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  1. Yeah I got that part. Gift and credits are usually cashbacks on Amazon so it sucks they have an expiration date.
  2. There is a pay promotion on amazon where you can get 500 cashback . You can preorder some new ps4 games at a discount. Anyway ,I'm sure you will find someone here to take that balance.
  3. That's really pathetic then. Unlike paytm, amazon pay isn't even a full fledged wallet. You can neither transfer the balance to someone nor send it back to your account. Doesn't even work at any stores. :/
  4. Does that balance even expire? I had a few dollars lying in my account for 3 years and I recently used that without any issue . The money was added via amazon gift card balance.
  5. Same here. I am able to view your post after quite some tine.
  6. I think any company will try to sue the slanderer regardless of whether he is speaking the truth, just to intimidate the accuser into backing off. Whether the allegation is true or false the company would try to protect it's reputation.
  7. Yeah It's a scam. I came across something similar for ps4 games on olx. The guy had some attractive prices for new games and wanted 50% advance. When I asked him if I could pick it up from him and make full payment upfront he refused. Deleted the chat immediately.
  8. Kitne ka hai palika main? 15% less?
  9. goat

    Don't buy nintendo games digitally. Screwed up policies. Better pay a little more and get phyical copies. In delhi I've seen copies in Palika. Price is Ok, better than ebay and imports.
  10. Same here. I wanted to upgrade to a pro by december but then decided to f**k it and go for a switch if I can get obe reasonable enough in the grey market.
  11. They also got bitchslapped by MS with Scalebound
  12. Yeh to daadaji log wala dialogue bol diya yaar.
  13. Mario se to acchi hai hoti hai yaar zelda ki world building and story Atleast Ocarina of time ki to thi
  14. I think BOTW has a pretty good chance, given the high praise it has recieved. Also Zelda games have a better story than Mario.
  15. Yeah just checked. I thought it's releasing in 2018.