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  1. Onrush

    Same question. I thought it was just a mode along with regular races in different terrain layouts
  2. What you bought this week

    ^Good luck.
  3. The Home Theatre Set-Up

    You can just get a echo dot paired with Logitech harmony remote which is Alexa compatible as well. I use these for my TV+PS4+Tata sky+AV Receiver. If you are setting up Ambient lighting, an activity can be setup to do multitude of things with just single voice command
  4. God of War

    Totally with SSM for change in the direction with respect combat. Loved the brutality up close. If they had gone with traditional hack and slash, people would have definitely complained about lack of innovation because there is only so little you can innovate in that area without adding lot of QTEs. With this I can foresee lot of jawdropping combat sequence upcoming with this approach. Haven't played BB much but looking at the GIFs, this looks definitely not like that!
  5. [PC] Ask The Experts Thread

    So I finally got some time to take a look and setup Steam Link that I purchased long back. Mainly I was looking for a way to use my desktop computer to mirror on TV and use it with wireless mouse and keyboard. Below is what I did for setup and some questions as well. If anyone else also uses this device, please share thoughts on your setup and how you use it majorly. Did the below in my desktop while connected to a monitor (1) installed Steam and added it to windows startup. (2) Connected PS4 joystick and setup the steam link to be connected to same wifi network. (3) moved just my CPU to living room and connected wireless keyboard to it. Connected to router via LAN So, Just wanted to know if anyone using it without connecting CPU to monitor and doing something to initiate connection manually? Also I'm having to wake up steam link for the first time using connected input device and select connection to my PC from the list and only then I can start seeing screen. Can this be defaulted somehow? Also I see some options are not clickable with mouse connected to steam link. If I connect the mouse to PC it works fine. May be it is designed to behave well only with Steam client and big picture more? Last observation was when ever we get UAC popup, screen mirror is lost. Then I have to click left and enter to accept the imaginary UAC popup and reconnect. Thanks in advance
  6. Onrush

    Wow!! That issss Motorstorm!!!!
  7. Movie Discussion Thread

    Back from Black Panther. Didn't like it that much. Not even close to Thor which I enjoyed thoroughly. May be got hyped up and hence my expectations were high
  8. The Mobile Phone Thread

    Thanks guys. Let me look into those as well. I thought the performance might be better on the A8 plus given the 6gb ram and hence didn't consider s7. Now it's in my consideration.
  9. The Mobile Phone Thread

    Hi guys, which one do you recommend as a better buy. A8 plus or one plus 5T? It would be used by by my mother-in-law and looking for a camera with decent display and reliable after service. I'm leaning towards A8 plus since I'm a big fan of my S8 and Samsung pay is icing on cake. But heard rear camera on A8 plus is not that great. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance
  10. Received AC:O . Thank you Danny!
  11. The Automobile Thread!!!

    That is one sweet looking ride. Congratulations Athek
  12. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

    After playing UC Lost Legacy, you will definitely feel UC4 should have been like this!! Loved every second of it. Icing on the cake that the story was in India.
  13. Gran Turismo Sport

    Finally , something to track. Thanks CC
  14. Happy New year

    Happy New Year guys...
  15. Gran Turismo Sport

    I was so proud of the below overtake move until I checked the replay. Is it a bug or due to lag? https://youtu.be/7vVeD3njRqw