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  1. Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    Congrats. I have the non Bluetooth version purchased 3 years back and works just fine. Sound is just great for a 2.1. But the sticks ought to be handled very gently while moving. Performance wise no trouble so far. Just make sure to connect to a socket not prone to voltage fluctuations. My adapter went kaput but got it fixed in service center. (Eventually got another adapter from US)
  2. Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    Happened to me yday. Even if three split orders, once you click retry payment on any one of them, the amount should show up as grand total one only. If not, yeah , Amazon CC is your best bet
  3. The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    So I finally got my friend's Xbox One working by replacing the hard drive which was not working and always getting E10X errors. ( The hard drive change process sucks btw). Anyways, Good news is that I might get to use it for a month or two. Planning to start Xbox game pass on 2nd Oct for Forza horizon 4 . Have few questions though 1. Do we need Gold for FH4 or can it be played just with Game pass? 2.Also any other games that are must play before I return? I am planning to give a stab at the below using Game pass Gears of war remaster Gears of War 4 (If I like above) Halo MCC ( which part to play as a must?) Never played any before Halo 5?? Sunset Overdrive/Recore/RYSE? 3. Region I kept as India Should I rather keep it to US? 4. Cheapest way to get FH3? Is it on Store only ? Thanks in advance.
  4. Battlefield V

    I played few games on the Beta today/yday. I thought, well, looks just ok so far, So the gunplay , recoil, etc seems all fine and may be these maps don't have much vehicles. Now what you guys are saying is that , the vehicle system is going to be exactly how it is in the Beta? So no to full on Caspian Border and Operation Firestorm? Oh I miss those days. (After BF1, I'll just grab this in a combo pack sometime next year)
  5. What you bought this week

    Got this limited edition toy
  6. Gran Turismo Sport

    Hey hope, I remember mine also shaking like that but once it's fixed to the table, it wouldn't budge. I don't seem to remember if it was only one or both. And I didn't feel a need to think about returning due to that. Unfortunately it is packed and kept away. I will check and report back by tomorrow night.? On fixing, if it is getting tightened properly and doesn't move , you should be alright.
  7. What you bought this week

    I see some adapter available for supporting Bluetooth headphones on PS4. It seems overpriced on Amazon and eBay but decently priced on AliExpress. Ordered it. Not sure how it would work. VBESTLIFE USB Adapter Bluetooth Transmitter For PS4 Playstation Any Bluetooth 4.0 Headsets Receiver Headphone Dongle http://s.aliexpress.com/eQFRBvqI?fromSns=Copy to Clipboard
  8. Gran Turismo Sport

    Sigh. Seems like it got over before it began? Now Wth is NP-32470-6
  9. Gran Turismo Sport

    I will try to join. Unless there is a big update waiting for me to download
  10. God of War Spoiler Thread

    Not really for the puzzle factor but for the satisfaction of opening chests. The weight of it and the presentation, small little things is what I loved about this game.
  11. God of War Spoiler Thread

    Completed the main journey. Wowww what a ride so far. Still a lot left to do!!!! Loved exploring islands around midgard and those KRN puzzles. Still two new realms to visit. Man, the first time we got hold of Blades of Chaos and use it - The best ever moment I had in PS4.!!!!!!! Every strike feels so personal. The combat is extra-ordinary with both Axe and the blades. Final boss fight was also neatly done but I too felt surprised by the way it ended. But DO NOT CARE now. Loving the ride.
  12. The Giveaway Thread

    Excellent giveaway.
  13. Bethesda E3 Showcase 2018

    Wow. Rage 2 looks excellent.
  14. Microsoft E3 2018 thread

    yeah, i meant the hype. I too want MS to give a good show just to keep the competition going. We don't want Sony to take things for granted. If they start taking E3 for granted, next would be PS4 user base.