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  1. Movie Discussion Thread

    Yup, not going to watch that.
  2. ~The TV Shows Thread~

    Santa Clarita Diet gets season 2 premiere date on Netflix - March 23rd, 2018
  3. Movie Discussion Thread

    Anyone seen SHAPE OF WATER? Also what about PHANTOM THREAD?v BP, tbh, I am not that hyped about. Will def go see it but have quite low expectations.
  4. Streaming Services thread

    Aww Yiss!! Stilll waiting for someone to add ITS ALWAYS SUNNY, LEFTOVERS, HAND'SMAID TALE, FARGO S3 and MR ROBOT S3...
  5. Movie Discussion Thread

  6. What you bought this week

    Anurag, u sure just 3 Xbones will suffice? Congrats lol
  7. Movie Discussion Thread

    And what a ride it has been. Here’s to many many more !!
  8. Movie Discussion Thread

    Looks like straight to DVD ( now Netflix) garbage.
  9. Monster Hunter: World

    How this game perform on base ps4?
  10. ~The TV Shows Thread~

  11. Movie Discussion Thread

    Watch the lego segment again
  12. Movie Discussion Thread

    Also, Dopinder is back!!
  13. Movie Discussion Thread

    Logix noida?
  14. Movie Discussion Thread

    OMG dat Infinity War teaser!! Hype bc Hype