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  1. Good to know. Look forward to playing this soon! Edit : Just saw the latest episode which ties-in with the game
  2. Finished Mindhunter. Great show, would HIGHLY recommend it.
  3. Official website http://supermario.nintendo.com
  4. LOL, reading that ubipoop littered this with a LOT of dull fetch quests. An art they seem to have perfected over the years.
  5. Watching Mindhunter on Netflix. The show is moving towards territories I feel is going to put it above the likes of true detective.
  6. Well deserved. They really put the work in the game and it shows. All the delay was worth the wait and then some.
  7. Damn son...
  8. Oh man, this is going to be f**king glorious!! We in for a ride,folks
  9. Read Infinity Gauntlet recently. Really enjoyed it, story develops on an epic scale with surprising twists and turns. Hyped to see how the movies make use of the material.