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  1. @ALPHA17 Hi Alpha17, I recommended IVG to a friend, he wants to join but he is unable to register. I think due to spambots his IP address is banned. I told him to use the "Contact Us" form. He sent a message to the staff I think. It's been a couple of days and he is still unable to join the forums. Could you look into this please? Let me know if you would like any additional details. I have his IP address that I could PM if required. Here is the error he is seeing: Error Code: 2S129/1
  2. Where there is smoke, there is fire. Naughty Dog ... Can you keep your working environment as good as you make your games?
  3. They kicked out all the sellers without GSTIN. The smaller sellers took a hit. I strongly recommend Quikr. It has a Doorstep feature, you sell an item, they pick it up and ship to the buyer. Works only for metro cities I think.
  4. Classic scam. It's been going on OLX, Quikr since before PS4 was launched. Just ignore it and move on unless you have extra money to lose, in which case I wouldn't mind some for myself too. Edit: It is easy to get a US number.
  5. CORRECTION: Maximum cashback per person/per Amazon Pay account is Rupees 450 only.
  6. I don't like a lot of what Nintendo does either. However, they have contributed greatly towards what video games are today. Hoping/wishing they don't do good is our own loss as gamers, even if we don't even play Nintendo games. Sony or Microsoft should not enjoy a total monopoly in video games, it will eliminate a healthy competition.
  7. Just talked to the Amazon CC on Live Chat. After trying a few things, he is filing a technical report to another department. Assuring me that it will resolve very soon. It's definitely a technical problem due to some bug.
  8. Same issue, "Sorry, this item can't be shipped to your selected address. Learn more. You may either change the shipping address or delete the item from your order." Tried even a Delhi NCR address.
  9. Possible sarcastic replies: It's not a toy. For 2000, I will allow you to rotate the fans like a fidget spinner, but only once!
  10. Selling a 1500 Rupees Gameboy Advance SP on OLX a little while ago (it's sold now). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lowballer: Will you exchange. Lowballer: Please I really really want a Nintendo. Me: Exchange with what? Lowballer: Sony base reflex earphones worth 2000. Me: Nah man, I am selling it for money. Sorry :/ Lowballer: I can give 500. Me: For 500, I can play it for you and you can watch over from behind my shoulder.
  11. So true about the new members on IVG. A lot of them have joined just for trading forums and do this. I think it should be a healthy balance between both buyer and seller. IVG already has the lowest prices anywhere in India because this is a community based on helping each other. Was the trading forum always open for members as soon as they joined? I mean most forums require a certain post count to be eligible for trading forums.
  12. The noises are coming from the cockroaches inside your PS4, they are making babies. It's the cockroaches getting hot not the PS4. I will see myself out!
  13. Metal Gear Solid V Definitive Edition on PS4 Next in queue: Batman: Arkham Knight Tomb Raider Definitive Edition
  14. "ok 3k without panel" Epic! Brilliant!