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  1. [LFG] destiny 1

    added you.. my Gamer tag is: MadPostalRage.. thinking of playing mainly during weekends...
  2. [LFG] destiny 1

    hello all, i was planing to play destiny 1 content before playing destiny 2(hopefully all expansions will be launched by then). I am hoping to start a new character and take it till endgame. if anyone wants to do co-op let me know in the thread.. ideally looking for 3-6 member group. also why is this section so barren..is there some other group where xbox players gather?
  3. this is happening on my HDFC credit card(master card) as well.. anyone know what to do in such situations? wait 15 days?? Also why are there no PSN Cards for this godforsaken region?
  4. Gaming PCs

    Hello all, I am facing a weird issue.. From the time I got my PC: amd X4 with a MSI mobo I was getting bsod frequently also for some reason flash player used to crash as well.. I replaced ram and HDD recently thinking that was the issue. But the actual reason turned out to be avast antivirus.. During my latest install I forgot to avast antivirus and haven't got a single bsod. What do I do now?any pointers or insights on this issue?