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  1. Haan bro, please do. Any help would be awesome
  2. Planning a trip to Kasol and the surrounding area in September. Any advice/tips welcome. Would be there for around 7-10 days.
  3. Looks fun alright. Time will tell whether its gonna live or die tho. A good game is hardly any metric for longevity in today's market. People need sh*t like camos, skins, dlc weapons, battlepacks and a slew of other sh*t to get hooked not good gameplay.
  4. Nice nice nice.
  5. The Best Action Movie ever made!!
  6. Well, colour me surprised. Early cut of JL deemed "UNWATCHABLE", substantial changes being made
  7. Never bothered with season 2. I've only seen season 1
  8. The Wiire (aka the GOAT) Sopranos Mr. Robot True Detective
  9. Got bored of the game after playing for about 10 hours. Left it and never bothered to boot it up again. Strictly a mediocre title. Nothing more nothing less. Ponies need to expand their horizons more rather than hyping up mediocre titles like HZD and TLG to the moon
  10. I am also thinking of starting Ozark. Getting strong recommendations from ppl.
  11. inb4ban
  12. Maybe a WW2 veteran can convince the haters to shove their opinions you know where. No blood am cry. Thats the best you guys have got lmao.
  13. Story and characters. Story it is!! edit : Or PLOT