up and craft. I found ROTR very similar to UC2 as it was a bit action heavy and had enjoyable platforming. Exploration in TR was okay, just gave you resources to craft items. RoTR is definitely better than UC4 , no question about that. But TR being better than any UC is overkill. UC2 is still much better than RoTR.
  2. They could have easily added more puzzles to platforming and better quality puzzles in general to UC4, given that most of the game involved platforming.
  3. The problem with ROTR and Uc 4 is that the devs just keep making the visuals prettier instead of innovating with the gameplay. I enjoyed both of them but I get the lack of excitement.
  4. Around 10 hours long, apparently.
  5. ^Gordon's kitchen nightmares is pretty good.
  6. I really enjoy Masterchef AU though. The level of finesse in the cooking is damn high!
  7. It should be.Physical discs for Ni no kuni were available on ps3.
  8. Btw, it's awesome! Absolutely glorious!
  9. Fun fact- The new ducktales reboot has aired on XD while indian xd is still showing garbage repeats of pokemon. Wow!
  10. Any highlights?
  11. Saw GOTG 2 today. Good movie but didn't like it as much as 1.
  12. Done with the game. Really enjoyed it. The linearity made it enjoyable. There are some excellent set pieces. I would have to say I agree with old time TR fans- this is an excellent action game but it doesn't capture the essence of original TR games. The focus is on action rather than exploring tombs. Having said that the puzzles were good. I really enjoyed the Baba Yaga tomb too. I would say this game should definitely be on your list of games to play.
  13. affordable

    So basically it's like crackdown with better visuals.
  14. The new combat system looks awesome!
  15. Posting it in multiple threads - Guys please suggest some good earphones within 1k preferrably the non canalphones. Currently I am looking at senheiser cx170 and boat 225 extra bass. Looking for decent bass to treble ratio. Will be using them with my phone for music while working out.